Kids Make The Darndest Things; Awesome Inventions The World Needs


A Child’s View of the World

Kids can say the strangest things, but they can also say some of the most awesome ones that serve practical purposes.

While adults often just grin and bear the annoying aspects of existence, chalking these up to “c’est la vie,” children’s unique view of the world enables them to devise creative (and surprisingly simple) ways to get around a lot of things. For the most part, these kids use the resources that are already existing around them to build something new that everybody can benefit from. Check out some of the most clever inventions by children.

No Video, No Problem


No in-flight video? Problem solved!

This kid used the pop socket on the seat in front of him to hold his smartphone so he and his siblings can watch hands-free.

Water Break


Don’t want to pause your video game to get a glass of water?

This little girl has the simplest, but most perfect solution.

Home Theater Redefined


You don’t have to go to the cinema to watch a movie.

With this child’s invention, you can watch your favorite videos in a dark room without ever having to leave the house — or your bed.

One-of-Kind Pool


What an interesting solution to beat the heat!

But, please, please, please, never try this at home.

Not a Good Example, But, Hey…


We have to admit, this is a genius idea.

But, again, kids, don’t even attempt this.



This kid used a leaf blower to go faster on his longboard.

Clever, right?

Mowing the Lawn


Mowing the lawn doesn’t have to be boring anymore.

This kid’s invention may just be a gamechanger!

Pure Genius


This kid is living in the future.

With only a few items to work with, he came up with a clever solution to a common problem.

Clip Dilemma


No staples? No problem!

This little girl used a hair tie.

Smart Cover


Bet the teacher will never think to check back here.

We hope he still gets good grades, though!

Solution for Germophobes


We’re not saying he’s a germaphobe, but he definitely doesn’t want to touch that pole.

And who would? Who knows how many germs have been left behind.

Healthy Eating Solved


Here’s a pretty inventive way to eat “healthy.”

Or at least to pretend that you are.

Always Sleepy?


Now, you can take a nap.

At any time, any place.

Loophole Found


That’s some serious mind trick here.

Bravo, kid!

Power of Invisibility


Have no doubt.

This child’s going places!