Mom Discovers Strange Smell In Her Bathroom, Finds This


A Pleasant Smell

She took a big whiff as she stood in the kitchen. The scent was overwhelming. The scent was very pleasant, and she could not help but wonder about its origins. She could not believe how much the scent smelled like spring.

She inhaled again and began looking around her. She tried to locate the smell and found herself in the bathroom. After a few moments, she found exactly what she was looking for. She rubbed it to her cheeks with a quiet breath. If only she had any idea what she was doing.

She Loved Her Family

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Natalie Hemmingway was a resident in Charlotteville, Virginia. She lived there with her husband and three children. She had been married to him for more than a decade, and she adored her family. Her idea of a good evening was coming home from work and spending quality time with those she loved most.

What began as a family bonding experience swiftly turned into a tumultuous event that the Hemmingways would do anything to forget.

Everything She Ever Wanted

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Natalie was a lawyer and her husband Chuck was a lecturer at a nearby university. They had two children in middle school, Sam and Lisa, and their youngest, Cam had recently started kindergarten.

Natalie believed she led the perfect life. She had no idea that something as pleasant as what she discovered in the restroom would make her want for a new home for her family.

Summer Is Over

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The day before the events transpired was a chaotic day for the Hemmingways. Summer vacation was ending, and Natalie and Chuck were readying themselves to go back to work as the kids got dressed for school.

Sam and Lisa decided that they wanted to join after-school clubs, which meant that Natalie and Chuck had to spend more time outside of work. Sam and Lisa both joined Karate clubs. These new hobbies would be the ultimate prelude to that dreadful day.

Back To Work

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It was a beautiful morning, and the children made their way to school. Natalie stopped at a Starbucks before heading to work. She was happy to go back to work, she hadn’t seen her coworkers for two weeks!

After a long day of work, she made her way home. Upon her arrival, she realized that her children were already there. However, they did something which would soon make her jaw drop.

A Helping Hand

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Sam and Lisa arrived home after school and made lunch for themselves and their brother. They even cleaned the kitchen that Natalie left in a mess before rushing to work.

Natalie felt her heart warm as she embraced her children. She thanked them for all their help and gave them a peck on the cheek. She walked from one area of the kitchen to the next, admiring the twins’ hard work. Then she got a whiff of it.

The Good Old Days

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It was a sweet floral scent that entered the kitchen due to the light breeze. Natalie drew her eyes closed as soon as she caught a glimpse of it. She inhaled once more.

The scent brought up memories that she forgot she had. The scent reminded her of being a young girl, playing in the park after rain. She recalled how she would run around chasing all the animals with an apple juice in her hand. A smile spread across her face as she called her children.

Challenge Accepted

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“What’s that wonderful smell?” she asked her son, who gave her a smile. ( “It’s a secret, mom!” he said. He inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly. He continued, “You can look for it.”

Natalie welcomed the challenge and began searching for the lovely scent. She looked all over the dining area and the kitchen. She believed the smell was hidden somewhere upstairs, so she took off her jacket and made her way up the stairs.

Getting Closer

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The smell was much more prominent in the upstairs area compared to the kitchen and living room. Natalie grinned as she hurried from room to room, recalling more memories.

It didn’t take her very long to go through all the bedrooms. She even inspected their bathroom! The last room she still needed to go through was the bathroom all the children shared.

The Last Room

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The aroma came through Natalie like a strong beach breeze, almost knocking her off her feet. Her grin was almost painfully nostalgic as she rested her eyes. She then opened her eyes and resumed her search.

The next ten minutes Natalie spent attempting to figure out what caused the smell. When Lisa joined Natalie, they searched until they found out what was causing the smell.

She Finds It

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Hidden behind one of the medicine bottles in the medicine cabinet was a small smudged pink bar that smelled delicious. It was the source of the beautiful scent that blanketed the entire house.

Natalie picked it up and pressed it against her cheek, resisting the urge to take a bite. The grapefruit smell overwhelmed her, and she grinned again, asking her daughter where they found such a beautiful freshener. The answer would send her gagging.

Sammy, Gift That Keeps On Giving

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“Sammy found it in the boys’ bathroom at karate and brought it home,” Lisa answered. Natalie’s mind registered each word as she spoke, and at the mention of the boy’s bathroom, her heart flopped.

She threw the bar back into the medicine before using wet wipes to scoop it out. She held back a retch as she picked it up. What she did next made Lisa step back.

The Upscale Boutique Soap

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What Natalie thought was an upscale boutique soap turned out to be a urinal cake. To make matters worse, it wasn’t a fresh one plucked straight out of a pack but a used one judging from its smudged state.

Natalie held back another gag as the smell that had been sweet before flooded her system with nausea. A used urinal cake, and she’d pressed it against her cheeks.

Spring Cleaning

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Natalie threw the cake into the bathroom’s trash can before digging it out and flushing it down the toilet. She cleaned the entire house from top to bottom, scrubbing until the grapefruit scent disappeared.

That night when Chuck got home from work, she sat down and explained everything. Although he laughed at the incident, he agreed that they needed to sit down with the kids and have a chat.

The Talk

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Natalie and Chuck sat down with Sam, Lisa, and Cam. They acknowledged their efforts in helping around the house and their achievements as the best kids any parent could ask for.

But they cautioned them about picking up random things and bringing them home. One day it might be a used urinal cake, and a week later, something far more harmful. The kids nodded with understanding.