These Are The Most Gorgeous Redheads


Red Hair

Red hair is quite the rare genetic trait, rare enough that only 2% of the population possess it naturally. This means that generally red heads attract a lot of attention.

Whether it be the actual color or the personality that comes with it, red hair is loved by many. Here are some of the most attractive redheads.

Jessica Chastain

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Jessica Chastain’s career started with Jolene in 2008. Since then she’s more than proven her prowess as an actress.

Interstellar, Zero Dark Thirty, Molly’s Game, and The Help are just a few of the film’s she’s recently starred in. She’s even dedicated enough to learn German for a few of her roles.

Lana Del Rey

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Lana Del Rey, or Elizabeth Woolridge Grant as her parents would call her, is an amazingly talented singer.

Her rise to stardom started when Cedric Gervais remixed ‘Summertime Sadness’ – a song of hers. When the remix reached a wider audience she shot to success.

Emma Stone

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Over the years Emma Stone has proved herself a competent actress and has reached wide appeal in Hollywood today.

The Arizona girl has even won two awards in her career – A Golden Globe and an Academy Award – these aren’t achievements to scoff at!

Kate Mara

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Kate Mara was actually very shy as a kid, who would have guessed right? It would have seemed that she would never have been an actress in that case. But we all know her from the Fantastic Four film.

Her biggest role right now is Zoe in House of Cards. The show allowed her to get into movies like The Martian.