10 Places To Get the Perfect Flat White In New York City

Starbucks may have added the flat white to their menu. However, you can get the real thing from one of the many Australian cafes popping up in New York City. If you're craving one since your last trip Down Under, we've got the perfect list for you.

Coffee means different things to do different people. Some think it’s a dark hot cup that keeps you up all day. Others have embraced it as a culinary art. And depending on what country you’re in, you can get anything from the quick and easy filtered stuff or something “a little fancier.” But one coffee drink that’s been gaining popularity, especially in the United States, has been the flat white.

The hot beverage is made of espresso as well as milk steamed into a microfoam. Because of the ingredients, the flat white has been confused for a cortado or a smaller latte. The video below explains the drink a little bit more.

Although there’s still a debate about the drink’s origin, some have viewed it as an Australian beverage. And if you’ve ever been Down Under, you’ll quickly learn that Aussies take their coffee seriously. They are more likely to get their java from a local café than a chain like Starbucks. And if you were to become a barista in Melbourne, you will need to go through a training course and get a certificate in order to work. Yes, there are actually classes that teach you how to make latte art the right way. If you took the class or want to try, you may want to get the best espresso machine for the job.

Despite the fact Australia is pretty far from New York City, more and more Aussie coffeeshops have been popping up in New York City. Not only are they serving up their best flat white, but they’re also bringing their coffee culture philosophies to the Big Apple. Bluestone Lane was the café that not only put Aussie-style coffee on the map but also has been successful enough to open various locations throughout New York, California, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C. Since Bluestone Lane’s success more Australian cafés have popped up around New York City. If you’ve been Down Under and miss sipping on a flat white or just long for grabbing brekkie at an Australian spot, you’ll find out our favorite cafés for those cravings below.

10.) Southern Cross Coffee

flat white southern cross coffee


Tucked into the East Village, you may actually walk by Southern Cross Coffee without meaning to. But while that may seem like a bad thing, it actually adds to the charm of the small café. You instantly feel the warmth of the neighborhood local once you walk in and are greeted by one of the baristas on duty.

Unlike the other places on the list, this one is an Australian and Argentinian hybrid. However, it’s not one of those fusion places. Instead, it embraces both countries for their strong coffee cultures while grounding themselves in Italian espresso techniques. So just in case you’re not feeling a flat white that morning, you can grab a café con leche. And if you’re feeling peckish, you can grab some vegemite toast and a lamington or an empanada and alfajor for dessert.

Location: 300 East Fifth Street, New York, NY 10003

9.) Coco & Cru

flat white coco cru


If you’re looking for more of that restaurant vibe, then Coco & Cru may be the best place for you. On the corner of Bleeker Street and Broadway, the restaurant has a variety of dishes from avocado toast and grain bowls to fish and chipsand different pasta dishes. Not only can you get your flat white fix, but you can be a little lush and order an espresso martini instead.

Because of the bigger menu, this is a popular spot for the brunch crowd on weekends. So if you want to catch up with friends at Coco & Cru on Saturday, then you should probably put in a reservation through Opentable.

Location: 643 Broadway, New York, NY 10012

8.) Hutch + Waldo

flat white hutch waldo


Located in the Upper East Side, Hutch + Waldo is a big hot spot for the locals. Although it isn’t the biggest of spaces, that doesn’t stop patrons from popping in for a coffee or sandwich to go. You can grab a croissant or the ever-popular avocado toast. There are also vegan options.

Just remember that if you want to have some food with your coffee, then you’ll need to get there before 4 pm, which is when the stop serving food.

Location: 247 E 81st Street, New York, NY 10028

7.) Banter

flat white banter


Banter is easily one of the bigger places on the this list. Before you decide to bring a large group for breakfast or lunch, though, note that Banter only takes reservations for dinner. But you will be able to get your caffeine fix with a good selection of coffee drinks including cortados and flat whites. You can also get them made with non-dairy alternatives including almond, soy or oat milk for a extra 50¢.

Like the others, you’ll be able to get some light fare. But if you’re extra hungry, you can try the 12-hour slow-cooked pulled pork sandwich, which comes with sweet potato fries. Or you can also try the chicken burger, which you can have grilled or fried.

Location: 169 Sullivan Street, New York, NY 10012

6.) Saltwater Coffee

flat white saltwater coffee


Saltwater Coffee only opened its doors to the East Village crowd in 2017. Since then, the quaint coffeeshop has been serving Aussie-style drinks to loads of tourists and locals. Trust us, you’re lucky if you’ll be able to find a seat in this place. This particular spot likes to keep things authentic by sourcing their coffee beans from The Little Marionette, a boutique roaster in Sydney. And considering it’s open at 7AM during the week, 8AM on weekends and closes at 7PM, you have a lot of time to get your caffeine fix from them.

Location: 45 E 12th Street, New York, NY 10003

5.) Two Hands

flat white two hands


Two Hands is located in both Nolita and Tribeca. So if one is full, you can head over the other spot. Serving a pretty standard coffee menu, it also has a vast array of teas, smoothies and fresh juices. You can also grab a snack or meal that ranges from acai bowls to sandwiches.

Locations: 164 Mott Street (Nolita) or 251 Church Street (Tribeca)

4.) Hole In The Wall Café & Bar

flat-white hole in the wall


Although it’s called Hole In The Wall Café & Bar, this café — located in the Financial District (FiDi) and in Midtown — is surprisingly a bit bigger than that. However, the line does go out the door during lunchtime on a Sunday. If there’s a café that’s reminiscent of one you’d find in Australia, it would be this one. From the overall ambiance to the menu, you kind of feel like you’ve been transported to another place. Although they’re known best for their Hanging Bacon Jerky, the Chili Scrambled Eggs or Zucchini and Halloumi Fritters are great with a piping hot flat white.

In addition to the eatery, the FiDi location can also be booked for private events. You can find out more about it here.

Locations: 15 Cliff Street (Financial District) or 420 Fifth Avenue (Midtown)

3.) The Good Sort

flat white the good sort


If there’s anything The Good Sort is known for, it’s the rainbow iced latte. It combines the turmeric, beet and blue majik lattes, which are maid with different non-dairy milks. Aside from this Instagram-worthy beverage, they also have a selection of coffee items. But what makes this Aussie café unique is the fact it’s in Chinatown, only a few doors from the widely known Now Wah Tea Parlor. And since it’s in Chinatown, The Good Sort also serves a turmeric congee.

Location: 5 Doyers Street, New York, NY 10013

2.) Merriweather Coffee + Kitchen

flat white merriweather


Once you step foot into Merriweather Coffee + Kitchen, you’ll feel like you’ve walked into a little part of Sydney. While you can get a stellar coffee, it’s their menu that will make your mouth water. With lots of Mediterranean flavors, the food is fresh and won’t leave you feeling heavy after.

If you love mushrooms, their warm mushroom salad is decadent while each morsel of the mushroom toast is quite comforting. And if a flat white won’t helpwith that hangover, perhaps the detox tonic with apple cider vinegar and fresh ginger or the turmeric latte with macadamia nut milk may hit the spot.

Location: 428 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014

1.) Little Collins

flat white little collins


Finally, there’s the Little Collins. Located in Midtown East, the café has been deemed for making an amazing flat white. And considering the fact that it’s rooted in Melbourne’s coffee culture, they like to keep their coffees as authentically Aussie as possible. Their menu is also filled with a variety of flavors that range from subtle to full-on spice.

Location: 667 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10022

What’s your favorite café in NYC? Let us know in the comments!


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