Funny Sports Photos That’ll Make You Laugh Out Loud

Sports enthusiasts are possibly the most competitive among us, driven to score that touchdown, come first in the race and gain the most points. They fight to win, and they work hard to do it.

But have you ever looked at the face of a runner during a race? Or the face of someone planting that perfect slam dunk? Caught in the moment and determined to win, they don’t care what they are doing or what they look like. These are the moments that are often the funniest if captured at the right time.

From swimmers and basketball stars to tennis players and divers, check out these athletes and fans who have been caught in that exact moment in these funny sports photos.

These funny sports photos are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud:

25.) Slam Dunk

funny sports photos basketball armpit lick

I’ve got the perfect distraction technique: I’ll lick his armpit. MWAA HAA HAA my evil plan is coming together!

Urgh! I don’t think this is hygienic. Please stop!