Five Tips for Maximizing the Potential of Twitter for Your Brand

We have all heard the stories about Twitter and its explosive potential to help things go viral. There is no question that Twitter as a platform has had some wild accomplishments in its portfolio. Having said that, and contrary to popular belief, there is no magic involved here.

I know some of you might be thinking “Magic? What does he mean?” But trust me, others reading this are thinking “Really? No magic? So how does it all work?”

Well, like many things in life, Twitter requires an investment and the more you put in, the more you’ll get out. But before you expect to be the next Justin Bieber, there are some basic things you need to know. I will of course say for all the trolls who will comment that “There is no right or wrong way to tweet,” this is my opinion here, nothing else.

5 Twitter’s Got Nothing on a Blog!

We have already talked about the misconceptions regarding Twitter but here is another one for you. Twitter as a standalone marketing platform is actually pretty weak. If, however, you have a blog, on which you write about trends, the industry and other interesting things (NOT about yourself), Twitter is the best way to distribute that value to people who are genuinely interested. But again, think value, not traffic. Build up an audience on Twitter by engaging with relevant people and share interesting insights, something that will eventually help establish your brand as an authority, and yes, will end up converting in the long run.

4 How Many Times do You Need to be Told the Same Thing?

I know I sound like a broken record (someone has to update that saying… “An iPhone set in constant repeat mode”?) but really, you genuinely thought that sending a link to your app or blog post to Ashton Kutcher was the best strategy for your company? Really? This stuff doesn’t work, it never did, not in traditional marketing, not in email marketing, and not in social marketing. Remember, slow and steady!

3 Shhh, You’re Yelling!

Ever have a conversation with someone who speaks very loudly and annoys everyone around them? Well, that is like a person who only broadcasts on Twitter and never responds or listens. Remember, two ears, one mouth, use them in that ratio. Twitter is at its best when used as a listening platform, not as a megaphone. If more than two or three of your last ten tweets are you promoting something, you are doing something wrong.

2 Use Lists Like There’s No Tomorrow

There are many reasons to follow someone on Twitter, and not all of them are that you are particularly interested in what that person has to say. Maybe they followed you and you followed back for example. Twitter lists can become your best friend fast. If, for example, you are a startup in the mobile space, make a list of other startups, make a list of tech journalists, analysts, perhaps, competition, etc. Follow the lists carefully using a client, maybe Tweetdeck, and that way you can stay on top of the market in the most efficient way.

1 Forget Everything You Heard

No, really, all your preconceived notions about Twitter making your product viral overnight are not going to help your cause. They are going to create misconceptions about what you will accomplish on Twitter and how long it will take. Forget it all and start from scratch.

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