These Funny Parents Recreated Their Kids’ Pictures, and the Results Will Make You Wanna Be a Parent, Too

By Youmn September 7, 2018 View all posts (74)

How can parents raise their kids without going crazy over the amount of responsibility? I honestly have no clue. But some funny parents found just the trick to make their daily lives 10 times better: comedy.

An undefeatable sense of humor and a camera phone are the perfect ingredients for some hysterical pictures that instantly earned them internet fame.

Here are the funny parents who will make you snort-laugh:

20.) This Dad Is the Four-Leaf Clover of the Family

funny parents | dad with leaves on his head

@TheRealBurrMartin / Instagram

Ladies and gents, meet Burr Martin and his lovely daughter, Cassie.

The Burrs took the internet by storm when the hilarious Burr took it upon himself to recreate the most iconic pictures of his daughter, with a funny twist.