Girl Throws First Pitch At Game, Then Catcher Takes Off Helmet


The Last Face She Expected

The catcher caught the flying ball in one flawless move. He stood straight and took off his helmet, his gaze landing on Delia.

She’d come here expecting to enjoy one of her favorite games, but she didn’t expect to see the piercing eyes staring at her. Her breath caught, and her eyes grew wet as her mind internalized who she was looking at. The man was the last person she expected to see here.

Her Childhood

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Delia Jameson was like many 12-year-old girls in America. She still had an undying love for the color pink and a collection of Barbie dolls and Carebears from when she was a child.

But unlike many others, she’d spent a considerable part of her life without her dad. Although growing up this way sometimes hurt Delia, she was always proud of what her dad did. To her and many across the nation, he was a hero.

Col. Randy Jameson


Randy Jameson, Delia’s dad, was a decorated colonel in the US Military, something that everyone in his family was very proud of. Randy was a responsible, level headed, hard working man who wanted to protect his family and country, and thus enrolled into the military at a young age.

But he knew what such a career brought in one’s life. He would rarely be home to live life as a normal dad and husband. The reality of it all hit him when he met Jennifer Vasquez.

High School Sweethearts

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Randy and Jennifer met when Randy was a senior in high school. His ambitions to be in the military had been born then, and although he understood what such a path meant to his personal life, he knew he wanted to be with Jennifer for the rest of his life.

Randy approached Jennifer, only to discover that she felt the same. Six months later, and the two loved birds were dating. Things became even better once they cleared high school.

Tying The Knot

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Randy had been with Jennifer for two years when he got on one knee. A year wouldn’t pass before they had a baby on the way. The young couple named her Delia.

But although the two had looked forward to starting a life together, they knew that Randy’s occupation would mean he wouldn’t be home as much as they wished.

Needing Him

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Twelve years later and Delia missed her dad so much it hurt. He’d been deployed many times to defend his country, and although she loved how brave he was, she couldn’t help but want him at home.

Delia’s dad would be gone for months, sometimes even spending a whole year in the field. Among her favorite gifts was a baseball bat that he’d gotten her for their backyard games. But it’d been half a year since she and her dad played because he was back on duty again.

A Gift To Warm A Heart

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One day, Delia’s mom called her, saying she had an important gift from her dad. Delia quickly ran to see the present, her body bursting with joy when she realized what she was looking at.

Her dad had gotten them two tickets to a baseball game and wanted them to enjoy the moment since he wasn’t with them. Delia jumped and down, feeling connected with her dad even though he wasn’t around. She had no idea what awaited her at the stadium.

An Emotional Ride

New Arena

The days blurred by, and before Delia knew it, she and her mom were driving to the stadium for the game. Goosebumps took Delia’s skin as the stadium came into sight. The thundering cheers sent shivers up her body, and she remembered how much her dad loved the sport.

She wiped her teary eyes as they went in and sat with her mom. She had no clue that the day would demand she comes from her seat into the field where everyone could see her.


New Arena

Delia was still reeling from the emotions rocking her when she heard her name in the announcements. The caster relayed that she’d be throwing the first pitch.

Confused by what was happening, Delia reluctantly came to her feet. Every eye in the stadium was glued to her. The announcer revealed who she was and that her dad was a colonel in the military. But there was more.

Tossing The Ball

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A moment passed, and Delia found herself in the middle of the pitch, nervously holding a baseball. She looked around at the sea of spectators staring at her, knowing she couldn’t mess this throw. What would her dad think when he heard the story?

She summoned everything he’d taught her and tossed the ball. The catcher caught it with skill, making her smile. But the way he moved made Delia’s brows draw close. There was something peculiar about him.

A Person She Didn’t Expect

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The catcher caught the ball and stood up straight. But then he took off his catcher’s helmet and stared at the Delia. But she wasn’t ready for what she saw. She thought that she was just going to the game to watch her favorite team play.

But now, she was standing on the pitch surrounded by thousands of people, all staring at her in her situation. She was staring at a man she didn’t expect to see. And it would have her running with tears in her eyes.

Her Father

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The man that she was staring down was none other than her dad! He had organized the whole surprise. As soon as she recognized him, tears started rolling down her cheeks. She broke into a run towards her father.

She felt like she was dreaming. The fact that he was right there on that pitch with her. Everything felt surreal, but she ran towards him anyway.

A Long-Awaited Hug

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She landed in his arms and hugged her father tightly. She hadn’t been with him in half a year, but she still felt like it wasn’t real. The crowd cheered at the father-daughter reunion in front of them.

It turns out that Randy had come home early from his deployment and really wanted to surprise his family. He knew how much his daughter missed him and knew she’d love the baseball game as well.

A Lot Of Organization

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It took a lot of organization on his part to get everything ready. Randy contacted the owners of the stadium and both teams to make sure everyone was happy with what he wanted to do.

Because of his military background, they were more than happy to make this moment for him and his family. Even his wife was in on it for their little girl. He lived in a hotel just to hide from them.

A Game To Remember

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After they hugged each other, they made their way back to the stands, where there was an extra seat next to where Delia and her mother were sitting. They all sat together as a reunited family.

Delia watched the game and felt her father’s arm around her. She was excited for things to get back on track and to continue bonding with her father after the uncertainty of him being deployed.