Top 5 People Who Danced Like No One Was Watching

If you are stressed or are having a bad day, funny dance videos will always cheer you up. There is just something about the lighthearted, cheerful way people react to music. We’re all guilty of busting some moves when no one is around in the comfort of your own home when you think no one is watching. After all, dancing isn’t just good for letting off some steam on a Saturday night. It’s beneficial to the body, your health, and soul.

Dancing can improve your mood. It’s actually scientifically proven to fight stress, anxiety as well as depression. It’s also good for the brain. Dancing helps improve your memory and brain power. It can also prevent the development of dementia. It’s food for the soul and prompts an emotional release of happiness. And you can’t deny it, it’s fun!

“Dancing makes you feel good because it makes you feel so alive.”

– Dr. Peter Lovatt

The next time you hit the dance floor or your favorite song comes on the radio. Forget who’s around and stop worrying about what people may think. Dance like nobody’s watching! From Grandad busting some moves to a Dad dancing at a festival, here are our top 5 people who danced like no one is was watching. Check out these amusing and memorable funny dance videos.


5.) Wedding Dancing

We all have that one Aunty at a wedding that rules the dance floor. This lady truly let’s go and its pure entertainment!