GFW News: Broken Hardy’s Deal Dead, Rey Mysterio Offered Contract

Matt and Jeff Hardy, and Roo

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Global Force Wrestling, better known as GFW, is the new Anthem Sports and Entertainment Product that replaced TNA or Impact Wrestling. The reason for the move to GFW had more to do with the fact that Anthem wanted to sort of push away from the bad of what TNA and Impact had on it the last few years. A re-branding of sorts made sense, however, Anthem has by no means been a proper company.


To date, multiple people have departed the company just this year when most assumed that Anthem would right the course and pay people fairly. A lot of people were being overpaid in TNA, so when Anthem bought them it made sense to go lower. However, they looked toward the future they claimed and still lost major names that could help their future.


As it stands right now, GFW has lost Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Drew Galloway, Jade, Mike Bennett, Marie Kanellis, and Crazzy Steve. By the way, all but one have since been hired by or have worked in some capacity for WWE. Possibly the biggest reason for these departures had to do with money and treatment by the new owners, especially VP of Anthem, Ed Nordholm. Now they are attempting to sign other big names, despite continuing to make several mistakes that is mind-boggling for fans to understand.


This is all the latest you should know about GFW.


Alberto El Patron Suspended, Not Stripped Of GFW World Title

Alberto and Paige

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Alberto El Patron, known as Alberto Del Rio in WWE, signed with GFW earlier this year. When the company began to think of a good plan to merge titles, they felt the newly signed El Patron would be the perfect person to put the main title on. That said, he won it. Shortly after, news broke that he was involved in a domestic dispute with his girlfriend and current WWE Superstar Paige. The two tried to pass it off as nothing, but they were involved in a public forum that caught audio.


In the 911 call audio, Paige can be heard saying that she is “always trying to get away” from Alberto and “you won’t let me.” Basically, it has been confirmed by Paige’s family that she has been beaten by Alberto the last six months with the family even having photo proof of this. As it stands, Alberto is trying to get her fired from WWE and she cannot seem to leave.


It has become quite toxic. Due to the knowledge of things not yet coming out, GFW suspended El Patron immediately upon hearing of the domestic issue. The 911 call and various things regarding Alberto have pretty much proven he should not be someone you put your company around. Despite this, he has not been fired nor stripped of the GFW World Title.


Paige Being Charged?


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According to a recent report out of Pro Wrestling Sheet, it is being claimed that Paige was the one responsible for the domestic incident according to police. Witnesses have a much different story, and the audio can clearly prove any assault on her end was an attempt to escape. On top of this, there is an interesting note to the WWE policy. If one gets investigated for domestic assault, they are automatically suspended by WWE.


If they are convicted, despite no jail time possibly coming, WWE must fire the person. If Alberto El Patron wanted to get Paige kicked out of WWE and could pay some people off, he seems to have found the perfect way to make it happen. The case is being looked into as it currently stands, so no formal charges have been pressed against Paige.


Funny enough, she was not even originally under investigation for anything from the incident. Now she is suddenly being linked to starting and being the main problem here? Some things do not add up. All of this being said, this is a black eye on GFW and the fact that they allow this circus to continue while keeping El Patron under contract is kind of nuts. WWE realizes a lot of this is out of their control, but they do not want to release Paige. If reports are true regarding Alberto not letting her go back, they certainly know she is not at fault. However, she is still under contract.


Broken Hardy Deal Dead With GFW?

Hardy brothers

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Months ago, a lot of crazy things were going on with Matt and Jeff Hardy that resulted in the two not re-signing. The Broken Brothers were the hottest act in the company in 2016, but the Anthem group did not feel that mattered. The original contract offered in December seemed okay, but needed alterations. However, that deal was offered by previous management so Anthem added their deal in. The wanted a one year deal, and felt like money should be more or even to before.


The new deal was for two years and less money, along with Anthem getting 10% of all the money Matt Hardy made on the independent scene. The deal was turned down and Anthem has been playing hardball on who owns the broken gimmick. This led to the Hardy’s trying to settle out of court to at least give them something for the gimmick. It seemed they finally reached a settlement last week, which is why they teased the broken gimmick so hard on WWE RAW a week ago.


The deal was set to give Anthem anywhere between $10,000 to $15,000 cash, a press release praising Anthem for making the deal and a lot of nice crap. Along with that, Reby Hardy would be unable to badmouth GFW online any longer. The deal was agreed upon, all that was needed was the signature. When the time came for that, Anthem tried to pull a fast one and demanded 50% of all money made off the broken gimmick along with a percentage of even Jeff Hardy’s art and music, the latter having nothing to do with the gimmick.


What Is Next For The Hardy’s?

Broken Brothers

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The Hardy’s have tried settling out of court with Anthem over this, despite feeling they have total creative license over the characters. Most of the names are the real names of the family members involved, which cannot be owned. The only thing that can really be owned is the “broken” part of things. That said, the Hardy’s can easily just create a side portion of this under a new name with the same things.


Anthem cannot own crazy, cannot own an English accent, and cannot own goth clothing. They also cannot own the Hardy compound, as it is literally Matt and Jeff’s private property. In court, this would certainly go the way of the Hardy’s, but neither side wanted to take it this far. This is why a deal was being attempted out of court.


The Hardy’s did try to play ball on this, but Anthem has tried to screw them twice on contracts now. Fool me once, shame on you…fool me twice, shame on me. The Hardy’s are not morons. They have been in this business long enough to read the fine print and have a lawyer re-check things just to be sure. It seems Anthem thinks that the Hardy’s will give in when they have clearly proven they will not. It’ll be interesting if this does actually get to a courtroom.


Rey Mysterio Offered GFW Contract?

Rey Mysterio

[Image by Lucha Underground

Rey Mysterio has left the AAA Wrestling and Lucha Underground territory, and it seemed like he might consider going back to WWE. Although the schedule is brutal there, some believe he could get a part-time contract due to his age and notoriety. Despite this, it appears that he may consider a GFW jump. PW Insider is reporting that Rey was offered a contract by them recently. It is unknown how many years are on it and how much is offered right now, but a deal is out there.


WWE may have not wanted to offer him anything, or he may have reached out but could not get the deal he wanted. It is unknown at this time. With that said, Anthem is offering money well worth Rey’s thought most likely. However, due to how they have done business with the Hardy’s among others…Rey may need to be careful about the deal he signs with them.

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