Gran Goes Viral After Putting On 43-Year-Old Wedding Gown


The Image That Sparked It All

Amy Kavelaras of Columbus, Ohio, had no idea what would happen when she persuaded her grandmother to put on her old bridal gown again.

Amy reasoned that it would be an excellent way to brighten up her grandmother while also providing a fantastic story to tell. Everyone online is now gushing over the photograph she captured with good cause.

Amy Kavelaras

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Amy Kavelaras can be described as a happy, cheery person. She went over and above to do her best at her job as a flight attendant, but she also did her best to maintain her two other jobs.

Her primary goal in life was to improve the quality of life of those around her. Here are some examples of how she attempted to accomplish this:

She Enjoyed Bringing Joy To Others

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One of her pastimes, for example, was playing dress-up as a Disney princess and performing at kids’ birthday parties as a performer.

Amy adored it when the people she cared about were happy. And this also extended to her family; she enjoyed being around them and always went out of her way to look after them and make them smile when they were down.

Her Favorite Person

Ruth, her grandmother, was someone she adored. She had been a constant source of strength and support throughout her life, and the two had a special connection.

They also shared a pleasant and upbeat personality as well as a strong zest for life. On the other hand, Ruth had had a difficult time in recent years.

She Lost Her Best Friend

Ruth’s spouse had died seven years before. Amy’s grandmother has continued to try to maintain her passion for life, which has always set her apart from other pensioners.

Things were not always that easy, though. She was constantly being reminded of her late husband. He was her closest friend for many years and the best company in the world. That was not the end of it, though.

She Was Growing Old

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Ruth’s health had begun to deteriorate as she grew older. It had gotten to the point that she couldn’t even take care of herself. Initially, the family employed a woman to assist her in taking care of daily tasks around the house.

Despite this, it wasn’t enough. Her cognitive abilities remained intact, but it was difficult for her to stay alone in the house where she had lived for most of her life with her husband. That left only one option.

Moving Out

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Following lengthy discussions between Amy, her mother, and her grandmother, they all agreed that Ruth should go into an assisted living center.

Ruth would be able to combat her loneliness with the companionship of other elders and the assistance of the staff. Or so Amy reasoned.

Hidden In The Basement

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But first, they needed to prepare for Ruth’s departure from her home. Amy was looking in the basement one day, hoping to find something Ruth might want to bring with her to the senior living community.

A large container covered in dust was almost concealed in one corner of the basement. Amy unwrapped it, intrigued as to what might be within, and discovered something that made her eyes widen and her cheeks brighten.

What Was It?


Ruth’s old bridal gown from 70 years ago and a photograph of her with her late husband on the day of the wedding were both kept in that container.

Would Ruth even recall storing items in her basement? Amy considered presenting them to her. It would undoubtedly brighten her immensely to recall her wedding day. But then she thought of something else.

Taking A Picture

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Ruth’s eyes lit up with a broad smile when she revealed to her what she had discovered in the basement. Amy then advised that she try it on to see how it fit her after all these decades.

Ruth followed suit. Several memories flooded back to her mind. It was like yesterday that she was standing at the altar, gazing lovingly into her husband’s eyes. Amy’s happiness was so overwhelming that she decided to take a picture of it.

Ruth Accepted

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At first, Ruth was a little bit hesitant. But soon enough, she was excited about the idea. So they took a picture of her wearing her wedding gown and holding the old photograph with her husband.

Then, they posted it on social media so everyone could see it. The picture went viral in just a few days, and people commented on one specific detail of the image.

What Was It?

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When one first looks at the picture that Amy’s mom took of Ruth, the first thing one notices is her wide smile and how happy she looks. But if you take a closer look, you’ll probably see something else.

Amy’s mom’s reflection is visible in the glass frame! This was probably not originally intended by Amy, her mom, or her grandma. Still, it made an impression on people who saw the picture.

What Did People Say?

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Some found it a little bit uncanny and even creepy, comparing Amy’s mom’s reflection to a ghost; while others saw it as a wholesome representation of two different generations, mom and daughter, in one picture.

Some even thought that Ruth’s daughter kind of looked like her younger self which was seen in the picture with her husband.

How Did Ruth Take It?

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In any case, the three women (that is, Ruth, her daughter, and her granddaughter Amy) were amazed at how the picture was received when they posted it on the Internet.

It was shared on the Facebook page ‘Love What Matters’, where more than 26,000 users (and counting) have liked it so far! Those are numbers that Amy didn’t expect at all.

They Didn’t Expect It

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The finding, the taking of the picture, and how people on the Internet received it were things that truly made Ruth’s day.

Today, she’s happy at the retirement community, where Amy and her mom go to visit her regularly. She keeps the wedding dress and the photograph with her husband in her room and looks at them when she wants to take a little stroll down memory lane.