Girl Talks To Old Man Every Day, Mom Follows Her To School


Good Advice

She was very perplexed when her daughter asked her to drop her off there. She allegedly wanted to have a conversation with the man who would frequently speak to all the other kids before school.

Her maternal instincts immediately surfaced. She needed to learn as much as possible about the man. She made sure to teach her daughter to never speak to people she did not know, and she felt stunned that she had ignored her advice. She had no idea what she would find at the renowned street corner.

She Loved Her Daughter

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El Dorado Hill resident Gina Arnold was a single mother who did everything in her power to make sure her daughter Audrey had the best life. But as her daughter grew older, she realized she would have to accept the idea that other people would have an impact on how she was raised.

She might start to look up to her teachers, students, and others as role models. But what if her daughter made a mistake?

A Strange Request

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One morning, Gina was busy taking her daughter to Marina Village Middle School when her daughter pleaded with her to drop her off on the corner.

She normally dropped her daughter off near the school entrance. She couldn’t help but wonder why her daughter wanted to be dropped off at the corner. Was something going on?

She Had No Control Over It

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Parents want their kids to be prepared for the world as they grow up. It was no different for Audrey. In addition to what they are taught by teachers, parents do their best to educate their children additional life lessons that they can only learn outside of school.

What if, however, the teachings are not being imparted by family members and teachers? What if they don’t have the purest of motives, though?

A Difficult Life


Things weren’t always easy being a single mother. Gina had to give up a lot to be able to provide for her daughter.

However, Gina did not mind. Gina gave her daughter Audrey the best care possible by using all of her energy. But for the single mother, things were about to get even more difficult.

She Needed The Help


Gina wanted to take care of her daughter, but she was barely making ends meet.  She knew she needed to make a plan fast.

She began looking for another job. She responded to all the job advertisements she could find, and after a while, she finally secured a part-time job. However, this implied that things at home would alter significantly.

A Difficulty Time Adjusting

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Working another job meant that they would be getting more money, but it also meant that she could not spend as much time with her daughter. However, she had to do what was necessary.

Audrey became angry with her mother over the new arrangement because it upset her. The eight-year-old child started to feel angry and neglected. But her mother was powerless to stop. They needed the cash.

Who Was He?

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Audrey’s frustration with her mother grew stronger by the day. Gina was trying her best to stay on top of things, but it wasn’t easy. No matter what she did, Audrey wasn’t having it.

Audrey went even so far as saying, “I don’t need you anymore I have a new friend. His name is Wally, and he’s awesome. He has time for me.” Who was this person? Concern filled her. Could he be dangerous? 



Audrey began to arrive late for school in addition to rebelling. Gina was concerned, but she couldn’t help but take the responsibility for everything.

The cause of her tardiness was the most unsettling aspect. According to Audrey, she spent virtually every day playing with her friend Wally outside. Gina’s body went cold. What precisely did her daughter do after school? Before something bad happened, she had to find out.

Getting Answers

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Gina had determined that something needed to be done. The following day, Gina went to meet Wally with her daughter.

She couldn’t believe what she saw when she arrived at the intersection adjacent to the school. Her daughter’s age range of children was gathered around a man. She moved swiftly toward him, prepared to tell him what was on her mind.

Old Friend

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When Gina finally met the man, she was amazed. He was old and seemed very friendly. The old man Audrey and the other kids talked to was Wally Richardson, a 94-year-old local who always went to that corner every morning to share life lessons with all the kids who passed by that place.

Wally would tell them many stories and give the children advice on how to live a better life. Gina was relieved. The old man was actually a good influence on Audrey, and she had nothing to worry about. 

Hypping Up The Children

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“Be kind whenever possible” was one of the things Wally would tell the school children. He had made it a habit to hype up the kids and tried to brighten their day. 

“Knowing what’s right doesn’t mean much…unless you do what’s right!” Wally would also say regularly. Wally was also known as Mr. Knuckles because he would always give them fist bumps before the kids went to school.

Army Veteran

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Wally Richardson was a 94-year-old veteran who always went to that corner every morning to bring a smile to the face of the kids who passed by there.

He was retired and decided to use his life experience to teach kids a thing or two about the world. He was a joy to talk with, and all the kids loved him. 

Morning Tradition

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Gina was glad she went with Audrey to that corner, or she may not have met Mr. Knuckles. During the first few years, Wally and his wife would eat their breakfast before walking to the same corner and meeting the Marina Village Middle School students.

Unfortunately, his wife had suffered health problems and could no longer join him in this morning ritual.

The School Approves

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Wally continued this tradition without his wife every school day because he wanted to share more kindness with the world and the best thing to do that is to start with the young ones.

“It takes one significant adult in a kid’s life, and you can impact them forever, and Wally is that person with kids,” Cheryl Olson, the school superintendent, said when she shared his story on their social media. The world needs more people like Wally.