Funny Sports Photos That’ll Make You Laugh Out Loud

Sports can get pretty serious, but we love looking at those perfectly-timed moments that make for the very best funny sports photos.

Sports enthusiasts are possibly the most competitive among us, driven to score that touchdown, come first in the race and gain the most points. They fight to win, and they work hard to do it.

But have you ever looked at the face of a runner during a race? Or the face of someone planting that perfect slam dunk? Caught in the moment and determined to win, they don’t care what they are doing or what they look like. These are the moments that are often the funniest if captured at the right time.

From swimmers and basketball stars to tennis players and divers, check out these athletes and fans who have been caught in that exact moment in these funny sports photos.

These funny sports photos are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud:

25.) Slam Dunk

funny sports photos basketball armpit lick

I’ve got the perfect distraction technique: I’ll lick his armpit. MWAA HAA HAA my evil plan is coming together!

Urgh! I don’t think this is hygienic. Please stop!

24.) Swing Big

funny sports photos | baseball in the face

“I swing big with everything I’ve got,” said Babe Ruth. “I hit big or I miss big.”

Well thisguy certainly missed big, right in the face. Ouch!

23.) Through the Legs

funny sports photos | soccer kick between the legs

Getty Images

“I’ll score this goal while pulling my opponent’s ear and kicking the ball through his legs.”

This guy has got skills!

22.) Split in the Shorts

funny sports photos | split rugby shorts

TFW you bend down to get involved in the rugby scrum and your shorts split!

It’s a good job his other teammates didn’t see him; he would have been the butt of all the jokes.

21.) Liquid Illusion

funny sports photos | distorted swimmer

This funny sports photo messes with your mind! What’s going on here? Are they actually part of the water?

This is a swimmer who was not only born to swim but also becomes part of the water. They are at one with the elements. They become part of the liquid, part of the waves.

20.) Soccer Thighs

funny sports photos | soccer thighs

Getty Images

You know that moment in the middle of a soccer game when you just have to get your thighs out and show everybody?

Yeah, that.

19.) That Face

funny sports photos | tennis face

The face of determination or the face of someone who’s just missed the goal?

Either way, it does make you laugh.

18.) Fall at the Last Hurdle

funny sports photos | face hitting hurdle

You’re running and you’re picking up speed. Get ready, this is it, the hurdle is just in front of you. Oh, wait…

You’re meant to jump over the hurdle, not limbo under it.

17.) Wedgie Fail

funny sports photos | rugby wedgie

This rugby player’s determination to reach and grab the ball may have been overshadowed by the fact that he gave his opponent a massive wedgie!

Embarrassing! But that doesn’t mean it isn’t one of our favorite funny sports photos!

16.) Open Wide

funny sports photos | ball in mouth

If this table tennis ball didn’t go in his mouth, I’d be so disappointed.

It more than likely hit the wall behind him.

15.) Hmm, That Foot Doesn’t Look Right

funny sports photos | swimmer looking at her foot

Help! I really don’t remember being able to get my foot in that position. There’s a possibility that I may need to pay the hospital a visit…

This is actually the foot of her synchronized swimming partner, but it really does make you look twice. Especially with that look on her face!

14.) Free-styling Tennis

funny sports photos | tennis player landing on head

Forehand, backhand, volley… Nope, I’m free-styling this one.

Game on point!

13.) Pick On Someone Your Own Size

funny sports photos | mismatched sumo wrestlers

He heads out into the ring. He has been told that his opponent is the best of the best, feared by many and champion in over 20 states.

Then this little guy walks out, less than half his size. Hilarious!

12.) Extreme Ironing

funny sports photos | extreme ironing on the water

Ok, so extreme ironing is actually a real thing; I kid you not, look it up. It is an extreme sport where people take ironing boards to extreme locations and iron items of clothing.

The thrill of an extreme outdoor sport combined with the pleasure of a freshly ironed shirt. What’s not to love?

11.) It’s Wheelie Gone Wrong Here

funny sports photos | wheelie with wheels fallen off

Adrenaline is pumping. You race forward and hit the jump. This is it, this has to be the best jump of your career…

Oh, hang on, the wheels, THE WHEELS!

10.) Head Stuck Up His…

funny sports photos | wrestlers in awkward positions

This looks like an unfortunate incident during a wrestling game that resulted in a head being stuck in an unspeakable place. That’s got to sting!

However, this is just the angle that the photo was taken from. Thank goodness!

No bums or heads were harmed in the making of this. We can’t say the same for the worst sports injuries of the 21st century.

9.) Game, Set, Match!

funny sports photos | giant tennis racket

Dave Hunt / AAP

I surely can’t lose with this giant racket, right? My chances must have been increased at least 10-fold. Rodger Federer is using every trick in the book to climb those tennis rankings.

Watch out, Nadal, I’m coming for you!

8.) Equestrian Fail

funny sports photos | equestrian fail

Getty Images

I think you’ll find that the horse is meant to jump over the fence, not the jockey…

The horse was not having any of it.

7.) Karate Kick

funny sports photos | karate kick in midair

PA Images

I was thinking about branching out from soccer into karate. This would be my signature move. What do you think?

I’d stick to the day job, mate.

6.) About to Hit the Water

funny sports photos | diver in midair


The face of an athlete. The face of a man that’s been training for four years for this very moment.

And the cameraman captures this shot. Not the amazingly executed dive that was on point and scored like nine points. This shot!

5.) Liquid Tennis Court

funny sports photos | broken tennis racket

This tennis court appears to have turned to a liquid and the tennis racket has gotten trapped within it.

It’s all an illusion… it’s really just a broken racket.

4.) Kick in the Head

funny sports photos | kick in the head with cleats

A kick in the face for you!

Haha, you missed!

3.) Ta-Da, I’ve Got a Ball for a Head!

funny sports photos | ball for a head

Getty Images

This gymnastic routine looks more like a magic trick gone wrong.

Abracadabra, your head is now a ball!

2.) Handbags at Dawn

funny sports photos | sports team holding purses

The game has gone into extra time and there’s no clear winner. It’s time for penalties. Everything is riding on this. The cup could be yours. You walk up to the penalty spot and you’re about to take your kick. You look up and see this.

This photo has obviously been Photoshopped, but man, it’s funny! The soccer penalty lineup will never look the same again.

1.) Awkward Slam Dunk!

funny sports photos | basketball slam dunk with finger in nose

That awkward moment that you realize that your finger is up the other player’s nose…

Please don’t sneeze!

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funny sports photos that'll make you laugh out loud