6 Year Old Girl Grabs Finds Paper In Wall, Realizes What It Really Is


A Crack In The Wall

It had been there for as long as she could remember. She didn’t pay much attention to it, but now that her father was in intensive care, she needed something to get her mind off things.

She learned to have a large imagination even at a young age. She used it to try and forget about her father’s state. She looked at the crack in the wall again and imagined what wonders could have sat on the other side.

Lizzie Trueman


Lizzy Trueman had amazing parents. Her mother was a professor of history at a prestigious university while her father was a well-known writer.

This meant that growing up, Lizzie had amazing stories told to her by her father. At the age of six, her mind was full of fairy tales and other fantastic stories. But that was just the beginning.

Pirates And Hidden Treasures


Her favorite stories that her father told her were about were ones about pirates. He told her about buried treasure and hidden surprises. She had watched every Peter Pan movie and could even sing all of their songs.

She was extremely close to her father, she had bonded over all of the fantastical things that both literature and films have to offer. But she had no idea that things wouldn’t always be so happy.

Bad News

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Just before Lizzie’s seventh birthday, her mother told her some unfortunate news. She informed her that she would have to say goodbye to her father for a few weeks. He would be in hospital to recover from an illness.

What her mother didn’t tell her, was that he had a heart attack and it was nearly fatal. He was currently in a coma, fighting for his life. Lizzie’s life would never be the same.

First Week Without Him


The first night without him wasn’t terrible, sometimes he was out of time anyway. She was used to him being away from home. But he would always come back with a souvenir from his trip.

But by the end of the week, Lizzie knew things were different when she caught her mother crying when she thought she was alone. She wanted to ask about the crack that had always been in her wall, but she knew now wasn’t the time.

A Clever Girl

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Even though Lizzie didn’t completely understand the gravity of the situation. She understood that her mother was going through a lot and needed some company.

She slept in her mother’s bed with her and tried to keep her the best company she could during the day. But the crack in the wall was somehow calling to her more than it did before.

Not Getting Any Sleep

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Lizzie was having trouble sleeping. She just kept thinking about her father and what he was going through. Even if it was just a crack, it would help her take her mind off of things.

She needed to stop thinking about her father, so the crack would be the thing she would focus on. She would use her imagination just like her father taught her. But she had no idea what the crack actually had in store for her.

A Vivid Imagination


Lizzie had such a vivid imagination. She put herself in the shoes of a treasure hunter looking for the biggest treasure cache in all history. It was late and she didn’t want her mother to wake up, so she crept up to the wall and turned her lamp on.

After examining the wall for a moment, she quickly ran back to the other side of her room to find a pencil. It would be her most important tool, she’d use it to chip away the drywall. But she couldn’t believe what she would find.

Her Mom Notices

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But while Lizzie was getting caught up in her discovery, she didn’t notice her mother come in. She had been woken up by the sound and found her daughter destroying the drywall.

Lizzie quickly explained why she was digging out the drywall. Her mother told her to stop, but what her mother did next would be unexpected.

Getting Involved

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She walked up to the crack and expertly peeled back the drywall and pulled out a long piece of paper. She gave it to Lizzie. It was a map of the house.

Lizzie was over the moon with excitement. He gave her mother a big hug and took a look at the map. The map was just what she needed to fulfill her fantasies of being a treasure hunter on the lookout for something special.

Scavenger Hunt

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Lizzie and her mom studied the map, concluding that whatever it led to was hidden somewhere in the house. They began setting up for their hunt immediately. Lizzie’s mom fixed them some late-night snacks, and they set to work.

The map led the two on a scavenger hunt all over the house. Lizzie’s grandma, who had only arrived that evening, joined in. But even with the extra hands, it wouldn’t be an easy task.

Hours Of Hunting

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After four hours of moving up and down their house, tipping over furniture to read hidden clues, and listening to old music to pinpoint key lyrics as instructed by the map, the three of them finally reached their destination.

Lizzie looked around as she realized they were back in her room. The clues they’d gathered through the night pinpointed the opposite wall from where she found the map. She looked up at her mom and grandma, smiling even though she wished her dad was there with them.

A Tiny Door

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“Let me help you,” Lizzie’s mom said as she went to the wall with a flat screwdriver. She chipped the drywall for a few minutes until it revealed a tiny door, which she promptly opened.

She produced a dusty jewelry box from the small room and handed it to her daughter. “Open it,” she said with a proud smile and took out her phone to record the moment. What they’d find would leave them in tears.

A Story


In the jewelry box were a set of weathered wooden cards. They told a story of a little princess whose imagination allowed her to conquer the entire galaxy. She’d chosen Lizzie’s world as her resting place after her adventures.

There were several jewelry pieces in the box, which the cards claimed were the princess’s most valued possessions. Would Lizzie be open to accepting them as a gift from the girl?

The Best Dad Ever

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Lizzie read the story, again and again, her heart swelling with joy each time she held the wooden cards. Even though her mom didn’t tell her then, her dad had made up the treasure hunt, installing it in the house well before Lizzie was born.

Of course, he recovered and returned to his family. But even though his daughter barraged him with the details of the best treasure hunt she’d taken part in, he never revealed that he’s the one who devised it. He was only glad it’d helped her survive the days without him.