Door Found In Tree Trunk Is The Stuff Of Fairy Tales


Light Breeze

It had been an hour since she started playing in the woods. There was a light breeze in the air and it was rattling the rush leaves around her.

There was a grin on her face as she dug her hands into the dirt, filling her little bucket with it. But when she looked up, she noticed the enormous pine tree in the distance. What caught her attention was the tiny yellow door fixed to its base. She was about to find something breathtaking inside

Tough Times

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When she was eight years old, Cindy Graham and her family moved from Miami to Forks, Washington. Forks swept Cindy off her feet, it was mysterious and beautiful. She was so excited to be there.

But moving was hard on Cindy. She was sad, she had to leave all of her friends behind, along with her neighborhood and the school of her dreams. But soon, she would make a discovery that would make the move worth it.

Magical Neighborhood

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The first thing Cindy noticed about Forks was its climate. She was fascinated by it. Forks always seemed to be dull and foggy. It was a lot different compared to the bright and sunny she grew up in.

There were pine forests all around her neighborhood and they were beautiful. Her siblings often complained about Forks, but to Cindy, it was magical.


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The forests were home to all different kinds of birds. They would often fly up to Cindy’s window sill to say ‘hello’. She often saw elk and foxes, and even some otters on Rialto beach.

But she loved more than just the animals and the weather. Her favorite feature was the trees that surrounded her home. She didn’t know it at the time, but soon, she would discover a secret find in the forests and it would change her life forever.

Picking Flowers

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On the day that Cindy made this magnificent find, she was casually strolling through the woods with her mother, looking for flowers. The green forest was wet with dew and the smell of moss was prominent in the fresh air.

Cindy and her mother were out searching for flowers, her mother needed them for work. She tried explaining everything to Cindy, but Cindy was too distracted by the beauty around her.

Time To Play

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They were three hours into their search and they finally managed to find enough flowers. Their home was right next to the forest, that was why her mom allowed her to stay and play.

Cindy loved plants, and being in a sea of them felt like heaven to her. They agreed that Cindy would return home at lunchtime, but for now, she was going to enjoy her time in the lush forest. She had no idea what was waiting for her.

Drawn To It

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Cindy ventured into the forest with her pink bucket and tiny shovel in hand. Her mission was to find some soil for the flower pots she had at home.

Her bucket was half full when she looked up and noticed the massive pine tree ahead. At first, it seemed like an ordinary tree but something was drawing her towards it.

Tiny Yellow Door

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Cindy couldn’t resist the urge to go to the pine tree. She inspected it carefully, she could tell that it was a lot older than any other tree surrounding it. But what really caught her attention was the tiny yellow door at its base.

It seemed ancient to Cindy. It had moss and high branches that melded into the green canopy above her. Her heart rate increased as she stepped closer to it. What on earth had she found?


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Cindy loved all different kinds of plants and fantasy stories. It was part of her routine to read a chapter from one of her favorite fantasy books before bed every single night.

She imagined herself as a professional explorer whenever she was in the woods. She dreamed of living in the fairytales she read. But was her wish about to come true?

Looking Inside

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Cindy couldn’t wait to see what she had found. Her heart raced with excitement as she neared the tree. She squatted in front of the door and eyed it before bringing her small hand closer. There was nothing dangerous on the yellow wood so she decided to touch it.

The door creaked as she opened it and she bent down to look inside. Her jaw dropped when she saw what was inside.

Inside The Tree

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A fully furnished interior stared back at Cindy. She spotted miniature furniture and kitchen wear, arranged nicely as if someone lived in the little house.

Cindy’s heart swelled with happiness. She’d read about fairies and woodland creatures living in thick forests away from the prying eyes of humans. Had she discovered one of these magnificent civilizations?

There’s More

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Cindy set her dirt bucket aside and fell into full investigator mode. She took in everything before her, making sure not to tamper with the way everything was arranged in the house.

She was in the middle of her investigation when something inside the tree caught her attention. She jumped up, searching for a small stick she could use to poke around the house.

Her Find

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Cindy pulled out a piece of rolled paper from the house’s interior. The paper was brown, thoroughly leached of color, and tied with dirty twine.

The adventurer in her was overcome with excitement. What could be inside a paper hidden deep within a miniature house in such a big forest? Cindy was about to open and she heard her mom call for her.

Running To Mom

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“Cindy,” her mom’s voice mixed with the fluttering of leaves and buzzing of insects. Cindy placed the paper in her bucket and closed the yellow door. After ensuring it was well-fastened to the tree, she hurried to her mom.

Cindy told her mom about the little house in the woods. She looked back at where she came for, seeing nothing but endless leaves and pine trees. Would her mom believe her story?

A Sweet Adventurer

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Cindy’s mom took the paper with care, taking the twine off it. Her brows drew close as she read, “July 1995: In the memory of our little Ellie, we love you forever and always.”

She explained everything to the curious girl, telling her a family must’ve built the house for their late daughter as a way to remember her. “This is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever found, my sweet adventurer,” she said.