20 Funny Pug Pictures You Need to Save to Your Camera Roll Now!

These funny pug pictures prove that these little face-wrinkled beauties can be some of the most hilarious animals out there. Here are the pics that will make your day!

Pugs have been exploding our cute-o-meter for years and have earned the love of millions of internet users. Many funny pug pictures have emerged to prove that these little face-wrinkled beauties can also be hilarious (and mischievous).

If you’re having a bad day or simply want to add a ray of sunshine to your morning, you’re in the right place!

Keep on going for your daily dose of cuteness and funny pug pictures:

20.) The Ultimate Pug Balance

funnypug pictures yin yang

You are the yin to my yang, the ping to my pong, the pup to my pug.

These pug twinsies caught our hearts with their brilliant costume, and all we want now is more yin-yang inspired pics of them!

19.) I Trusted You, Hooman

funny pug pictures vet

Dogs are the most loyal pets humans can have, so when we break their trust, it feels like their whole world is crumbling.

It’s all for their own good, but we can’t help but feel heartbroken when they look at us with their puppy eyes.

18.) The Only Package We Wanna Receive

funny pug pictures | UPS pug

Did you know that “Aww!” is becoming the emotion associated with cuteness? It has become a legit emotion that psychologists are trying to put a name on since the emergence of adorable puppy videos and bunny pictures.

We leave the research to the experts, but all we know is that this pug is the perfect trigger for this emotion!

17.) Pug-renting 101

funny pug pictures pug parenting

Every parent knows that behind every glamorous baby pic that makes it to their Facebook feed there is an unleashed hell that’s hardly contained.

But just like this mommy pug, some human parents don’t hesitate to address the elephant in the room and speak about their underwhelming parenting experiences, and we’re forever thankful to them for that.

16.) When You Can’t Be Pug-ductive

funny pug pictures lazy pug

According to the internet, a real Sunday involves staying in pajamas until 5 p.m. and having an existential crisis at 8 p.m. We don’t make up the rules; the internet people have spoken long before us.

But if the day is full of funny pug pictures, we wouldn’t actually feel bad.


funny pug pictures | tongue can't reach plate

If you can resist a pleading hungry doggo face, you either have incredible self-control abilities or your soul is darker than a black hole.

This short dog would be an uproaring addition to our collection of funny dogs begging for food!

14.) “Can You Hear Us, Honey?”

funny pug pictures | pugs using skype

Parents vs. Technology is a recurring theme in our apps-filled digital age. But no one denies that the encounters result in some side-splitting stories.

Some parents imitate their kids for fun, and some pups imitate their human parents for the laughs. It’s a hilarious cycle we wanna see more of.

13.) The Pug Life

funny pug pictures peeing on no dogs sign

Who’s a good boy? Not this cute pug!

Slightly rebellious dogs might be a pain to deal with, but their shenanigans are so funny that they will never get you bored. It’s absolutely worth it if you’re looking for a pet to spice up your life.

12.) Naps Are Good, Except When…

funny pug pictures nap

Info of the day: More than 85 percent of mammals sleep for short periods throughout the day. The name for these animals is polyphasic sleepers.

Does science have a name for when this nap turns into a full three-hour sleep, though?

11.) Trapped

funny pug pictures | treating a puppy like a kid

It looks like this (grownup!) pup is reconsidering all the life choices that led to this moment.

The look of utter disappointment and the blank stare on his face say it all. We’re sure he wouldn’t mind being where this next dog is…

10.) The Pawsome Holidays

funny pug pictures holiday

Sun’s out, pug’s out!

If the pug before is trapped in a real-life nightmare, this one is luckily livin’ the dream. It’s all in the shades he’s (fabulously) pulling off.

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9.) Hah!

funny pug who loves fries

Do you know the way to a pug’s heart? Through its stomach.

Actually, that’s how you get to my heart, too. I think I found my spirit animal, y’all!

8.) The Pugstatic Solution

funny pug pictures flower cone

This is what we call creative thinking and inspiring problem-solving skills.

We live for the wide smile this cute pug is striking. Simply gorgeous.

7.) Guilty As Charged

funny pug pictures guilty

We forgive you immediately, cute puppy, no questions asked! How can anyone stay mad at this genuinely sorry face?

He’s even cowering in his bed and anticipating his hooman’s reaction. Darn it, we will even let you smash another vase if you want!

6.) Is This an Alternate Reality?

funny pug pictures confused

This is the stuff that nightmares are made of.

We would give so much to know what’s going through the mind of this pug. Or maybe not. It looks horrific.

5.) It, Starring the Unbothered Pug

funny pug pictures clown pug

“Come down here, we have sweet treats.”

Some dogs get hilariously excited about their costumes, but this one is amusingly unbothered. We absolutely dig how chill he is about the whole situation.

4.) One Proud Boy

funny pug guilty sign

We thought that only cats were publicly shamed by their owners, but it turns out that even our canine friends have their share of mischief.

Hopefully there is a warranty for that robot vacuum?

3.) The Confident One

funny pug in underwear

When your dog finally realizes he’s charming AF, you will be doomed. Just accept the fact that he will be using his beauty as a leverage and that you will fail to refuse him things, many times.

The only positive outcome is that from then on he will be glad to appear in your Snapchat stories!

2.) The Knight We’ve All Been Waiting For

funny pug pictures knight

Forget the knight in shining armor, this is the only knight I wanna be rescued by.

And yes, I want him to be on a green donkey. Don’t question my choices.

1.) French Pugs

funny pug pictures french girls
Soak in the Victorian glamour of this picture and lose yourself in the rose palette of the room.

Now admire the alluring beauty of this posing pug. That’s your picture of the day.

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