Grilling Must Haves for Your Memorial Day BBQ

To get those honey-glazed ribs and juicy patties going on Memorial Day, you need grilling tools you can count on. See our favorite options.

As Memorial Day approaches, we anticipate gathering with loved ones and relishing in one of the holiday’s most cherished traditions – the backyard barbecue. While the day serves as a reminder of our nation’s heroic past, it also offers an opportunity to celebrate summer’s arrival and unite over good food and great company.

Originally called Decoration Day, Memorial Day’s inauguration saw 5,000 individuals honoring Arlington National Cemetery’s soldiers with decor. Today, nearly five decades later, our rituals continue to evolve. Nationwide parades, featuring military personnel and veterans’ organizations, fill the streets in honor of our fallen heroes.

And while some take advantage of the long weekend for trips or parties, many of us prefer to gather at home with classic barbecued ribs and juicy patties. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help you find the best grilling tools to master your Memorial Day barbecue.

So come together with family and friends this Memorial Day, and take a moment to reflect on the bravery of those who gave their all for our nation while savoring the good times and great food that the holiday brings.

14. Weber Summit E 670 Gas Grill

weber® summit e 670 gas grill

For grilling, your choice of tools matters. And few things beat the Weber Summit E 670 gas grill in terms of performance and quality. It makes searing, roasting, and grilling an absolute breeze.

This versatile grill boasts a large grilling area with adjustable heat settings, powered by six stainless-steel burners that deliver up to 60,000 BTUs per hour. Plus, it features a flush-mounted side burner, a Sear Station, a smoker burner, and a tuck-away rotisserie assembly with an infrared burner.

But what really sets the Weber Summit E 670 apart are the unique Flavorizer bars, heavy-duty steel cooking grates, and individual electric ignition system. Perfect for any avid griller looking to take their cooking to the next level!

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13. The Grillzebo

grilling protector the grillzebo

Enhance your outdoor grilling experience with our Grillzebo–ideal for keeping you and your BBQ protected against the elements. With its robust aluminium and steel construction, plus arched polyester canopy boasting UPF 30+, this gazebo ensures your grill station remains sun, rain, and snowproof. The Grillzebo also features two glass shelf spaces and five hooks for storing utensils nearby. Don’t worry about a sunburn or soaked steak; keep all your seasonings, food plates, and grilling essentials within reach.

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12. The Lighted Grilling Tools

the lighted grilling tools hammacher shlammer

Experience grilling like never before with top-of-the-line grilling tools!

From flipping burgers to roasting meat, get your hands on the best tools out there. Unleash the grilling case to unveil high-quality equipment, including a dextrous spatula, a sturdy two-prong fork, precise tongs and a silicone basting brush. And if you’re hosting a Memorial Day barbecue after sunset, fear not! These tools come with a flashlight on each one of these tools that illuminates the grill’s cooking surface with cool white LED light, simulating natural daylight. No more painfully bumping into the grill or accidentally burning yourself. You’re now fully equipped to grill with ease by day and by night.

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11. Weber 7429 Rapid Fire Chimney Starter

weber 7429 rapid fire chimney starter

If charcoal grilling is your go-to, don’t forget to grab a chimney starter – the simplest way to light up charcoal, briquettes, or lump hardwood. 

First, fill the Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter with the amount of coal you need and light it using an odorless fuel starter or crumpled newspaper. Wait for the top briquettes to turn slightly gray and pour it all into the kettle for instant grilling.
Don’t forget to use grilling gloves to protect your hands, as chimney starters can get pretty hot. And while we’re at it, keep reading to find out our top pick for grilling gloves!

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10. Smoking Chips Sampler Pack (Set of 6)

Smoking chips are the secret to adding that smoky and deep flavor you have been looking for.

Take your BBQ game to a new level.

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9. Nordic Ware Indoor/Outdoor Kettle Smoker

nordic ware indoor outdoor kettle smoker grilling outdoor

Nothing beats those smoked delicacies during the colder months. But keeping a steady temperature on freezing days can be a daunting task. Say hello to your new partner in crime – the kettle smoker. This bad boy can cook up a storm outdoors or inside any time of the year, on any surface. Don’t be fooled by its size. This kettle can fit a feast. Plus, it comes with a built-in thermometer to keep your crowd-pleasing dishes at the perfect temperature.

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8. Nonstick Mesh Grilling Bags (Set of 3)

nonstick mesh grilling bags (set of 4) best for grilling

Food 52

Are you tired of losing small bits of food on the grill? Say goodbye to this problem with these mesh bags! They allow smoke and heat to flow through, resulting in even grilling one flip at a time. Don’t let your grill be a sinkhole for your food – let these mesh bags work their magic!

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7. Wireless Meat Thermometer

Elevate your grilling game by eliminating guessing. Ensure food is cooked at the right temperature with this remote thermometer . Equipped with preset temperatures and cooking levels for 11 types of food, it allows for up to six probes to track six dishes simultaneously. Attach the probes, select high/low temperature, and set the timer. You can instantly monitor temperature and remaining cooking time via your mobile app for each connected dish.

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6. Corn Basket With Rosewood Handle

Summer days call for the aroma of sizzling corn on the grill. Achieving the perfect cook requires a stainless-steel corn basket – your loyal companion for even and efficient cooking. Featuring a detachable handle, it seamlessly transfers from grill to table, presenting your corn in a stylish basket without the handle.

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5. Grillaholics Grill Mat

grillaholics grill mat heavy duty bbq grilling tools


Enjoy the best of both worlds! With these grill mats, you no longer have to choose between cooking on a pan or a grill.

Tested for the perfect thickness, these mats leave beautiful grill marks, while being light enough to handle, yet thick enough to resist the heat. They are a versatile and customizable grilling tool – cut them into any size or shape to accommodate your grilling needs – or use them as baking mats.

Crafted with premium heat-resistant PTFE-Fiberglass coating, these mats contain no harmful chemicals, silicone, or PFOA. Indulge in healthy and safe grilling.

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4. The Grill Steam Cleaner

the grill steam cleaner to clean grilling tools

Achieve ultimate cleanliness for your grill grates with the Grill Steam Cleaner !

This steam-powered brush sterilizes and cleans your barbecue with only two cups of water. Inside the handle, a chamber holds the water, which is then released over the hot grill grates. The steam melts away even the toughest baked-on food, grease, and grime, all while being gentle on porcelain and cast iron.

Plus, the stainless-steel brush head is dishwasher safe and rust-proof, making clean up easy. Get ready for a spotless grill with the Grill Steam Cleaner!

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3. Barbecue Grill Light With Magnetic Base

fireor barbecue grill light magnetic base super led bbq grilling


Get ready to have your grilling game revolutionized!

This BBQ light boasts nine high-density LEDs that offer a bright and glare-free wide beam, illuminating your grilling station to perfection. Thanks to its powerful magnetic base, it stays firmly and steadily in place.

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2. Stuffed Burger Press

The Burger Press offers more than your regular patties! With pitch-perfect round, stuffed and mini burgers all within reach, there’s a world of burger-making creativity to explore.

Making healthy burgers just got easier! Flip pressed patties on the grill to enjoy a juicy and delicious meal. And don’t forget, the press comes with a recipe e-book to inspire you to become the best burger chef you can be!

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1. Barbecue Grill Hands

sur la table barbecue grill hands, set of 2

Grill like a pro without getting grilled! These heat-resistant gloves protect your hands from searing heat up to 932 degrees and provide a textured palm for a non-slip grip on greasy foods.

So, marinate those meats and season those vegetables, because it’s time to start grilling like a master chef!

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grilling must haves for your memorial day bbq