100 Funny Kids That May Have All the Answers in Life (#83 Had Us In Tears)

Kids truly do and say the darnedest things, don’t they? Sometimes they’ll make your jaw drop and sometimes they’ll have moments of brilliance. On the other hand, you’ll scratch your head and think – what on earth is going on in that tiny little brain of theirs? Although they’re still developing, a lot of the time they’ll throw you a curve ball that makes you proud to be a parent.

Of course, being a teacher is a whole other story.

Teachers, generally speaking, want their students to do their best. They bring in props, try out new ideas, have loads of enthusiasm and ask challenging questions to get their students engaged. And many times their work with students pays off. They’ll get to see kids grow and excel in and out of the classroom. There will be the students who raise their hands to answer questions correctly and study hard to get good grades. But then there are also a few oranges on the apple tree that like to push their teacher’s buttons. Afterall, not every student is made to take tests and teachers do not always get the response they’d expect.

These funny kids have total swagger and a keen understanding of how to make their teachers heads spin. Of course, what else is going to brighten up a teacher’s day by giving them a giggle while marking endless tests? These funny kids might not be getting straight A’s but they’re on track to being a showstopping comedian. Take a look at our twenty responses from students who were right on the money.

1.) This color would surely kick off down under

2.) Why are adults so polite? “I’m having a BAD day! OK?!”
funny kids
3.) Not sure if this would be a hit at your next party
funny kids