Friendship Horror Stories


The Moocher

My friend seemed amazing, she always used to listen to my issues and comfort me. So I was comfortable doing almost everything and anything for her because she had my back. However as time went back, I slowly started to realize that she may not be that angelic friend I thought she was.

It turns out I was a means to an end, every time we went out, I was that one who paid and helped her with work. I am still waiting for ‘thank you’ that will never come. She even blocked me.

Free Rider


My friend always had a cool way of making me drive him around, he would use words like ‘I feel safe with you behind the wheel’ or ‘you are such a good driver’. I was blinded by the compliments. Fact is he was only using me as his free driver.

He never wanted to fuel up my car and we only saw each other when I fetched him, basically I was paying to spend time with my friend. So I did the right thing and ditched him at the bus stop.



I was so excited when my friend got engaged. If there was one person who deserved a fairytale ending it was her. I supported her with her wedding plans and made sure she had everything she wanted. Some of the stuff I would even pay for. So you can imagine my horror when we fought over my bridesmaid’s dress.

She told me that the dress she picked made me look too sexy, so she made me choose between wearing a jersey or sitting down. I choose to stay home. I wore that dress to another party and felt great.

Liar Liar Pants On Fire


My friend always seemed to be in the middle of drama or some situation and every time I would ask him what happened, he always changed stories or seemed like the victim. So we went out one evening and got into a situation with our mutual friend.

My friend, the ‘victim’, somehow turned everything around and made me the villain of the story. I had finally seen first-hand what everyone had been warning me about. He was never the victim but threw stones and hid his hands. I cut him off that same night.

Pregnancy Madness


When I became pregnant everyone was excited for me, so because of this it was only natural that my best friend would feel the same way, but for some odd reason, she always had the weirdest thing to say. She started fights with me over baby names and wanted to be the center of attention.

It was then and there that I realized that my best friend was nothing more than a hater. She wanted the focus to always be about her, I also realized that I had been raising a child all along.

Spotlight Hogger


My best friend was pretty cool in my eyes and I admired the stuff he had achieved. Other friends of mine kept telling me to watch my back but I rubbished the warnings as craziness, until we had a double date with these two girls we met at College.

He kept making me seem dumb and goofy to the girls and wanted to create stories that made me looked like a clown. So I left him with the bill, I am not sure how he managed to get home but that is not my problem anymore.

Siblings Not Allowed


My brother and I were 1 year apart and according to my friends, he was handsome, I still didn’t get what they saw in him. Suddenly everyone wanted to be my BFF and I was okay with that. One girl in particular named Jessie was interested in me and I was excited because she was cool.

Little did I know that she only wanted my friendship just so she could get closer to my brother? Little did she know that siblings were off limits, so I told my brother her wicked plan and he ditched her on their first date?

Payback Amnesia


I would like to believe that I am a generous person and friend. So when my friend and I fought over money I owed her, it left me confused. I would buy her stuff or pay for lunch each time we went out, so one day we had to pay for the parking ticket and I did not have any cash on me, so I asked her for $20.

I regret doing that because she then went and told people that I stole money from her and owed her. I wanted to pay her back, but the petty side wanted war. So I sent her receipts of every outing we have ever had or she asked me to pay for and demanded half my money back.

The Serial Ghoster


My friend was a serial dater and we had no issue with it. After all, our job is to support and be happy. However she had one bad habit, I couldn’t seem to shake off or understand.

Every time she got into a new relationship she would ghost me and say nothing, then come back when she was single. So I took a page out of her book and decided to ghost her and changed my number. Now we are both friendless and floating around.

Sticky Hands


I had this friend who would visit me on occasions and every time she left, my stuff would go missing as well. I just assumed that she ‘borrowed’ it or that I had misplaced it, but it bothered me because it only happened when she was around.

The last draw happened when my watch went missing and she decided to wear it to a social event we were invited to. I asked her about it and she kept denying it, until I showed her the initials on the back of the watch. I have never seen anyone run that fast.

Closet Hater


I have had this friend since high school and we did everything together. We both joined the chess club, the glee club, everything. So when we became adults I thought that the friendly competition was exactly that.

So one day we were watching Ghostbusters with Melissa and he went on and on about how women ruin everything men create and miss the olden days. This whole time I thought he was just a hater but I realized he just hated women in power or who were smarter than him, so I kicked him to the curb.

The Third Wheel


I had finally met the man of my dreams, John was amazing and my best friend seemed to like him as well, so I was the happiest girl, until things started to get awkward. John didn’t want to tell me out right that he didn’t like Steve but he would avoid going out with us.

So I asked him what happened and he just told me to ask my friend and the universe gave me answers. Steve left his phone and I had seen text messages from him to John about how crazy and high maintenance I am. I punched his face and blocked him.

The Copycat


I had this awesome friend who would compliment my style and fashion sense. So when she started dressing like me, I took it as a cute thing. People would call us cute, twins etc. I did not see it as an issue, until she dyed her hair the same color as me, Things quickly moved from cute to creepy and stalker.

I asked her why she did it and she said she wants to look like me. That is when I knew that it was my time to run, and that’s exactly what I did.

Mean Queen


My friend was the Queen of clap backs and punch lines and we were cool with it because it was never about us, until one day I noticed that our other friends would giggle randomly when I walked into the room or acted funny.

So when I asked what was going on, one friend told me that Melissa was spreading rumors about me when I was not around? So I decided to scare her a bit and sue her for defamation. We are not in high school anymore and this is not a scene from mean girls.

The Green Eyed Monster


We were roommates and friends and worked at the same dead-end job. So when I got the call of my dreams I expected him to do what any other person would do and celebrate with me. I had finally gotten that job of my dreams, writing for a magazine, my dreams were finally coming true and I was over the moon.

However, when our friends came to celebrate with me, he made up stories about how he had been in a car accident that same day and needed help. He managed to make my moment about him and this was not the first time, so I decided to leave the drama king and move out.