Get Inked: Funny Tattoos To Make You Laugh

To have these funny tattoos you have to have a good sense of humor! Why not make your friends laugh, your mom laugh and even your tattoo artist?

Tattoos today are no longer limited to anchors and symbols, they are an art form showing creativity and meaning. Getting inked is a way to make a statement and show your individuality and personality.  But, if you have a good sense of humor and love to make people laugh then you might consider getting some funny tattoos. Why not make your friends laugh, your mom laugh and even your tattoo artist?

Can you believe people really permanently chose to do these funny tattoos?

1. Literally A Lower Back Tattoo

funny tattoos - lower back tattoo


The tattoo artist may have taken this literally when asked to design a lower back tattoo.

Y’know just in case you forget what it is.

2. The Moon Landing

funny tattoos you have to see - moon landing


Moon Landing is one of man’s greatest achievements. In 1969 Neil Armstrong became the first person to step onto the lunar surface.

This clever tattoo pays homage to that moment in a humorous way.

3. Testing Testing 1, 2, 3

test tattoo - funny tattoos


Well, you’ve got to try before you buy right?

However, this tattoo can’t be taken back unless it gets lasered off.

4. Takeaway Cat-Pizza Anyone?

funny tattoos - cat pizza

Reddit / RespectMyAuthoriteh

This tattoo is actually really cute despite not making much sense.

I’d like my pizza with extra cat toppings, please.

5. Futurama Feet

funny tattoos - Dr Zoidberg


This funny tattoo is of Dr. Zoidberg a fictional character from the hit animated television show Futurama set 1,000 years in the future.

Dr. Zoidberg is a lobster-like species of alien. The tattooed toes work perfectly as a representation of Dr. Zoidberg’s feet.

6. Marvelous And Tiny

ant man funny tattoos

Reddit / Triomat

The Marvel Universe is a fictional universe where most American comic book titles take place. Ant-Man is a is a member of the Avengers with the ability to shrink to sub-microscopic size.

This tiny tattoo has been brilliantly designed to make you laugh.

7. A Beautiful Poem

funny tattoos - microwave poem


A beautiful poem to cherish and stay with Dave always tattooed on his back:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Dave was brave
To get this tattoo

8. Googly Eyes

funny tattoos - googly eyed elephants

Reddit / SteveBuschemi

These elephants look hilarious with the added comedy eyes. The baby one with the wonky eyes… I can’t even!

Everything is better with googly eyes.

9. Feeding Giraffe

funny tattoos - giraffe


Giraffes are beautiful long-necked animals from Africa.

This person is showing their fun and cheeky side with this tattoo.

10. Anime Arm

funny tattoos you have to see

Reddit / Galifrae

Anime has never looked so good. This design literally jumps from the paper or in this case jumps from the skin.

The composition of this tattoo is genius!

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11. Foot Soldier

funny tattoos that'll make you laugh - soldier toes


A foot soldier, someone that fights on foot. This tattoo has been brilliantly designed to represent that.

Each toe has been given its own character. Each of them poised and ready for action.

12. Elephant Hand

funny tattoos - elephant hand

Tattoos Hunter

The true form of this tattoo can’t be seen until the hand is placed in the right position.

With the finger designed as the trunk, the motion of the finger can be used to bring the elephant to life.

13. Keeping Your Hair Trim

funny tattoos - lawn mower


Ah so that’s where his hair disappeared to, the small man on his headed mowed it away.

He obviously sees the value in making others laugh.

14.  Armpit Troll


This creative tattoo design combines ink and body hair in a clever way.

A  fun and whimsy tattoo that can only make you smile.

15. Mechanical Man

would you get a funny tattoo like this?


A 3D tattoo design that will make you look twice to make sure that it’s not real.

A bionic man in the making.

16. Zip It Up

funny tattoos - hand zip

Total Beauty

This hyper-realistic zip tattoo plays a trick on the eye with its life-like design.

The zip design looks more like a photograph printed onto skin than an actual tattoo.

17. Ear USB Ports

funny tattoos - ear usb ports

Steady Health

Science fiction has come to life with this USB Ports for humans.

This 3d tattoo design looks so real you could convince someone you were actually a robot.

18. It’s An Illusion

funny tattoos that will make you laugh

Ask Ideas

Who needs hair when yo can have a mouth and set of teeth on your head…

This funny tattoo certainly messes with your head.

19. It Says It All

funny tattoos - where i go poo

Team Jimmy Joe

I think they may regret getting this done in a few years.

At least it can be covered up with pants.

20. One Foot In The Grave

funny tattoos - one foot in the grave

Reddit / Albatraous

This is amputee is someone that looks on the bright side of life and has a dark sense of humor.

The other leg may be gone but it’s certainly not forgotten.

21. See Me After Class

funny tattoos - spelling mistake

Reddit / MsSandwichmaker

It’s everyone’s nightmare to get a tattoo then realize that it has spelling mistakes. Once it’s done there’s no going back.

This is a great example of making light out of an awkward situation.

22. Scan Me In

wrist barcode - funny tattoos

Reddit / marajk

This may be taking the love of Oreos too far. Barcoded for life!

Do you think they had to pay at the self-checkout?

23. Dot To Dot

wrist barcode - funny tattoos

Instagram / @wot_you_saying_tho

This bit of tattoo mastery is an artistic masterpiece in disguise. Join the dots to reveal the design.

Not only is it a clever tattoo it’s also a drawing exercise.

24. A PencilBehind The Ear

funny tattoos - pen behind the ear


This is a clever tattoo. He’ll never lose his pen again and always have it with him now. Shame it doesn’t actually work.

How many times a day do you think people ask to use his pen?

25. Grazing Goat

funny tattoos - goat


The goat was so hungry it ate all the hair!

He’s definitely a bald badass.

26. This Little Piggy Went to Market

funny tattoos - this little piggy


This little piggy went to market, he won’t be back again but he was nice enough to leave a sign.

Such a witty design!

27. Cut Along The Dotted Line

funny tattoos - cut along the dotted line


Webbed toes are the fusion of 2 or more digits of the feet. This tattoo highlights the issue but in a playful way.

The design resembles that of a craft tutorial instructions.

28. Oops

funny tattoos - oops


They may have a finger missing but their humor is still intact.


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29. It’s Me, Mario

funny tattoos mario

If you are a girl and you ever wanted a mustache, this is the perfect tattoo for you.

How many times does she show this on a first date?

30. Eyes Wide Open

funny tattoos eyes zipper


The zipper looks real and it’s scary.

Are the tattoos still there when she is asleep at night?

31. Underarm Clippers

funny tattoos clipper


Have you ever wish your hair would clip themselves?

Well, too bad this isn’t real.

32. Never Gonna Give You Up

funny tattoos never don't give up


Wait, is this a double negative?

This is a great example of thinking before.

33. Smelly, Much?

funny tattoos onion


We all have days when we don’t put on deodorant.

This girl is embracing how smelly she gets.

34. Flipping You Off

funny tattoos flipping off


If he doesn’t want to see you, he can insult you and cover his eyes.

It’s a creative way to ignore everyone.

35. Turtle Nose

funny tattoos turtles


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Heroes in a half shell.

Nose power!

36. Out Of Order

funny tattoos out of order


This is a creative way to say, “Hey! I can’t hear you. Speak louder!”


37. Belly Button Monkey

funny tattoos monkey


If you don’t like your belly button, this is the perfect way to fix it.

It won’t hide it though!

38. Mind Games

funny tattoos mindgames


We suppose if you’ve got a thing for the old-school death punishments, these might be perfect for you.

The interesting message you’re sending to your audience, though.

39. Take Your Own Advice

funny tattoos plan ahead


This is intentional, it has to be. Nice play on something you don’t do very well – a great reminder!

Did you plan to have a great job in the future? Uh-oh…

40. Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart

funny tattoos void


How romantic. A tattoo of a woman’s name covered up with the word “VOID”. I’m sure his next girlfriend will love it.

Do you think he’ll get his next girl’s name tatted on him?

41. The Six Dwarfs

funny tattoos the seven dwarfs

We only count six dwarfs, and traditional there are supposed to be seven aren’t there?

Guess where the 7th one must be. Enter if you dare.

42. Is It Really Though?

funny tattoos family tradition

For those that high on the family tradition this is one way of getting the message across.

Plus there is no need to worry about growing a mustache and keeping it trimmed either. Saving a few bucks here.

43. Pacman Revenge

funny tattoos pacman

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Pacman had a gun?

Well, he kills the ghosts that try to eat him.

44. Permanent To-Do List

funny tattoos to do list

This tattoo may be perfect for some who has the same to-do list every week.

Of course, you can write your own in.

45. Is That Pikachu?

funny tattoos pikachu

The tattoo on the left side was a mess. This person was smart to get it redone with the real Pikachu.

It’s pretty neat that a funny tattoo turned into a masterpiece.

46. No, This Is Patrick

funny tattoos patrick

If you are a big Spongebob fan, this funny tattoo is creative af.

Patrick is how we feel on a daily basis.

47. Ugly But Cute

funny tattoos conan

If Conan O’Brien was bigger and had long hair, he would look like this.

We want to know who came up with this idea for this.

48. Harry Potter 2.0

funny tattoos harry potter

The way the tattoo is placed, it looks like this guy was trying to be Harry Potter.

Too bad he couldn’t vanish out of jail.

49. Eyebrows Gone Wrong

Microblading and tattooing your eyebrows is the trend nowadays.

Unfortunately, this isn’t in style.

50. Girl in Bikini

girl in bikni tattoo

In this case, it might be safe to say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

The tattoo is lifelike, but hopefully, they can hide this on their body.

51. Creepy Boy and Girl

creep boy and girl

Even though it’s kinda creepy, it’s cute.

It gets the message across who is the boss here.

52. Corset


For those that want to save on a few pieces of clothing and want to make a fashion statement then this form of tattoo does it all.

Love it or hate it?

53. Unicorn and Dolphin


What a way to embrace the problem of balding.

Or did he shave half his head for this tattoo?

54. Cheese What?


Now someone viewing this tattoo may be asking themselves:

Does this guy really like cheeseburgers, or does he consider himself as one?