Girl Comes Home Without Shoes Every Day Until Officer Trails Bus Driver


Right Behind You

The tired father walked quietly so she wouldn’t know that he was following her. He saw the school bus pull up and quickly hid behind a tree. A few other children were waiting at the side of the road.

All the children went in beside her. He saw a hand halt her on the bus steps. The little girl was confused and looked down at her feet. Somebody didn’t allow her to get onto the bus.

A Brave Child


Abigail Brodham was a curious and imaginative nine-year-old girl. She lived with her father, Jefferey, in Montana. Her mother had recently passed away. Her bravery often baffled her father. She was an unusual child. 

Sometimes she would arrive home without shoes. It had happened a few times before, and every time her father wondered why.

He would fasten her buckles himself, but yet they were always undone when she returned home.

Strange Habits


Abigail was adventurous, so at first, her father didn’t think anything of it when she arrived home without her shoes. But after a few more days, he had to find out for himself.

Each time her father, Jeffrey, inquired about it, she would either shrug her shoulders, dash off to her room, or simply reply with, “They told me to.”

Jeffrey couldn’t understand why someone would ask his daughter to remove her shoes, so one day he decided to follow Abigail and find out the truth.

No Shoes Today


Naturally concerned, Jeffrey couldn’t ignore this peculiar behavior any longer. Determined to uncover the truth, he decided to secretly follow Abigail one day to see where her shoes disappeared and why.

He discreetly trailed behind her as she walked down the familiar path to catch the school bus. He walked quietly over the gravel so she wouldn’t see him following her.

Somebody’s Fault


As Abigail hopped onto the school bus, Jeffrey discreetly followed behind, his concern growing with every step. Once Abigail settled into her seat, the bus driver approached her and stopped her from boarding the bus.

Stunned, Jeffrey watched intently, his heart pounding in his chest. Why did the bus driver apprehend his little girl like that?

You Can’t Enter


Abigail stepped onto the bus, and a large hand stopped her in front of her face. The girl looked nervously around as the children behind her walked in.

Jeffrey’s heart skipped a beat when he saw the bus driver, a stern woman named Kiki Brown, instructing his daughter to remove her shoes. His anger flared instantly, and he hurriedly made his way onto the bus, confronting Kiki.

Dad To The Rescue


Jeffrey ran towards the bus door entrance, “Abby, daddy’s here.” The little girl turned around, and her frown turned into a smile when she saw her father.

The bus driver froze in shock. “What right do you have to tell my daughter to take her shoes off?” Jeffrey demanded, his voice quivering with anger and disbelief. What was wrong with her shoes?

A Lame Excuse


The nonchalant bus driver was chewing bubblegum and tapping their long nails on the steering wheel. “What wrong did my daughter do to you?” Jeffrey persisted.

Kiki, unapologetic and arrogantly confident, glanced at Jeffrey with a dismissive look. “Her shoes are always dirty and muddy, and I’m tired of cleaning up after her,” she replied curtly.

Talking Back


Jeffrey couldn’t believe his ears. How could this employee be so lazy and rude? Was he trying to attack Jeffrey’s parenting skills as a single father?

Kiki, seemingly unfazed by Jeffrey’s presence, crossed her arms and replied, “Her shoes are always dirty from the puddles she walks in, and I have to clean up the mess. It’s a safety hazard.”

A Dozen Eye Witnesses


Some of the older children on the bus were laughing and giggling. Jeffrey realized that it must have been an embarrassing situation for his daughter, so he tried to find a solution.

But his frustration got the better of him. Jeffrey’s fury grew as he heard Kiki’s response.

“That’s your job!” he retorted. “You’re supposed to ensure the safety of the children, not burden them with such requests. Other children have dirty shoes, too,” he said, pointing vaguely.

Taking A Stand


The bus went silent. All the children stared at the outrageous parent. But Jeffrey didn’t care. He had been through enough over the past year, and he was tired of his children being bullied.

Fury consumed Jeffrey as he struggled to maintain his composure. “It’s your job to ensure the safety and well-being of the children on this bus, not to reprimand them for having dirty shoes!” he said fiercely.

Smile You’re On Camera


Just then, Jeffrey saw one of the older teenage boys pull out a cell phone and aim it in his direction. He had to be careful with what he said if the boy was recording him.

Unfazed by Jeffrey’s outrage, Kiki simply shrugged and replied, “Well, maybe you should teach your daughter some manners and cleanliness.”

The Bigger Person


Jeffrey ignored the rude bus driver and told his daughter, “Go take a seat. You’re going to be late for school.” Abigail scowled at the bus driver and walked straight in, and took a seat.

By now, two or three of the other children started recording the scene on their phones. Now there was evidence. Would the rude bus driver apologize for her prejudice?

Not The Place


Some of the kids were starting to get restless and said, “Can we go to school now?” But Kiki ignored them.

Kiki’s arrogance only fueled Jeffrey’s determination. He was not going to let this matter go. “I will complain about this,” he declared firmly. “Your actions are unacceptable, and I won’t stand for it!” Would the cheeky bus driver stand down?

Completely Arrogant


Kiki smirked as if underestimating Jeffrey’s resolve. “Go ahead and complain. It won’t change a thing,” she sneered.

She tried to shoo Jefferey out of the bus and tried to close the bus door. This made Jeffrey even more mad; he jumped aside to prevent the door from closing on him. Now she had gone too far.

Not My Daughter


Those words cut through Jeffrey like a knife, fueling his determination to take action. He vowed to report Kiki’s behavior and ensure that she faced consequences for her misconduct. 

The furious father watched the bus screech off. He stormed up his driveway, making a beeline for his home. He had an important call to make. What would the school principal make of this?

Higher Action


Jeffrey, undeterred by her dismissive attitude, vowed to take this matter to the school authorities. He finally got a hold of the school dean and reported the morning’s incident.

He was adamant about protecting his daughter’s rights and ensuring she received the respect she deserved. Would the school authorities feel the same about the problem?

The Big Dogs


Arriving at the school, Jeffrey wasted no time in expressing his concerns to the principal. He narrated the incident involving Kiki and demanded appropriate action be taken against her.

The principal, recognizing the seriousness of the situation, assured Jeffrey that they would thoroughly investigate the matter. But Jeffrey wasn’t convinced that they would take the matter to heart.

All The Facts


Jeffrey was sincere in explaining the situation to the principal, expressing his deep concerns about Kiki’s inappropriate actions towards his daughter.

“Our driveway is gravel, and with the heavy rains recently, there is mud everywhere. Where should she walk?”

The principal listened attentively, assuring Jeffrey that immediate action would be taken to address the issue. Would the principal be able to find a solution?

Justice Is Served


The following day, Kiki was summoned to the principal’s office, where she was met with a stern warning about her behavior. The rude bus driver denied any claims of reprimanding Abigail.

The truth was clear, and Kiki’s denial only worsened her situation. The principal informed Kiki that her actions were unprofessional and went against the school’s code of conduct. 

But would that be enough for the bus driver to stop her antics?

Following Up


A few days later, Jeffrey received a call from the principal, informing him that Kiki had received a warning for her misconduct. 

The principal assured Jeffrey that they would be closely monitoring Kiki’s behavior and implementing stricter guidelines for bus drivers to ensure the safety and well-being of all students.

But Jeffery was not satisfied.

He Wasn’t Convinced


Jeffery wasn’t convinced by the principal’s plan or conviction. He had seen this kind of thing a dozen times before, and he was sure he’d see it again. He felt not enough was being done.

People like Kiki didn’t change. They did things their way, and nothing could stop them. But was the concerned father right this time? Or would the bus driver take the warning to heart?

They Wouldn’t Have Known


At that point in time, it didn’t matter. Jeffery was looking at the facts, and the facts showed that the school wouldn’t have known about this if he didn’t point it out.

If he didn’t follow his daughter that day, everyone would still be in the dark about what was happening on the bus. And that didn’t sit well with him at all. He just couldn’t shake off his skepticism.

What Would Change?


So what would the warning change? Kiki clearly had an attitude, and it wasn’t a good one. So what would a slap on the wrist do for a person like her?

Jeffrey needed something more solid. Something that would assure parents that their children were safe in the hands of the bus drivers. And the school wasn’t offering that. He wouldn’t even be surprised if Kiki was still driving the school bus.

How Could They Guarantee It?


Jeffrey wanted to know what the school planned on doing to put his mind at ease. He wanted the school to prove that they could take care of his child.

And that was exactly what the school planned on doing. But up until that point, Jeffery hadn’t given them a chance to explain. What else would they do to stop this kind of behavior? Had what the principal said made any impact at all?

Just A Warning


As far as Jeffrey knew, the school just warned the driver and dropped the matter. But the principal was no fool.

She had dealt with those kinds of attitudes herself. And she knew exactly how to put a person like Kiki in her place. She did more than just deliver a warning to the arrogant driver. What did she have up her sleeve, and would it help the situation they were in?

A Dash Cam


After giving him a moment to vent, the principal told Jeffrey that she had done more than just give her a warning. She had decided to try something new. 

A dash cam was going to be installed to check each student as they entered the bus. But was this really going to make a difference and stop incidents like the one that happened to Jefferey’s daughter, or was this just the school’s way of laying the matter to rest?

No Context


Jeffrey was personally happy with how things had gone down. But what he hadn’t realized is that some others weren’t as ecstatic with the outcome as he was.

Many kids had shown their parents the videos they recorded without any context. This meant that it looked bad for Jeffrey. Especially once they learned about the new rule. How would those parents react? Was Jeffery in even more trouble now?



The school suddenly received an influx of backlash about the dash cams. Many parents thought it was to give their children less privacy instead of for safety. They didn’t understand the true purpose of the new measures at all.

“My child has never needed to take their shoes off, and now you’re installing spy cameras?” One mother angrily wrote to the school. It seems not everyone was in favor of the dash cams.

Directed at Jeffrey


Something that the passionate father didn’t expect was for people to direct a lot of their frustrations at him. He made the mistake of looking at the social media page.

Dozens of parents all blamed him for the tighter security. It seems that they didn’t think their children needed to be safer. But some of them went even further. Jeffery was in hot water.

Defending Her


Jeffrey scrolled through the comments with morbid curiosity. He wanted to know what everyone thought, even if it would offend him. But then he saw it.

There were comments from some parents actually defending the bus driver. “Why didn’t you just let the bus driver be?” One user wrote. But thankfully, Jeffrey soon found the people who were in the same boat as him.

On His Side


Many of the other parents were on Jefferey’s side. Most of them had heard the whole story, and they understood why Jefferey did what he did.

But it wasn’t so easy for them to convince the rest of what was truly going on. And that was what complicated matters. How would they solve this issue?

Evenly Split


The parents were split right down the middle. Many of them were on Jefferey’s side, and others were completely against his actions.

That left the principal in quite a predicament since she wanted to make everyone happy. But was happiness worth more than the safety of the children? Would she go back to the old ways? Or stick to the decision she made?

He Understood


That night, Jeffery sat down and evaluated the situation from both sides. Of course, he was sticking to his decision. But that didn’t mean he wasn’t understanding.

He understood why those other parents were upset. It was because they didn’t know the whole story, and he couldn’t blame them for that. But that didn’t mean he would take their side.

He Couldn’t Back Down


Even though Jeffery understood the points of everyone involved, he couldn’t back down. His daughter meant the world to him, and that wasn’t going to change because of someone else’s opinion.

He had to protect her no matter what. And no one would make him feel guilty about doing what he thought was right. But how would all this end?

Who Won?


At this point, the final resolution to this conflict was still unclear. Jeffrey had done all he could do, and so did the principal.

Neither of them planned on backing down. But the ultimate decision resided in the hands of the school vehicle authority. How would they deal with the situation? And the backlash it caused?

Got What They Deserved


Not only did Kiki receive a warning from the principal, but the school vehicle authority also got wind of the incident. They had to increase security on their vehicles.

This meant that they decided to delve deeper into the confrontation Jeffrey had with the bus driver. But they never expected to find what they did.

An Investigation


They conducted a thorough investigation and, finding evidence to support Jeffrey’s claims, reprimanded Kiki further for her misconduct. 

The teenage boy showed the principal the video he had taken and handed in his phone as evidence. And because of that, she was suspended. But what happened with the other parents’ claims? And what about the parents who objected?

No Time For Games


Word quickly spread among the school community about the incident involving Abigail and Kiki. Even though many parents had seen videos without context and had thus turned their backs on Jeffrey, others knew the truth.

Apparently, Abigail wasn’t the only child that Kiki had bullied. She had a reputation for being too informal with the students.

A Reputation


As it turned out, Kiki had quite the reputation when it came to children. And it wasn’t just because she was informal when it came to them.

Abigail wasn’t the first to suffer the bus driver’s wrath, and she certainly wouldn’t be the last. But what happened to the other children? And why didn’t their parents act?

Many Complaints


Many people have had similar experiences with their children. But not all of them were willing to go as far as Jeffrey was. Why was that?

Why weren’t the other parents standing up for their children? Why weren’t they the ones addressing their issues with the principal? What on earth was going on there? And what would it take to change it?

No One Acted


After seeing the list of complaints, Jeffery couldn’t help but wonder what was going on. As far as his mind went, parents should stand up for their children. Yet none of these parents wanted to do something about it.

That was when Jeffery started talking to the other parents and finding out where it was that their silence stemmed from.

Some Were Afraid


Jeffery spoke to all the parents who had raised their complaints about the way their children were treated after he spoke up. And what he found was shocking.

The most surprising thing he found was that many of the parents were actually too afraid to speak against the bus driver. Why was that? Had the woman threatened them?

And Others Knew The Consequences


The other parents that didn’t speak up did so because they knew the consequences. They knew that the chances of them winning the argument weren’t too good. And they didn’t want to take the risk.

But now everyone was rallied together, and they wanted the school to take action. Was that finally going to happen?

Swift Action


Parents and students alike were relieved to see that the school took swift action to rectify the situation and ensure the safety and well-being of the children. But was it enough?

Kiki needed to be dealt with, and Jeffrey was the most invested out of everyone. He feared for his daughter’s dignity while riding the bus.

A Doting Dad


Satisfied with the outcome, Jeffrey picked up Abigail from school that day with a newfound sense of relief. But he had a bad feeling in the back of his mind when he saw his little girl frowning.

As they walked hand in hand towards their car, Abigail asked, “Daddy, did you talk to the bus driver?”



Jeffrey smiled down at his daughter. “Yes, sweetheart. I talked to her, and she won’t be asking you to take off your shoes anymore.”

Jeffrey promised his daughter that she would never be embarrassed that way again. But unfortunately, he wouldn’t be able to keep his promise after what happened next.

I’m Here For You


It was like music to her ears. The little girl had been the center of attention at school for the past few weeks. She wanted things to go back to normal.

Abigail’s eyes sparkled with joy, grateful to her father for standing up for her. At that moment, a profound sense of trust and security enveloped their relationship.

A Parents’ Struggle


Abigail, oblivious to the consequences of her father’s intervention, continued to enjoy her carefree days filled with imagination and adventure.

She thought that everything would always be solved by her father, but she didn’t know what she would be confronted with just a few weeks later.



Her father, on the other hand, felt a sense of relief and satisfaction knowing that he had protected his daughter’s rights and stood up against injustice.

He just hoped that he didn’t cause any further harm to his little girl. But things would take a drastic turn when he realized the true repercussions of his behavior.

Normal Life


From that day forward, Abigail boarded the school bus without any apprehension. She felt safe and had learned an important lesson about her rights.

The incident had not only taught her the importance of speaking up against injustice but had also instilled in her the belief that her father would always be there to protect her.

Brave Abigail


Brave Abigail never encountered such a demand to remove her shoes again. The incident served as a reminder to all the school staff of their responsibility to treat children with respect and dignity.

But Kiki had other plans. She could never shake the humiliation she felt at the hands of the little girl and her father. She was planning something drastic.

Planning Something


Kiki was plotting something. She had thought about it for a few weeks while she was suspended, and now she would pay Jeffrey back for what he had done.

She once again took the driver’s seat in the bus, and the next time Abigail walked onto the bus, she had a surprise for her.

A Surprise


When Abigail boarded the bus, she didn’t expect to see Kiki there. Fear shot through the girl. “There you are. I’ve been waiting for this for weeks,” Kiki said with a twisted grin.

She pulled something out and showed it to the girl. It was an apology card and a little stuffed bunny. Abigail couldn’t believe what was going on.

Never Again


As for rude Kiki, she learned a valuable lesson in humility and respect. Her encounter with Jeffrey made her realize the gravity of her actions and the impact they could have on innocent children.

She told Abigail that she wouldn’t ever have to watch out for mud again. Even if she did, then it was her job to clean it.

How To Treat A Child


She vowed to treat each child with kindness and understanding, ensuring their journey to and from school was safe and pleasant.

She assured the school and the parents that she would never mistreat a child again. The sensitivity training had given her a new perspective on life.

Setting An Example


In the end, this incident became a catalyst for positive change, strengthening the bond between father and daughter.

It reminded everyone involved about the significance of empathy and standing up for what is right. Jeffrey even decided to try and meet Kiki in the middle with his next move.

Paving The Driveway


Jeffrey ended up paving his driveway in the long run. He just tried to keep his house as original as his late wife had left it.

He and his daughter would stick together and make sure no one ever made either of them unhappy. Kiki and Abigail actually even started an unlikely friendship.

A Family Of Two


As time went on, Abigail continued to explore the world with her boundless imagination, unaffected by the incident on the bus.

She learned to tie her own shoelaces, ensuring her shoes stayed clean and mud-free. Kiki was happy with the compromise and never had to worry about cleaning up after her again.

Love And Protection


And though she may have outgrown her innocence, Abigail always carried within her the memory of her father’s unwavering love and protection.

She knew she always had her father right by her side to make sure no one ever bullied her. But she’d also start trying to fight her own battles as she grew up into a lovely woman.

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.