Five Things People Find Annoying About Kanye West

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Kanye West, or Yeezus as he prefers to be called these days, may be one of the most annoying celebrities on the planet. From his Twitter stream, which by turns is him rubbing his rich stuff in his followers’ faces and meditations on how great his tweets are; to the way he treats other people including his equally annoying celebrity girlfriend, Kim Kardashian; to his pretensions toward “high art” and his braggadocio, narcissistic attitude, it can be safely said that Kanye needs a reality check.

5 Kanye’s God Complex

In case you hadn’t noticed, Kanye has a bit of a god complex. As in, he’s been known to call himself a god. When asked about the meaning behind his new nickname, he responded, “‘West’ was my slave name and ‘Yeezus’ is my God name.” On his new album, self-titled “Yeezus,” there is a song called “I am God,” and a lyric where he situates himself “close” to Jesus. Of course, this could be Kanye’s version of humility: he’s close to Jesus but he’s not quite there yet.

4 Hypocrite or Hipster?

Either way, it’s annoying how Kanye’s actions and words never seem to match up. He doesn’t want to be a celebrity, even going so far as to refuse to let photographers speak to him, while his baby mama is Kim Kardashian, practically the definition of a pointless celebrity. He slams other celebrities for accepting mega-endorsements and “selling out” while he has several clothing lines, a Nike endorsement and his tours are sponsored by Absolut Vodka. Is Kanye trying to make his life a study in irony, or is he really just that self-unaware?

3 Kanye’s Pretentious BS

Let’s face it, Kanye can get a bit pretentious. He treats his records like Works of Art, all caps, which may or may not save the lives of children all over the world and/or cure cancer. Why else would he be such a perfectionist in the studio that he annoyed Jay-Z, inspiring the other rapper and record producer to say he was an annoying control freak. That wouldn’t even be so bothersome if Kanye didn’t extend his pretensions into other things, like fine-art photography of him and Kim Kardashian naked, or the ridiculous celebrity baby name they’ve picked out for their child, North West.

2 The Way Kanye Treats All Other People

In case you didn’t know it was Kanye’s world and the rest of us just lived in it, read some news stories about how he treated Kim Kardashian while she was pregnant with his baby. In effect, he ignored her, moving to Paris to make his next album. He went to New York City to celebrate his 36th birthday, but didn’t fly to Los Angeles, where very pregnant Kim was living and unable to fly. Not to mention how he interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the Grammy’s.

1 Kanye’s Tweets

If you haven’t checked out Kanye West’s Twitter feed lately, you’re missing out on some words of genius. Kanye isn’t always tweeting, but when he does, he does it Yeezy-style—in other words, he hogs the mic. During one Twitter binge, he tweeted over 100 times in 24 hours, mainly about his ridiculous lux lifestyle like his private jet, the antique bowl he eats cereal out of and his mansion. He also tweets “deep thoughts” like “Dating models I had to learn to like small dogs and cigarettes.” Fascinating.

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