Girl Forced To Give Up Scholarship Over Ethnicity Gets Ultimate Payback


Torn Documents And Shattered Dreams

It’s all her daughter ever wanted, all she ever dreamt about. Her heart sank as she watched the dean tear the document, voiding the scholarship that had sustained her girl throughout her college career.

Tears tipped her daughter’s lashes, and she stepped back meekly. Her distress sparked a fiery gale within the woman. Furious, she vowed to make each person pay for what they’d done.

It Was Supposed To Go Differently


But things were supposed to go differently for Alicia Carter and her twenty-year-old daughter, Kim. After years of suffering and sacrifices, they were at the precipice of reaping the fruits of their hard work.

Kim had worked hard to pass her college classes, while Alicia ensured she never lacked anything while studying. After four years of toiling, everything was about to pay off. If only the mother-daughter duo knew how it would all end.

Going Places


Kim had always been a gifted girl. In her young life, she’d never failed to make Alicia proud. She’d racked up accolade after accolade through middle and high school, be it in class or extracurricular activities.

After graduating high school, it didn’t come as a surprise when she claimed the highly coveted mantle of valedictorian. Alicia knew her daughter would be going places.

Her Closest Friend


As a single mom, Alicia always prided herself in how she raised her daughter. Although Kim regarded her as her mom and gave her all the respect and love expected of her, she was also Alicia’s closest friend.

In her younger years, she’d spend hours talking to Alicia, her curious mind eager to know everything. Growing up, she would accompany her mom to town to shop or clear bills at the bank. But that wasn’t all.

She’s Special


At the age of nine, Alicia had already started showing signs of being a genius. She did this by understanding the processes Alicia usually followed when filling in her taxes.

This, alongside watching Disney movies with Alicia, quickly became her favorite thing to do. Even though her daughter was still a kid, Alicia knew she was special.



Growing up, Kim continued to show academic prowess in school. She matched this with an energetic body in the school pitch and a kind heart inside her ribcage.

As she graduated from middle to high school, everyone knew their town was blessed with a one-in-a-million human being. But Kim’s story wouldn’t end as brightly as any of them would have expected.



You see, although many things had worked out for Alicia as a mom, the rest of her life was in shambles. She’d been from job to job, seemingly unable to keep any of them because of emergent trends that rendered her skills useless.

The positions she managed to keep weren’t paying high enough salaries, and before she knew it, she couldn’t afford her daughter’s college education.

Making Plans


Although Kim was still in high school, Alicia was already worrying about where she’d get the cash to cover her college fee.

She took extra shifts at her waitress job and even enrolled in a nursing course. But seemingly sensing her distress, Kim said something that left her in tears.

A Dark Night


It was a dark night when it happened. Alicia was still up, seated in the living room with bills before her, wondering how she would make ends meet while paying for Kim’s college tuition.

She didn’t see her daughter behind her, and was lost in her thoughts. But Kim massaged her shoulder, asking why she was still awake even though it was well after midnight.

A Strong Bond


Although Alicia’s bond with her daughter was strong, with virtually no secrets between them, she couldn’t saddle Kim with her problems.

She was the parent here and, as such, needed to take control. “Everything is fine,” she lied with a soft smile. But she could tell Kim wasn’t buying any of her words. “Shouldn’t you be in bed?” she asked in a bid to change the subject.

Why Is She Up?


“I have a biology quiz in the morning,” Kim said. “I thought I’d brush up on a few chapters before then.” She eased to her mom, placing a kiss on her head.

But as she did, her sight landed on the bills, which Alicia had placed next to a nursing course brochure. The teenage girl’s eyes hovered over the documents, her mind working out the math. That’s when she spoke.

Her Plan


“I can get a scholarship, Mom,” she said. “You don’t have to worry about any of this. I’ll get a full ride to college, graduate, and give you the life you deserve.”

“Oh,” Alicia whimpered, her eyes growing wet. “I know you will, baby. But we have to be prepared for anything.” But her daughter would never let her push herself like this when she could do something about it.

A Star


A fire ignited in Kim that night, glinting in her irises throughout her high school days. She aced that biology quiz in the morning and topped every other exam from then on.

She was relentless, taking every academic trophy her school had. So when she reached her final year of high school, Alicia knew she’d snag that scholarship with no issues.

Her Heritage


As predicted, Kim got a full ride to college. She’d graduated top of her class with an impressive 4.0 GPA. Among the many scholarships she could have chosen from, Kim settled for one that would celebrate her paternal heritage.

Although she’d never met her dad, as he’d passed away while serving in the marine corp a month before her birth, she was always eager to celebrate his life. This was her best way to do that.

I’ll Take A Full Ride, Thanks


Alicia applied to the scholarship program, linking the college she wanted to attend and the courses she was eager to take. She crossed her fingers as she pressed send.

Although she was sure she’d get it, she was still apprehensive about it all. She and her mom were placing all their eggs in this one basket. Their world would come down crashing if it didn’t work out.

At The Hearing


Alicia stood next to Kim in the dean’s office. Four years had passed since Kim applied for that scholarship, and God had been kind, giving her precisely what she needed.

Four members from the college senate and two from the scholarship board sat on either side of the dean, ready to hear Kim’s case. The matter was grave, with her education on the line should she be found guilty.

A Demographic Preference


But what was Kim being charged with? Well, the scholarship that had gotten her this far into her education was only awarded to people of color, which the board no longer saw her as.

It had been her first choice among the many she could have applied to, and she’d been elated when the board chose her. She could have never guessed that it would end in disaster.

How Do You Get It?


The deal for getting the scholarship was simple enough. First and foremost, the applicant had to be of African-American descent. Second, the applicant had to maintain straight A’s throughout her academic career.

The scholarship covered every expense, from tuition to accommodation. But it lasted for only two semesters, needing to be renewed at the start of each academic year.

The Best Fit


Each of these requirements had come easy for Kim. She always kept an impressive academic track record and had African-American blood flowing within her veins.

She also renewed the scholarship each year and had even been termed the best fit for the award by many board members. So what had gone wrong now?

Not Black Enough


Over the past few weeks, many students had started mocking Kim about her heritage. They said she wasn’t dark-skinned enough, others even mentioning her dirty blonde, almost auburn hair and stormy gray eyes.

The school got wind of the issue, launching an official investigation. What had started as a joke evolved into something huge, an issue that would come for Kim’s very dream.

Answering Questions


She sat in tears as Alicia answered the questions asked by the dean. The board wanted to know more about Kim’s dad, who Alicia had always maintained was of African American descent.

Kim didn’t have anything to worry about. Her mom had never lied to her about her dad. But when the woman started trembling before the board, the college student’s faith dwindled.



Alicia came to the hearing with a file containing all the evidence that her daughter was deserving of that scholarship. The file included her late husband’s birth certificate alongside hers and Kim’s.

She also had blood tests that proved Kim’s lineage. But sadly for her, none of these documents would be enough to convince the board that Kim was truly African-American.

It’s Slipping Away


With every passing minute, the chances of retaining the scholarship became bleak. The atmosphere within the dean’s office turned heavy with disappointment.

Kim could see the board members were unmoved by her mom’s earnest pleas. All the evidence the woman presented did nothing to move them. The scholarship, the only thing fueling Kim’s dreams, was slipping through their fingers.



The dean sighed, shaking his head regretfully. “I understand your frustration, Ms. Carter, but our decision stands.” He picked up the document. “We cannot overlook the doubts surrounding Kim’s heritage. The scholarship is revoked.”

Kim gasped as tears filled her eyes. She’d never heard such terrorizing words before. After working tirelessly, excelling academically, and striving to make her mom proud, everything was gone. Seeing the scholarship lay torn before her, she knew she’d failed not only herself but her mom.

Dark Days


The days that followed lacked color for Kim, who sank into despair and hopelessness. But this had transcended her broken academic dreams.

She questioned her identity and place in the world and wondered if she was the person she grew up thinking she was.

A sickening depression fell over her once vibrant spirit, making her a shadow of her former self. This more than broke Alicia’s heart.

It’s Too Much


Witnessing her daughter’s pain and anguish, Alicia went into war mode. She couldn’t let Kim’s dreams get crushed so quickly, couldn’t bear to see her suffer this much.

Knowing she had to fight back, Alicia embarked on a mission to prove her daughter’s African-American heritage. But she would do more than that. She would bring down a mother’s wrath on those who’d wronged her daughter.



Alicia invested many hours researching ancestry tests. She even took time off work and dedicated all her time to the venture.

She contacted experts who could help verify her daughter’s lineage and traveled to different cities to gather historical records and DNA samples.

During her quest, she managed to track down one of Kim’s long-lost uncles, the only surviving member of her father’s family. He had valuable information about their family history that would expose the truth.



His testimony, DNA evidence, and meticulously collected documents depicted Kim’s African-American roots. Alicia took legal action against the scholarship board, filing a defamation lawsuit.

She had undeniable proof that despite her daughter’s physical appearance, Kim was genuinely African-American.

The media caught wind of the story, and public support began to swell for Kim and her fight for justice. The case garnered attention not only within the college community but also nationwide.

Do Not Relent


The trial was intense and emotionally draining for both Kim and Alicia. Now facing the consequences of their unfair judgment, the scholarship board attempted to discredit the evidence presented. But Alicia and Kim’s determination remained unwavering.

The truth prevailed after days of presenting their case and exposing the flaws in the board’s decision-making process. The judge ruled in favor of Kim, acknowledging the defamation and discrimination she had faced.

The scholarship board was held accountable for their actions, and are facing a possible shut down by the ministry of education.

The Aftermath


Though the victory provided a sense of vindication for Kim, the scars of the ordeal remained. Kim had experienced a tumultuous journey, battling depression and self-doubt, but her mother’s love and unwavering support had helped her persevere.

Different non-profit organizations came forward, each seeking to sponsor the remainder of Kim’s education. With a newfound resilience, she continued her pursuit of knowledge, determined to make a difference in the world.

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.