glee’s ginny gardner’s 5 favorite glee songs

Image Credit: Ginny Gardner
Actress Ginny Gardner will be a full-fledged movie star when she appears in the Michael Bay-produced time traveling picture “œAlmanac,”but her fandom really began to build when she played uptown girl Katie Fitzgerald in Fox’s singing sensation “œGlee.”Before she gets too famous to return our phone calls, we locked Ginny down and asked her for her Top 5 favorite “œGlee”performances.

5 “œRolling in the Deep”

“œRolling in the Deep,”Performed by Lea Michele as Rachel Berry and Jonathan Groff as Jesse St. James. Original Version Performed by Adele (John Legend, a Cappella Version).

“œCovering such an amazing artist is hard to do [because of the fans’ expectations],”Gardner said. “œIt’s difficult to make a version of a song that can hold its own to such an amazing song, but they did it.”

4 “œRumor Has It”

“œRumor Has It,”Performed by Naya Rivera as Santana Lopez, Amber Riley as Mercedes Jones and Heather Morris as Brittany Pierce. Original Version Performed by Adele.

“œAny Adele song is difficult because of Adele’s vocal range,”Gardner said. “œThey really did a great cover for it.”

3 “œRed Solo Cup”

“œRed Solo Cup,”Performed by Chord Overstreet as Sam Evans. Original Version Performed by Toby Keith.

“œI love Chord and thought the performance was so funny,”Gardner said. “œAlso I just love country music.”

2 “œWe Are Young”

“œWe Are Young,”Performed by the “œGlee”Cast. Original Version Performed by Fun., Featuring Janelle Monáe.

“œThis was great because of the amazing energy from the cast,”Gardner said. “œI just loved their rendition in general. Also, the amount of work that goes into rehearsing the dances and songs is so much more than I realized! I have so much respect to those actors who do it every day.”

1 “œYour Song”

“œYour Song,“Performed by Blake Jenner as Ryder Lynn. Original Version Performed by Elton John.

“œThis is obviously my favorite since I got to see Blake sing it and I know the work he put into it,”Gardner said. “œIt was so sweet and charming; really a great performance. Before rehearsing, I never knew there was an on-set acting coach to make sure you say your lines right or that there is an on-set music coach to make sure of things like that our mouth movements are big enough to read.”

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