Ghost Ghirls: 5 Tips for Female Ghost Hunters

Image Credit: Ghost Ghirls
They’re not your average ghost hunters.

The new Yahoo! Web series “Ghost Ghirls” follows the lives of two funny best friends, Heidi (Amanda Lund) and Angelina (Maria Blasucci), as they investigate all that is paranormal, while bringing along a few celebrity guests on their hunts. The show, which is executively produced by Jack Black and directed/co-created (along with Lund and Blasucci) by Jeremy Konner of “Drunk History” fame, is part of Yahoo!’s Fall comedy lineup, premiering Sept. 9. Amanda and Maria’s characters have experience in helping ghosts of all sorts, and as such, we’re gracious enough to share a few helpful tips for aspiring female ghost hunters.

5 Consider Appropriate Footwear

“Wear closed-toed shoes. Ghosts tend to come out in the dark and there is NOTHING paranormal about a stubbed toe. Save those espadrilles for your witch hunts.”

4 Fridge First!

“Always remember to find the fridge. No matter where you’re hunting, chances are they have a pantry or a fridge with lots of goodies. Don’t forget your baggies to save some for later!”

3 Don’t Bug the Cops

“Never involve the police. More often than not they will think you’re crazy. If you need help, reach out to your local congressman, clergyman or Coast Guard.”

2 Does He Have a Pulse?

“Never fall in love with a ghost! We all like bad boys but stick to the living ones. Sorry, Kurt Cobain!”

1 Shorts FTW

“Don’t be afraid to wear shorts! There’s nothing wrong with letting the breeze through those chicken legs during an investigation. And guys love em’!”

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