Get ‘Em Back Together: the Top 5 TV Reunions We Want to See

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Some say it’s hokey. Or corny. Or sappy. Or that it’s a cheap attempt by shyster producers to get morons to tune into their show. Say what you will, TV reunions are kind of fun.
Who doesn’t enjoy seeing two actors that worked together for years reunite on their new shows? Sure the new shows are rarely, if ever, as good as the ones that made them famous, and sure it’s probably just a stunt to get better ratings, but that doesn’t make it wrong. Sometimes, it just feels like it really needs to happen.

5 David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson

She and David Duchovny were partners for nine seasons on “œThe X-Files.”They even did two movies, so how is it that she has yet to appear on his guest-heavy Showtime series “œCalifornication”? Everyone has been on “œCalifornication.”Hell, you probably even had a bit part. Anyway, it only makes sense that Agent Scully would show up at some point. Granted, since she’s a female, a guest spot on “œCalifornication”means she would inevitably have to be violated by Hank Moody, but surely she could deal with being notch number 786 on his belt for the sake of their loyal fans.

4 Malcolm-Jamal Warner and Bill Cosby

Sure, Malcolm-Jamal Warner is only a periodic guest star on “œCommunity,”but if he’s anywhere on the TV screen, it only seems right that Bill Cosby would be somewhere nearby. The people at “œCommunity”already missed a golden opportunity in their Thanksgiving episode this season, where we met the family of Shirley’s husband Andre (Warner), and they somehow elected to not only not have Bill Cosby play his dad (what?!), but also didn’t even include Malcolm-Jamal himself in the episode. Come on “œCommunity”! You should be using Theo more ““ and getting Cliff Huxtable into the fray!

3 Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Jerry Seinfeld

If you haven’t caught “œVeep”on HBO, you’re missing out. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is absolutely hilarious as the constantly stressed out Vice President of the United States, Selina Meyer. In turn, the producers of “œVeep”are missing out by not having used the show as a medium to reunite her and Jerry Seinfeld. Couldn’t you just picture Jerry playing a self-satisfied congressman or a slippery DC lobbyist? One thing’s for sure, if at any point Julia were to push him unnecessarily hard and say “œGet out!”heads all around this great nation would legitimately explode.

2 Bryan Cranston and Frankie Muniz

There isn’t much time ““ in fact, the final episodes of “œBreaking Bad”have already been shot. But here’s hoping that somewhere in the epic final stretch producers found room to work in at least a small guest appearance by Frankie Muniz. He has disappeared from the TV landscape since playing Malcolm, the gifted son to Bryan Cranston’s wacky Hal on “œMalcolm in the Middle.”So why shouldn’t we get to see him and Cranston reunite, even if Muniz just plays a small bit part as a twitchy meth addict? Malcolm always did have the wild eyes of a tweeker.

1 Ed O’Neill and Katey Sagal

They’re both back on TV in a big way, so how the hell has no one gotten Al and Peg Bundy back together? There’s almost too much opportunity to NOT make this happen. She can play one of Jay Pritchett’s ex-girlfriends from the past in “œModern Family.”Or he can play a weasely drug runner who works as a shoe salesman during the day in “œSons of Anarchy.”Hell, at the very least, Ed O’Neill could do the voiceover for his own head in a jar on an episode of “œFuturama.”However it happens, the first couple of white trash America absolutely must be reunited.

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