Full Nut Bar: the Top 5 Craziest Dudes in Sports Today

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The world of competitive sports offers up quite an array of personality types; from fearless leaders and unquenchable competitors, to self-promoting narcissists and jovial clowns. But by far and without question, our favorite personality group has to be the crazy people. We all know there are some real wackos out there. Sometimes it’s the guy who hangs out on the corner of your block wearing the hat made of pigeon feathers, and sometimes it’s a multimillion-dollar earning, world-class athlete. Either way, crazy is always memorable. These are the top 5 craziest dudes in sports.

5 Jon Daly – PGA

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Some of you may not think of golf as much of a partier’s game, but to John Daly, life is a party — golf just happens to be his day job. Having drank, smoked, and ate enough in his life to kill a small fleet of elephants, Daly just keeps on chugging right along. It seems nothing can take this man down. It’s also impossible to predict what he’ll be in the news for next. Whether it’s shooting 16’s in a professional golf tournament, showing up on the course shirtless or his wife attacking him with a steak knife in his sleep. John Daly is just a big ol’ bundle o’ crazy. Proof of Insanity – Just in case you think skinny, “sober,” John Daly has lost his penchant for madness, jus this summer he convinced an announcer to lie down and tee a ball up in his mouth, and Daly smacked it out into the fairway with his driver.

4 Delonte West – NBA (Free Agent)

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The Mavs tragically waived Delonte in October, which is a true shame. Not because we feel particularly bad for him, but because we’ll generally just miss having him in our lives. Along with the multiple suspensions he’s been handed over the years for “conduct detrimental to the team” (as though there’s any other way Delonte West is going to conduct himself), the rumors that he may have been running the horizontal pick and roll with LeBron James’ mom solidified Mr. West’s place in the pantheon of modern sports most entertiaining head cases. Proof of Insanity – Delonte was once pulled over on a motorcycle carrying three loaded guns, one of which was a shotgun in a guitar case. But hey, maybe he’s just a big Antonio Banderas fan.

3 Milton Bradley – MLB (Free Agent)

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Don’t let the name fool you, this is not a man you want to play Scattergories with. He is stone cold nutso. Over the course of his baseball career, Bradley’s significant talents have always been outshined by his wingnut antics, which include; evading arrest, flipping off fans, hurling an entire bag of baseballs out onto the field, domestic battery, and tearing his ACL arguing with an umpire (that actually happened). So when it comes to a solid variety of crazy, Milton can give any athlete in the world a run for their money. Proof of Insanity – Bradley once ripped off his hat and jersey during a game and dared the angry fans to boo him more.

2 Kevin Garnett – Boston Celtics

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Garnett is a different kind of crazy. He’s crazy competitive and aggressive, but if you watch him enough it becomes glaringly obvious that we should all be thankful that he’s has basketball to focus his aggression on. Garnett has the eyes of a mental patient and a mouth that could make Andrew Dice Clay blush, and both of them are wide open all of the time. If he isn’t elbowing you in the chest, he’s spouting off curse words you didn’t even know existed until he knows at least a little bit of your pee has leaked out onto your shorts. Proof of Insanity – Before every game, Garnett pumps himself up by repeatedly head-butting the padded base of the hoop.

1 Metta World Peace – Los Angeles Lakers

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Just when you thought Ron Artest couldn’t get any nuttier, he went ahead and legally changed his name to Metta World Peace; a name that makes Chad Ochocinco feel understated and elegant. Ron-Ron’s been part of an unwarranted name change, a terrible rap album, a brawl with fans, numerous psychotic haircuts, and more postgame interview gems than you can count on an abacus. He has run the crazy gamut. He has so much crazy it could be considered a monopoly, and he isn’t going to relinquish it any time soon. Proof of Insanity – “I’m playing like a frog. I’ve got web hands.” – Ron Artest

There you have them, the battiest of the batshit craziest athletes in the world today. And believe me, had they not already retired from their respective sports, Mike Tyson, Dennis Rodman, OJ Simpson and Tonya Harding would have been all over this list like Delonte West on his teammates mothers. But sometimes there just isn’t enough room for all the crazy to fit in.

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