Top 5 Tips on Hosting the Ultimate Grammys Viewing Party

Are you thinking of hosting a Grammys party this year? Well we tell you the best ways to host a Grammys viewing party. You will love our ideas.

With high profile events such as the Grammys, it’s always go big or go home. But what if you are home, because you decided it would be fun to host your own Grammys viewing party (not everyone gets that golden ticket to attend the music industry’s biggest party in person)?

Worry no more, as we’ve got you and your very own set of impromptu music critics covered with our Top 5 tips on how to turn your Grammys viewing party into a proper, A-list event that will make everyone feel like they won that golden ticket.


Step One: Get the Look

Grammys Viewing Party - Tuxedo

Let’s face it: not everyone even bothers to check the winners’ list the morning after, but everyone’s talking about who wore who for weeks (or even years) after each Grammys award show. So if you want to feel like you’re part of the music elite, you certainly have to look the part.

Since it’s a friendly soiree we’re talking about, you don’t really have to pull out the big guns and go overboard with your swanky attire. Leave the pricey labels to the actual celebrities and pick something affordable yet chic, like a simple evening gown or sleek casual tuxedo. And yes, this is one party where extensions are totally fine: all the celebrities are using them, too!


Step Two: Roll Out the Red Carpet

Grammys Viewing Party - Red Carpet

Celebrities love to complain about how the actual awards shows are not that exciting. 2018’s list boosts 84 categories, so that’s a lot of hours sitting up straight and hardcore smiling and clapping. But the red carpet part is much shorter and much more fun, and that’s definitely something you should think about before sitting down to watch the actual show.

Get yourself a roll of red carpet and glittery backdrop, and pose with your friends in front of all the hungry paparazzi (or, more realistically, indulge in taking as many selfies as you wish). Or travel straight to the ’90s, aka the golden age of instant photography, and get yourself a cute Fujifilm Instax camera that will help you create perfect souvenirs of the night.

You can even invite your little sister or brother to participate in the action by playing the very important role of the publicist, who will guard the photo zone and organize the cue with a stack of “celebrity” names (make sure to print out your friends’ names beforehand).

Décor-wise, you can go as extra as you like. Need huge golden balloons that read “GRAMMY” on top of your TV set? Just pick out the letters. Want to decorate the room with musical instruments? Ask your musician friends to bring their guitars, or use inflatable ones. Want to honor your favorite nominees? Get their records on vinyl and hang them around the house in stylish frames.


 Step Three: Snacks

Grammys Viewing Party - Snacks

Industry insiders love to spoil us with all the behind-the-scenes details on what sort of special menus celebrities are treated to by world-renowned chefs during each awards show. To try and challenge these professionals, you will need some serious kitchen skills and a party food bible on hand.

Olives, nuts and shrimp cocktails are very welcomed. And don’t forget to serve everything in the most festive way possible — like a set of white-and-gold disposable plates and equally sleek plastic champagne glasses that will leave your kitchen sink dish-free once the party is over. But you can definitely keep this gold-sequin tablecloth for any time you want to feel like a VIP during breakfast.

As for the sweet tooths, they will be singing a whole new tune once you reveal your luxurious cupcakes topped with tiny champagne bottles: all you’ll need is this kit.


Step Four: Trivia Night

Grammys Viewing Party - Beyonce head

Sure, the long commercial breaks during the broadcast are perfect for gossiping and some catching up with friends, but how about using that extra time to test your knowledge in the most appropriate subject: pop culture? The Pop Star Quiz Game: Music Edition will reveal the truest Top 40 addict in the group.

Since it’s every cameraman’s wildest dream to capture unexpected reactions from the celebrity attendees during the ceremony, you can set up your own game by stacking up the house with A-listers’ paper masks. Is it Ed Sheeran on your left? And what’s Beyoncé doing on your right?

Disagree with the Grammys committee? Your house, your rules! Print out your own voting sheets, set up a voting ballot box and pick your own winners or try predicting the actual ones.


Step Five: The Afterparty

Grammys Viewing Party - Afterparty

Home parties are the best and the DJ never fails you, because you are the DJ. And the best way to celebrate the victory of your favorite artist is by dancing to his/her/their latest banger.

Who said dancing isn’t a competition? With Just Dance 2018 you can bust a move and even join the online dance party. Or settle for an old school yet still cool light up dance mat option to get this party started. Then, as a gracious host, you can award the sickest dancer in your squad with your very own Grammys 2018 Best Home Party Dance Move Award and give out your own trophies.

If the show’s impressive list of performers rekindled your teenage dream of dedicating your life to singing, then a karaoke tournament will be a great way of checking if you’ve got the X factor. Turn on the disco lights and Bluetooth mic, and give it all you’ve got while making your way through Bruno Mars’ tongue-twisting “24K Magic” or Kendrick Lamar’ anthemic “Humble,” both competing in the Record of the Year category.



How are you watching the Grammys this year? Which of these tips are you going to incorporate into your own viewing party? Let us know in the comments below!