Greatest Skateboarders of All Time – Vert or Street.

Best skateboarders of all time – Vert or Street.

Even though I wasn’t very good, I have loved skating since I was a little kid.  I grew up in socal during the grand era of skating IMO – the 80s (kicked off in the 70s).  I had a bunch of friends that were pretty darn good as well.  For me, I was pretty stoked to just to do a “50/50” or “Smith Grind” on an 6 foot half pipe.  I went to legendary “Pipeline Skate Park” in Upland quite a few times where I got to watch some legendary skaters such as the Alba brothers and Chris Miller.  Skating is a great healthy sport for youth and older guys or gals who need a little exercise.

Hope you enjoy my list below.  Keep Skating.

5 Eric Koston

Only way to describe him is “next level”

4 Danny Way

The heart of soul of what skating is and should be.

3 Mark Gonzalez

Master of Street….

2 Rodney Mullen

Brought freestyle to the street. A true artist.

1 Tony Hawk

The most successful skater of all time…does that make him the best? YES!

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