How to Get Your Energy Back when Chronically Tired

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These days it’s very easy to get burnt out. Our adrenals get zapped by stress induced by traffic, our jobs, our diets and in some cases, our view of the world. Not to worry, with a little self-care you can rev your engines in no time to be able to wake up with gusto and go to sleep easily at the end of the night without collapsing in a heap on your couch. When you are chronically tired, you require more self-care than you are probably used to, as well as a couple of supplements that you will have to purchase – remember: when your body is depleted you must put in a lot more care than it has been getting so that you can repair the adrenals and get the required nutrition to the organs. Doing the following 5 things will have you all better within about 2 to 4 weeks, but you will start feeling the results sooner.

5 Body Movement

Body movement is also essential. Even if you are thin and have a great figure but remain sedentary, it is important for you to move the body. The human body was designed for movement and requires a good amount of it to be healthy. When you are sedentary your energy levels drop so you don’t feel like moving ironically, but when you start doing yoga, pilates, barre, walking, jogging, or whatever feels good to you, you will find that you enjoy it more than you thought you would and actually crave it. Rather than deplete your energy, movement if enjoyed will bring you energy, and combined with excellent nutrition, adequate sleep, maca and Siberian ginseng, you will find yourself high on a consistent energy level that allows for you to be inspired and ready to move.

4 Nutrition-packed Diet

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A diet high in nutrition and very low in refined, processed foods is essential for good health. If you are not sure what constitutes a healthy diet aside from fruits and vegetables, refer to Natalia Rose’s books, the Eat Clean Diet by Tosca Reno, or refer to my practice, The Enlighten Principle. Getting motivation to eat clean and with excellent nutrition can be hard when you do it alone, so get support from your family or a community online for motivation, inspiration and recipes.

3 Adequate Sleep

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This is a fairly obvious tip, but it’s always good to repeat as it is very important. Sleep takes up roughly a third of our lives, or should. During sleep the body is able to repair, detox, digest and rebalance all systems. If you are not getting enough sleep you are not allowing your body to complete these processes and will find yourself with physical issues, extra weight and most likely low energy throughout your day and a ‘need’ for sugar to get an energy fix. Get 8 hours of sleep a night. Make it a priority no matter what, as when you treat your body right, you will find your mind more balanced and clear and your body refreshed and balanced.

2 Maca

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Maca is another adaptogen that is enhances strength and stamina while also enhancing the libido. Maca balances and stabilizes the nervous system, cardiovascular system, musculature and glandular-hormonal system. It is non-toxic, and actually normalizes physiology while increasing the power of the body’s resistance to all body stressor. If you are anemic, chronically fatigued, depressed, chronically tense, menopausal, malnutritioned, libido-less, infertile and/or have poor memory or cancer, it would benefit you to take maca. It is fairly easy to consume — In powder form you can add it to smoothies, or you can take it in pill or tincture form.

1 Siberian Ginseng (aka Eleuthero)

Siberian Ginseng is an adaptogen that hails from China and Russia and differs from the more commonly known panax ginseng. Having been tested in over 100 hospitals and with over 1,000 articles written on it since 1960, Siberian ginseng has been proven to protect the body against stress, radiation and chemical toxins, all of which contribute to adrenal harm. Because Siberian ginseng is an adaptogen, it by definition increases immunity and the energy level of its consumers. When we become stressed, we experience changes in our biochemistry. Siberian ginseng prevents the harmful changes from happening. These include stomach bleeding, unbalanced production of adrenalin, excretion of ketosteroids, abnormal red and white blood cell counts, abnormal blood pressure, low energy, and sleep problems. If you have any of the above issues, consider taking Siberian Ginseng to normalize your body’s biochemistry.

The above 5 tips will most definitely repair your adrenals which are more than likely burnt out, causing your fatigue. Repair the adrenals and take care of yourself and your body and mind will most definitely respond. Do you want to remain tired and cranky every day, bringing down those around you and being the bummer in their lives or do you want to be the one who everyone is excited to see and talk to and be around? You can be that person with a little effort at first, and then it will just be who you are, because at your core, it is.

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