The 11 Hidden Gmail Hacks & Add-ons To Skyrocket Your Productivity

Unleashing the full potential of your inbox features through Gmails hacks and extensions is a real game-changer. To maximize your efficiency and shortcut your way to a good and effective communication, we gathered for you the 11 Gmail hacks we can't properly function without.

Unleashing the full potential of your inbox features through Gmails hacks and extensions is a real game-changer.

Either you’re dealing with your teachers, colleagues, or clients, there is a high chance you will want to maximize your efficiency and shortcut your way to a good and effective communication.

Keep scrolling to discover the Gmail hacks we can’t properly function without.

11.) The Best Gmail Hack: Undo Send

gmail hacks undo send

All your emails aren’t going to be as refined and polished as you’d like them to be.  A typo might find its way through your text, you may forget to attach a document, or maybe -knocking on wood- you may fail to resist the urge to send a fuming response to a client or colleague. Having Gmail hacks like this can solve so many life problems.

Don’t worry, there is an option that can save you from the embarrassment of these situations.

How to do:

  • Go to Settings, then General
  • Go to ‘Undo Send’ and select how much time you need.

Now all your emails will be delivered after up to 30 seconds after you hit the ‘send’ button, enough for you to spot any mistake.

10.) Punctuation Filters — an Amazing Gmail Hack

gmail hacks punctuation

If you’re one of the people who have a spotless desktop and a thoroughly organized hard drive, you will love this feature. The thing is, Gmail ignores the dots (.) in any of their email accounts. Gmail hacks are life aren’t they?

Gmail also ignores anything that comes AFTER a plus sign (+) in your email. You can still receive messages in your central [email protected] inbox if a message is sent to lovepuppies+cats

This alias-based filtering feature allows you to organize your inbox better. You can set up several email accounts for different projects and websites subscriptions, then generate all messages sent to a particular account by inserting the email address in the search bar of your inbox.

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9.) Gmail Hacks: Use Your Own Keyboard Shortcuts

gmail hacks shortcuts

Like to work faster and smarter? This one is for you! If your fingers dexterity is above average, you will be happy to know that you can create your own keyboard shortcuts using the ‘Labs’ features. Being able to have keyboard shortcuts will make your life so much easier — Gmail hacks like this can make your work day so much more efficient.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Go to ‘Settings’
  • Select ‘Advanced’ and go to ‘Custom Keyboard Shortcuts’ section
  • Click on ‘Enable’
  • Get creative!

N.B: Once you enable the feature, there are already built-in shortcuts you can use, you can check them all here.

8.) Search Like a Pro with this Gmail Hack

The search bar of Gmail is a powerful productivity booster many of us don’t know how to fully use. This is why Gmail hacks are so important.

Instead of scrolling for an eternity looking for an email, learn to use the advanced search options to speed up the process.

Click on the arrow in the search bar to reveal these options:

gmail hacks search tool

It allows you to insert the email sender, recipient, subject title, the words included and those that aren’t, whether it has attachments or not, and in case it has, to chose their size. You can also choose to ignore messages from the chat function and to select from when the message was received.

One of the features I like is the ‘To’ space. It’s great to extract emails sent to one of your alias addresses, or if it has another CCed recipient.

7.) Gmail Hacks — Confidential Mode

Online confidentiality and security are amongst the hottest discussions in the tech landscape nowadays. And Gmail’s new ‘Confidential mode’ is just what we needed to -at least partially- guarantee a bit of secrecy to our messages.

This mode allows the sender to set an expiration date on their emails, make it self-destruct, or set a two-factor authentification password to access it. Dope, right?

You simply need to click on the lock icon in your messages features:

gmail hacks confidential mode

Then chose which option suits you:

gmail hacks confidential mode 2

6.) The New Gmail Sidebar

gmail hacks sidebar

No more going back and forth between Google add-ons! Gmail’s latest update added a sidebar to easily access your calendar, notes, and to-do lists.

It’s sleek enough to be discreet, and yet it will allow you to jolt in your thoughts while typing an email, adding a task to your to-do list after receiving a message, and easily picking a date when sending an invite.

You can also manage your own add-ons, to boost your productivity even further. Read along to discover our favorite extensions. Being a digital nomad you need all the best tools — like the Gmail Sidebar.

5.) Gmail Hacks: Boomerang

gmail hacks boomerang

If you’re anything like me, you might be writing your emails at the odd hours of the night, only to remember that not everyone is a night owl.

Boomerang is here for the save! This is one of Gmail hacks I use the most since it allows to schedule an email to be sent later, it sends you a reminder in case you don’t hear back from someone, and is great for follow up reminders.

Download link: Boomerang

4.) Gmail Hacks — BananaTag

gmails hacks bananatag

My job-hunting days couldn’t have been successful without Bananatag. Honestly, this tool is a real lifesaver.

Bananatag lets you know what happens to your emails after you press send. It will send you an email every time one of your recipients opens your message or clicks on a link.

The free version is capped at 5 emails tracked per day, but you can subscribe to the Pro Plan (100 emails tracked/day) or the Teams Plan (200 emails tracked/day). The paid versions also have additional features, like email scheduling, email templates, attachment tracking, and customer reports.

Download link: Bananatag

3.) Gmail Hacks — Ugly Email

gmail hacks ugly email

If you like to track but hate being tracked, Ugly Email is perfect for you. This Gmail plug-in blocks read receipts and other email tracking pixels.

It adds a little icon of an eyeball in front of any tracked email and automatically blocks the tracker hidden inside, allowing you to freely open your email.

The extension is free, but you can help by making a small donation through the website.

Download link: Ugly Email

2.) Inbox Pause — Take a Break with this Gmail Hack

gmail hacks inbox pause

How many times have you been distracted from important work by the ‘Ping!’ alert of a new email? It can be particularly painful to go back to your task after breaking your workflow for a few moments. To have more control over what you receive and when, Inbox Pause can stop any oncoming email until you’re ready for it!

You can turn on the auto-responder function to alert people you can’t read their emails yet, saving you from the drama of ‘But why aren’t you responding to my emails right away?!’

Make exceptions if you’re expecting a message from a particular email address, domain, or if it contains certain words, like ‘urgent’. You don’t need to set up these options every day, as you can come up with a daily schedule. Neat, right?

Download link: Inbox Pause

1.) Unroll me — Get rid of Clutter with this Gmail Hack

gmail hacks unrollme

Sick and tired of all the email junk and subscriptions clogging up your inbox? Unroll Me is the easiest and fastest way to get rid of it.

After you sign in with your Gmail account, a list of all your subscriptions will appear. You can then either choose to keep them in your inbox, unsubscribing from them, or adding them to Rollup.

The Rollup function is amazing for decluttering your inbox in case there are still some emails you’d like to receive. The trick? It gathers them all in one central email that you can receive daily. It’s easier to read, it frees up noticeable space in your inbox, and it saves you time. Everybody wins!

gmail hacks rollup

Download link:

What do you think of these Gmail hacks and add-ons? Do you use any other Gmail hacks and extensions to boost your productivity? If you’re looking for tips on managing your work in a remote team, make sure to check the 11 apps and tools that make working from anywhere smooth and simple, in our next article!