Have You Ever Wanted To Take Part in Man Vs Food? Check Out These Eating Contests In NYC

From pizza the size of a wagon wheels to eating as many hot dogs as possible within 30 minuets.You need to check out these awesome eating contests in NYC!

Have you ever fancied taking on an eating challenge? Then you need to check out this selection of the best eating contests in NYC. Those days of hot dog challenges are over. People are taking on pounds of burritos and Indian food in hopes of proving their bottomless stomachs.

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10.) The Gran Chingon Challenge

eating contests - burrito

The Don Chingon challenges customers to finish a 30-pound burrito filled with steak, chicken, pork, rice, beans and salsa and drink a margarita made with ghost pepper in 60 minutes (bathroom breaks are not allowed). The restaurant states it is not responsible for illness or death. Up to four people can compete per burrito. The prize is 10% ownership of the business for single competitor; $1,000 in cash, $500 food and beverage credit and two Don Chingon T-shirts for two competitors; four Don Chingon T-shirts and price of the meal will be waived for four competitors. Must book at least 24 hours in advance.

  • Winners: 0
  • Price: $150

Location: 216 Flatbush Ave., Park Slope, 718-576-3521, Donchingon, NYC

9.) Phaal Challenge

eating contest - curry

Brick Lane Curry House challenges customers to finish the dish of insanely hot curry (made with nine different peppers and your choice of chicken, lamb, goat, fish, shrimp, paneer, tofu or veggies), in under 30 minutes. Challengers are required to state a verbal disclaimer that the eatery is not liable for any physical or emotional damage after consumption. It’s so hot the chef has to wear a gas mask while preparing it. The prize is a bottle of beer, a certificate of completion proclaiming your “extraordinary courage” and the coveted title of “Phaal Curry Monster” and your picture in the online P’hall of Fame.

  • Winners: About 10% of contenders
  • Price: $17-$22

Location: Brick Lane Curry House, 99 2nd Avenue, New York, NY, 10003

8.) The Clinton Hall Challenge

eating contests - burger

Clinton Hall challenges customers to consume a cheeseburger (three 6-oz. beef patties made from a Pat LaFrieda blend, three slices of American cheese and two whole buns) topped with applewood smoked bacon and onion rings, as well as half a platter of French fries and a pint of beer, in 25 minutes. The prize is the meal is free, plus you get a growler of beer of your choice (valued up to $60).

  • Winners: 4
  • Price: $35

Location: 90 Washington St., 212-363-6000

7.) Beat the Record challenge

eating contests - hot dog

Famous Lunch in Troy challenges customers to eat the most hot dogs in one sitting. The dogs may look small but when you pile on the famous Greek sauce they are more than filling. The prize is your name and the record printed on a T-shirt. The individual record holder is Curt Hayner who ate 38 mini dogs in 30 minutes. For a group trophy, 38 members of an RPI fraternity came in one night in 2002 and chowed down 810 at one sitting.

  • Price: $0.81/each

Location: 111 Congress St, Troy, NY 12180

6.) Eat the Feast Challenge

Hickory BBQ and Smokehouse in Kingston challenges customers to eat their full feast. With over five pounds of ribs, barbecue, chicken, pork sausage, turkey and brisket, plus your choice of four sides.  This sure is a challenge. You have two hours to complete your task. If you win, your meal is free (a $56 value) plus you get your name on a plaque and a T-shirt. There have been four winners so far.

  • Price: $57.95

Location: 743 NY-28, Kingston, NY 12401

5.) Towering Inferno

eating contests - inferno burger

Village Burger in Syracuse challenges is pretty serious when you must sign a waiver and make an appointment. The burger in this challenge is big, the main obstacle is the heat. The 1-pound burger comes with pepper jack cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato and a house “Inferno” sauce that “makes grown men cry for their mama.” And don’t forget about the ghost pepper, with its peppers, extract and seeds. Add a large order of fries with cheese, bacon and fresh habanero peppers and game on. Winners get a T-shirt, $20 gift card and a coveted spot on the wall of fame.

Location: 920 Old Liverpool Rd, Liverpool, NY 13088

4.) The Glutton Burrito

eating contests 2 burritos

Burrito Bay in Amherst challenges customers to eat not one but TWO of their burrito boulders all by yourself in less than 30 minutes. You will need both hands just to pick up this bad boy!

Price: $16.99

Location: 2341 Millersport Hwy, Amherst, NY 14068

3.) The Magnum Challenge

Chick-N-Pizza Works in Cheektowaga challenge is simple. They bring out a pizza pie about the size of a wagon wheel and you have to eat it. There are some rules: no getting up to use the restroom, free unlimited soft drinks (remember, no toilet break!) and you have to do it all in 60 mins. And this challenge can be completed by a team of two. Only four have won it out of hundreds of attempts. If you complete the challenge, each team member receives a $25 gift card and the pizza is completely free.

  • Winners: 4
  • Price: $59.99

Location: 2940 Union Rd, Cheektowaga, NY 14227

2.) Atomic Bomb Challenge

Sticky Lips Pit BBQ in Rochester challenges customers to eat an oversized bun, a pound of hamburger, a pound of pulled pork, a pound of French fires, half a pound of Hot Meat Sauce, lots of cheese and extras and then the whole thing is ceremoniously draped with eight slices of bacon. Finish it in 30 minutes and you win the challenge T-shirt and yourname up in lights. And that means your name goes on the restaurant marquee out front and is listed on their website.

  • Winners: 5

Location: 625 Culver Rd, Rochester, NY 14609

1.) The Sand Dock Sundae Challenge

Now it’s time for dessert! The Silo in Lewiston challenges customers to eat all of this in one sitting and get it free along with a bragging T-shirt! Nine huge scoops of ice cream, covered with crushed Oreo cookies and hot fudge. Throw on a couple dozen gummy worms and slather itwith whipped cream and there you have it—ice cream heaven. Oh, and don’t forget the cherry on top! Finish it and receive a free T-shirt. Ice cream shop is located in an old railroad caboose near Niagara Falls.

  • Price: $21.99

Location: 115 N Water St, Lewiston, NY 14092

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