Shelter Saves Giant Dog, Then DNA Test Shows Why It’s So Big

Something On The Road

Britney gets out of her car and makes her way to the front door of the Shy Wolf Sanctuary. An avid animal lover, Britney had worked here for just over 10 years and genuinely loved her job. As she locks her car from a distance, suddenly she sees something on the ground. Her mouth drops and she realizes what it is; it seemed to be animal, lying on its side. This animal was absolutely huge! As Britney gets closer to the animal, its eyes glare at Britney and she stops in her tracks.

The animal growls but Britney knew she needed to help it.

Providing Care

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The Shy Wolf Sanctuary which was first founded in 2001 by Nancy Smith, provides sanctuary and rehabilitation to wild and captive-bred wolves, and other exotic animals. The team here is passionate and determined to provide care and affection to these animals.

But little did they know they would soon house an animal that would leave them with hundreds of questions.

She Knew She Needed To Help

Shy Wolf Sanctuary

Once Britney saw the animal she knew she had to take action. She ended up finding that someone had purchased him from a breeder and realized he was too much to handle. So the irresponsible owner dumped him at a shelter at 8 months old.

Britney felt anger boil inside of her as she found out the truth about this dog.

A Wolfdog Called Yuki

Shy Wolf Sanctuary

The animal which was a dog called Yuki was in reasonably good health compared to a lot of the animals that come to the sanctuary. Yuki had a very outgoing personality and loved to greet people with a cuddle. The team at the Shy Wolf Sanctuary even considered him for ambassadorship at one point.

But still, the team knew they needed answers.

Taking The DNA Test

Shy Wolf Sanctuary

Curious to learn about his breed Britney and her team at Shy Wolf Sanctuary decided to conduct a DNA test on Yuki. His DNA testing came back as 87.5 % Gray Wolf, 8.6 % Siberian Husky, and 3.9 % German Shepherd. The team was amazed at the results!

But then one day something happened that would change Yuki forever.

An Unfortunate Injury

Shy Wolf Sanctuary

Shortly after arriving at Shy Wolf Sanctuary Yuki was roaming around the outdoor space, then all of a sudden he caught his leg on a palmetto which opened up a wound on his right rear knee. This wound ended up taking a total of 5 surgeries to finally repair!

At that time the team noticed that Yuki started to become cage aggressive.

He’s The Boss


Despite his slight aggression, Yuki was one of those animals that would let you know if he wants you in his enclosure or not. Overtime His personality started to develop and he soon had a very small group of women that only he would allow in his den. But little did the team at the sanctuary know, more people would be aware of the wolf-dog.

Yuki Go’s Viral


One day Britney decided to post a picture of Yuki on the sanctuary’s Facebook page. This photo showed Yuki looks like a giant compared to 5”4 Britney who was also in the photo. Soon after the photo was posted it went viral with many claiming that the photo was photoshopped, but Britney hit back at the claims, “It’s just his fat angle guys. We all have one”.

Despite the laughter and humor the photo brought, little did the team know some bad news would soon make its way to the sanctuary.

Not Himself

Shy Wolf Sanctuary

For a while now Yuki wasn’t himself. He wasn’t eating that much and his excited attitude seemed to slowly fade away. Even when one of the team members played with his favorite toy, Yuki was not interested in the slightest. He seemed to slug around his enclosure, occasionally engaging in a bit of playtime. The team knew they needed answers.

Nobody Wanted To Hear This News


It turned out that Yuki had cancer that, unfortunately, was terminal. While the team had dealt with that particular cancer before, they knew Yuki was a fighter and would hopefully persevere through it as long as he could. Yuki had been fighting cancer for a while, so the team ensured they would enjoy their time with the wolf-dog.

Made His Mark

Shy Wolf Sanctuary

Since arriving at the shelter back in 2008 Yuki has definitely made his mark. His outgoing and cheeky personality is what made him a favorite amongst guests and staff. While life may have thrown him a curveball, for now Yuki’s keeping calm and carrying on; in the form of chasing his favorite ball of course!

There’s A Happy Ending After All

Shy Wolf Sanctuary

Wow, what a beautiful story! It’s thanks to Britney and her team at Shy Wolf Sanctuary that animals just like Yuki are properly cared for and looked after. It’s important to remember that while many of those animals have rough beginnings, their stories always have happy endings once they get to Shy Wolf Sanctuary.

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