Photographs Of Once-In-A-Lifetime Events


Unique Pictures

There is something special about a picture; sometimes, that picture tells a story all its own. Even if it were possible, these photos of one-of-a-kind accidents and events could never be recreated.

There are sometimes moments when you can thank a higher power for just narrowly avoiding parking under a tree about to fall, and other times when people can’t believe their luck when they find their eggs without yolk! Several incredible sights were captured on camera that will never be matched again.

Bigger And Better

Hindustan Times

We can guarantee that the only thought running through the one man’s head is, “Why are his crustaceans so much bigger than mine!”

Men have a tendency to compare everything and anything, and when they realize that somebody might possibly have something better, it hurts their feelings.

A Wild Woman


Delta flights are being terrorized by a giant woman! A giant woman terrorizes Delta flight! In a fit of wildness, Anita Skyscraper decided to tickle a plane.

Although no one was injured, the FAA has recommended that she keep her huge hands to herself in the future.

The Ball


There is only one time these three dudes had felt true joy: when they first had a secret handshake after catching a foul ball.

What a picture!

A Good Day


Pop Tarts come in two per pack. That is just the standard.

The best food lottery prize ever was won on this specific day when the guy opened up the packaging and discovered an extra Pop-Tart.

Food Or Tree?


Who would’ve thought that a tree getting struck by lightning would look so similar to crispy bacon?

We’re sure that the farmer made breakfast for all his friends and family!

He Got Lucky


The owner of this car must have counted his blessings when he spotted his car.

Somebody powerful must have been on his side that day because it could have ended completely differently.



The economy is so bad that groups of jobless referees are merely waiting for a game to commence on the side of the highway.

Sometimes they may call penalties on passersby for jaywalking if they have been waiting all day and have received no job offers. Someone, please give them a job!

The Amazing Husky


This man appears to have thrown his spotless husky in the dirty water in an attempt to create the illusion of the dog walking on water.

Well, it is clear that the poor dog looks alarmed while moving through the air. What a shot!

Delicious Candy


Exotic fruit that costs a lot or a ladybug with water droplets on it?

It looks a lot like a sweet treat, but it is nothing more than a ladybug with water droplets all around it. There is no denying it though; it looks like a tasty piece of candy!

Evil Does A Good Deed


When you are evil, it’s nice to stop and give a little to a person in need, just to remind everyone else around you of how dope the gull wings on your Lambo are!

Evil needs a break sometimes too.

Surprise Head


Either the water just randomly parted to reveal an aquatic stalker, or this guy has water-bending powers.

Either way, he’s got the best view in the house for watching his friend on a surfboard.



The moment the officiator said, “You may kiss the bride,” one of the bridesmaids passed out.

Best wedding photo ever.

Parents Of The Year


In years to come, this kid is going to see this photo and suddenly realize where that bump on her head came from.

Great job, mom and dad.

Darth Godzilla


This might look like a cross between “Star Wars” and “Attack on Titan,” but it’s actually a photo of a Darth Vader hot air balloon taking off.

If Daddy Skywalker is this big, just imagine how large his TIE Fighter must be!

Bird To The Face


This poor woman seems to prove popular with the pigeons.

So popular, in fact, that one seems to have flown in to give her a kiss.

Birthday Party Disaster


You only get one shot at a first birthday party.

Charlie’s party took a sudden turn when mommy accidentally knocked the cake over.

Wedding Crasher


It’s hard to find ways to make your wedding photos unique.

Having a party crasher drop from the sky into your infinity pool certainly makes for an unforgettable picture.

Spider’s Revenge


“Were you looking for the bug spray? Too bad!”

“The tables have turned, now get out of my house!”

Munch Munch


Pro tip: don’t point at ducks.

Let this serve as a warning.

Into The River


In this wedding photo, the groom had the genius idea of picking up his bride for a photo.

Next to a river. What happened next should have been obvious.

The Ultimate Candle


This amazing photo was taken mere miliseconds before this woman (and everyone else in the room) realized that her hair was on fire.

Birthdays are a fire hazard.

Get A Grip


Going down!

This baby owl needs more practice holding onto a branch.

Cheetahs Never Prosper


One way or the other, nobody involved will ever forget the time this guy became a cheetah’s new best friend.

It’s the perfect action shot.

Perfect Formation


This awesome photo of an airshow reveals just how impressive it can be to watch talented stunt pilots.

What looks like motion blur is in fact four airplanes flying in formation.

Electric Rainbow


The photographer went to take a photo of a rainbow, and unexpectedly managed to catch a bolt of lightning at the same time.

There may be gold at the end of the rainbow, but there’s apparently raw electricity at the top.

What’s Up, Doc?


Yes, this is a photo of a piano that has been dropped on a car.

Presumably Bugs Bunny was driving, and the Road Runner was in the passenger seat.


Reddit: Endless_Vanity

This photo raises a lot of questions. How did this guy manage to be in this place, facing in that direction?

Where did he jump from? Does he still have all his teeth?



These dogs will forever regret the time they picked a fight with a young cow.

Getting a bovine to bellyflop to the face is never going to end well.

Don’t Touch That!


This is clearly a learning experience for all.

The parents have learned not to let their child get too close to an open flame, and the kid has learned to never ever trust grown-ups.



This man is very pleased with his ice cream.

It’s a shame it’s about to disappear into the mouth of an opportunistic seagull.


Reddit: NeoshadowXC

This wedding photo was taken in a split second the photographer fell over, leading to a sea of concerned faces.

The groomsman on the left looks like he’s going to cry, while the bridesmaids in the back look like they’re enjoying this accident a little too much.

Commanding The Storm


When a giant statue of Jesus gets struck by lightning, is that a sign of the end of the world?

Or is that just the result of building something big on the top of a mountain to create a lightning rod?

Parrot Selfie


This guy was trying to take a perfectly ordinary selfie until a parrot decided to photobomb the picture.

The result is incredible.

Great Catch


This rollercoaster photo caught the exact moment that a guy’s keys fell out of his pocket.

His friend actually managed to catch them, making for a truly one-of-a-kind park souvenir picture.

Two Bullets Shot Each Other


If you ever wondered if a bullet could shoot another bullet, let this photo be your answer!

This artifact was found in the aftermath of the Battle of Gallipoli in 1915.

A Friendly Meeting


With the absolute amount of surprise that this small child is in, it might be more helpful for her parents if that bucket she was sitting on wasn’t upside down, just saying.

We’re sure this experience will haunt her for years to come.

Lucky Catch


Most people are lucky to catch a baseball at a game, so it’s all the more surprising when an eagle swoops down to land on a member of the crowd.

But, it’s obvious that the creature most shocked by this event is the eagle himself.

Breakfast Of Chumps


What came first, the chicken or the egg-asperation?

You can tell that the rest of your day won’t go “over easy” if you start it off with frowny eggs and limp toast.

Two Elephants


Believe it or not, this once-in-a-lifetime shot of an elephant’s spray perfectly creating another elephant’s face in the air for these lucky onlookers is stunning.

This was an experience of a lifetime for this group.

60 Drops Of Water On A Penny


Apparently, it takes 61 drops of water to break the surface tension on a penny.

If you’ve got the time to recreate this experiment while you’re quarantining, you can see its true majesty for yourself.

Did Somebody Say Fetch?!


Right after this photo was taken, this excited dog unhinged its jaw like a snake and swallowed the football whole.

It was an amazing sight, but his vet wasn’t too happy about it.

I Can’t See Without My Glasses


This guy definitely should’ve worn his contacts for his trek up the mountainside.

But, this probably isn’t the first time he’s lost a pair of specs on a trip, because his face is saying, “not again.”

Fries To Share


The two birds behind this pigeon are totally judging his confiscation skills.

This pigeon really tried to go for the jackpot but just ended up with nothing in his double jeopardy moment.

Lightning Hit The Golf Course


This is how God golfs. He gets a hole in one every time.

I’d pay extra to have lightning strike the hole every time I was on par. It would totally scare my golf buddies!

Don’t Look Up Now


Hats off to this seagull for pulling off a great tacky hat heist from this jolly beachgoer.

If there’s an embroidered fish design on the hat, is that bird actually an art collector?

Neighborhood Light Show


Newsflash: Aliens wear plaid.

Not earthy plaid, but ultra alien plaid which is so powerful that it appears as pure light and can penetrate your clean, modern home’s white on white kitchen making everyone feel groovy.

What Happens When You Stay In The Bath Too Long


Skin fractals. Now you’ll know what a Shar Pei dog’s life is like. Everyone loves a prune hand!

Falling asleep in the bath also creates a great, temporary Halloween costume: Super Prune man!

Rollercoaster Reaction


Just a day in the life. Future astronaut Belinda Hurls recalls the day she told her mom, “You tricked me, woman! You said this was It’s a small world!”

Before being catapulted onto the Gutwrencher’s first epic drop zone.

High Fin!


Sometimes a great friendship can spring up around sharing a meal. A polite shark thanks a photographer with a high five for tying a fresh goat leg bait to a buoy.

Classy move, Jimmy! You know how to impress the sharks.

The Moment Before Disaster


This beer garden disaster can be described with a simple poem.

“My father went to the bar, to get us a couple of drinks, he dropped every one, saying sorry my son, I guess Dad’s more drunk than he thinks.”

When The Sky Smiles Back At You


There is always something good available to you, and even when life is at its most difficult, good still persists. Look up for a moment, all of nature is smiling at you and inviting you to be glad.

Smile, and live happier, which might just cause you to live longer.

Crash Landing


When it turns out that your neighbor’s pool is really a muddy sinkhole, you’re not gonna have a good time. The next couple seconds are gonna be a mess.

This woman was doing the electric slide at her neighbor’s kid’s 7th birthday party and got too close to the “pool.” In fact, it’s not a pool Karina! It’s a dangerous muddy sinkhole. Pools have walkways, even ponds have rocks, trees and a sort of bank around them.

Photobombed By A Sloth


Just before the carnage began… This sloth had eaten 15 people and was just about to spring onto these tourists and deal some pretty heavy damage before a ranger showed up with a tranquilizer dart.

Sloths are vicious and have been known to decimate a full sized cow in 15 minutes. They were lucky.

The Rare Two-Headed Swan


What’s cooler than a swan? A fractal swan! This is the first swan in history to be able to pick its own nose.

Having a smaller twin growing out the top of your head can get pretty annoying though, he can peck out your eyes and heckle you.

Construction Worker Strike


Imagine all the sunburned heads! Construction workers walk out and leave their hats in the cold square.

I hope they wrote their names in those otherwise the re-hatting process is gonna get super ugly.

The Strawberry Is So Tiny


How is this possible? Is this a giant’s hand? No. The strawberry is actually that tiny.

It’s insanely cute. Obviously, they can’t enjoy this micro treat for breakfast or make a smoothie with it. But it’s so darn small and cute that it’s worth a selfie.

Some Strawberries Are Total Mutants


This might look like a strawberry that’s been stepped on, but it’s actually multiple strawberries that became fused together.

So basically, this is the fruity version of Siamese octuplets. But would you eat something so odd looking, or would you toss it?

This Orange Had Black Decay In Its Center


It’s not surprising to run into a fruit that’s spoiled every now and then.

But when this person cut their orange in half, they found this odd black decay growing out from the center. We’re not experts but this definitely doesn’t look right.

There’s A Mini Orange Within The Orange

Imgur : HLSD

Other than its delicious taste, oranges leave very little to the imagination.

But this particular orange offered a puzzling surprise at its core. When this person split his orange open, he found an adorable mini orange lurking in the center.

This Watermelon Had No Rind


Watermelons are so juicy and refreshing, especially during those hot summer months.

But there’s nothing more annoying than having to pick the seeds out, which is not nearly as gross as spitting them out while they’re in your mouth. But this watermelon had practically no rinds. And we have a winner!!!

This Egg Had An Uneggspected Surprise

When people crack an egg on the frying pan, they usually expect to find the yolk floating in the middle of all the white.

But this person was shocked to discover that their egg was missing its yolk. Now that’s an uneggspected surprise.

The Egg Had Another Egg Inside


Some eggs have no yolk inside them, and others have more than meets the eye.

When this person cracked their egg, something surprising popped out. There was a tiny egg inside the egg and it’s so cute, but no word on whether they actually cracked it and ate it.

The Avocado Pit Was Too Big

Reddit : gortrix

Most avocados come with small pits, which is what this person was banking on so they could have one for dinner.

But when they cut it in half, they discovered that it had an enormous pit and not nearly enough avocado to satiate their hunger.

This Ice Cone Is Missing Something

Imgur : @aprilhaze

The reason they’re called ice cream cones is that they are basically ice cream in a cone.

But when this person unwrapped their purchase, they discovered that there was a very important part of their ice cream missing—the cone itself.

Where’s The Beer?

Imgur : Shmuckface

It must be a Monday because this person ordered a beer at the bar and what they got was a tall glass of disappointment.

As you can tell from the photo, there’s only a tiny amount of beer at the bottom, while the rest of the glass is full of foam

This Potato Chip is Enormous

Reddit : Probablynotcreative

Check out this potato chip. It’s so big that it’s about the size of a 5-dollar bill. Now imagine a bag full of these giant chips.

Your cholesterol might skyrocket but it might be worth it to enjoy those super-sized potato chips.

These Eggs Have Double Yolks

Reddit : spoonbillionaire

This person cracked three eggs and they got really lucky because each of these eggs had two yolks in them. What are the odds? Now this person should seriously consider playing the lottery.

If they have as much luck with numbers as they do with eggs, they might actually win.

They Bought A Double Banana

Reddit : @XxPINEAPPLExX04

The person who bought this banana was seeing double after they peeled it.

Looks like these two bananas were twinning or in this case Siamese twinning. Either way, it looks weird but also quite delicious.

This Huge Dorito Cheese Dust Ball

Reddit : Sloppyjoemess

Imagine digging into a bag of Doritos and finding this enormous cheese dust ball inside? Welp!

That’s exactly what this person found. Maybe he can crush it up, put it in a salt shaker and just sprinkle it back into the bag for a little extra cheese flavor.

This Red Pepper Had a Surprise Inside

Reddit : Bluntster

This red pepper had an unusual surprise growing inside of it.

There was a green bell pepper underneath its skin. But just in case you didn’t know, red peppers are just older green peppers. But what are the odds of finding one inside the other?

This Bread Is A Little Too Airy

Imgur : searmid

Talk about getting ripped off! When this person cut their bread in half, they noticed that it was mostly hollow. This is what people who open up bags of chips experience all the time.

But hey, maybe this person can do something cool with that space, like turn this into a bread bowl for soup.

This Can Of Beans Was Missing Something

Reddit : Ifonlyxx82

This person opened a can of beans, but when they lifted the lid up, all they found was water.

So, it looks like someone literally spilled the beans at the factory and forgot to tell someone

Here’s Some Extra Bacon To Go

Reddit : BossMcBossington

Want to know when’s the best time to get extra bacon at 5 Guys?

Closing time. That’s when this guy went and got some extra bacon because they were going to throw it out. So instead they offered it to him and he was not in the business of saying no.

Someone’s Getting an Extra Taco

Reddit : @blcman

It was Taco Tuesday at someone’s house and the only thing that could possibly make this day better was this discovery.

Instead of 10 taco shells, this box came with 11, which means that someone undoubtedly had to fight for the extra taco.

This Hot Pocket Came With a Sample

Reddit : jtan10

What are the odds of buying a hot pocket that comes with something a bit extra?

Consider it a sample size that you can heat up and take a bite out of, and if you like it, you can microwave the full Hot Pocket.

There Was a Gigantic Flake In His Cereal

Reddit : @BloatedSalmon

Talk about getting some extra fiber in your breakfast. That flake is huge!

Then again, it could be a piece of cardboard from the box that was accidentally mixed in with the bowl. Either way, the person eating this is going to have an interesting experience.

He Got An Extra Patty In His McDouble

Reddit : Nathansp1984

He ordered a McDouble at McDonald’s but as he took a bite into it, he realized that he didn’t get what he ordered.

But he wasn’t complaining either because his McDouble was more like a McTriple when he noticed his burger had an extra patty.

Lord of the Onion Rings

Reddit : @Deanster109

This guy ordered some onion rings, but what he found was more like an onion donut.

Maybe it was his destiny to find that one onion ring that could rule them all. Guess that would make him The Lord of the Onion Rings.

Extra-Long Kiwi


It’s not every day that you see a kiwi that is the shape of a banana!

This person was surprised to see this unique fruit in her garden, and luckily it tasted delicious!

A Microscopic Lemon


When you grow your own fruit, you get to see the misshapen fruit that never makes it to the grocery store.

And some fruit never grows big enough to get much use out of, like this teeny tiny lemon that’s no bigger than the tip of your finger!

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.