Teen Abandons Pregnant Girlfriend, Years Later She Performs His Surgery


Tears Falling

He weighed down on her with his crushing confession. What did he expect of her? As a teenager, she had no one to turn to.

At that moment, Amy Declan swore she would avenge herself. If he was okay with ruining her life, she would be okay with it as well. What if she had the chance to do that? Would she be ready for it?

Love At First Sight


Lance Jones and Amy Declan have known each other since childhood. Their childhood friendship turned into a sweetheart relationship in high school.

In spite of their completely different backgrounds, they just seemed to be a good match. The reason Amy wasn’t aware of Lance’s identity was because she didn’t know him.

Prom King And Queen Deserved


As prom king and queen, Amy felt they were destined for each other.

Imagining their future together, she started building dreams about them. However, she had no idea Lance was hiding things from her. That would be the final straw for her.

The Future Is Bright


The future held a lot of hope for Amy. Her goal was for Lance to study whatever he wanted at the same university as her. In the end, she would be able to become the surgeon she had always dreamed of becoming.

When she thought her life would be complete, she was certain he would marry her one day. It was perfectly understandable why she felt that way about him.

All Seemed Well In Life


It seemed as if Amy’s life was perfect to her. She was on her way to achieving all her dreams, and she would be where she wanted to be in a matter of years.

In order to prove her love to the man she loved, she gave herself completely to him. She made the biggest mistake of her life there. Lance was about to show his true colors, and he wasn’t pleased with what he saw.

Having A Cold


Several weeks after prom night, Amy suddenly became extremely ill. Her stomach was in pain, and she was nauseous. In addition, she was unable to eat anything.

It was her hope that the professional nurse could help her feel better that she called for her mother. Her attempt to find help failed after a few attempts.

She Refused To Believe It


Her thoughts were scattered as she sat down. Could she ask her mother what she would do or say if she was present? She realized something she wasn’t ready to admit.

She always asked her mom if other female patients were pregnant and if these symptoms appeared. She rushed back to the bathroom after thinking about it for a second time.



The timing seemed right, and Amy was shocked but also aware that it was a possibility. She rushed to the nearest pharmacy to get a pregnancy test that would give her accurate results.

Her home was back in front of her before she knew it. In a desperate attempt to get negative results, she took the test and eagerly awaited the results.

A Pivotal Moment


The five minutes had passed, and Amy knew she could no longer wait. She was afraid of finding out what she would find, however. That didn’t sit well with her.

Upon seeing the result, she felt the air rush from her lungs. With her heart pounding, she could only manage the word “positive.”

There Is No Alternative


Her beloved boyfriend had been waiting for her to tell the truth for days after she had taken the test, but Amy could no longer hide the truth from him. The truth should be revealed to Lance. When he didn’t come out of class, she pondered.

She had rehearsed the speech countless times. Her words felt strange when she spoke them. The words seemed to have been spoken by someone else.

Not What She Expected


Lance’s jaw dropped as he froze in his tracks. The look in his eyes could only be described as murderous. But it was what he said that hurt her the most.

Lance pushed his hand into his pocket and pulled out his wallet. He gave her a stack of cash and said, “Get rid of it,” before storming off.

Left In Tears


Amy’s eyes stung with tears. She couldn’t believe that her best friend could be so cruel. The venomous words he said as he was walking away crushed her.

She never knew he thought of her that way. But that wasn’t even the worst part. It was his lack of compassion that hurt her the most.

What To Do?


“I don’t need a man to do what needs to be done,” Amy mumbled as she walked to the trailer park she called her home. She was a determined young girl who could do anything she put her mind to.

But it wasn’t long before reality set in. She might’ve been determined, but as soon as her mom found out she was pregnant, she’d be homeless. And there was nothing she could do about that.

It Wasn’t Like Her


So Amy decided to follow Lance’s advice, and she made an appointment with the clinic. But as she lay there, staring at the dark little dot on the ultrasound, she realized that she wasn’t that type of person.

She couldn’t harm her baby even if she wanted to. But Lance was a whole different story. He’d pay for what he did to her. She’d make sure of it.

Hopes And Dreams


Amy could see her hopes and dreams going up in flames. She could see her new life as a young, single mom who worked endless hours to support her infant.

But what else could she do? She would have to drop out of school so she could earn money. And that surgical degree would remain nothing more than a dream. Or would it?

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.