Five Workouts That Also Make You Feel A Little Bit Sexy

A sexy workout can help you tap into your inner vixen. Some classes even encourage you to wear heels, so you can really dive into your inner stripper.

Staying in shape isn’t always fun — especially if you were never a fan of playing organized sports, or worse, running. And even with all of the YouTube videos and internet tutorials walking you through how to use different machines, hitting the gym can feel intimidating when you’re surrounded by people who clearly know more than you. Not to mention how uncomfortable it is to sweat up a storm around a bunch of strangers.

But all of these obstacles can be avoided with one easy solution: exercise classes. When you’re taking a class, you’re in a group of people doing the exact same thing (so you don’t feel stupid) and you have an instructor who can show you how todo each move properly (so you don’t look stupid).

Even better, there are exercise classes that can make you feel not only strong and powerful, but also pretty damn sexy — which is pretty impressive, unless you feel sexy all of the time. In which case, great. More power to you. Then you’ll love these sexy workouts even more.

Here are five exercise classes that will help you tap into your inner vixen, and don’t worry — we’ll start with the least edgy options and ease you into the more scandalous ones. Trust us, it’s worth it to open yourself up to the possibilities.

5.) Piloxing

If you’re a little shy about jumping into sexy workouts, Piloxing is a great way to start. It’s a combination of dance, boxing and (you guessed it) pilates, which means you’ll be moving non-stop while still getting in some strength training that you may not get from traditional cardio.

Count on the hip-shaking you’ve come to know and love in Zumba with some added kicks and punches that make you feel like you can take on any challenge. There’s something about feeling strong and badass that is undeniably sexy. Go get ’em, girl.

4.) Zumba

Zumba is arguably the most obvious and accessible sexy workout on this list. It was created in the 1990s by Alberto “Beto” Perez, a Colombian dancer and choreographer, and now most major gym chains offer Zumba classes with their basic memberships … which means you can easily take classes to supplement your other gym exercises or go to a studio specifically for Zumba.

Using basic Latin dance moves and music, Zumba gets you to move your hips — and depending on the instructor, there can be a few hip-hop or Bollywood songs thrown into the mix as well. Plus if you go to the same class regularly, the repeated routines become second nature and you can really commit yourself to full-out dancing, which allows you to burn more calories and have more fun because you’re not watching the instructor the whole time.

3.) Pole dancing

I know, you saw this one coming, but pole dancing really is an insanely difficult and rewarding workout. And it’s inherently sexy as hell.

Depending on the move, pole dancing can require you to use every muscle in your body for a comprehensive workout that also requires balance and coordination. But don’t get intimidated. There are beginner classes you can take before you work up to the really difficult and acrobatic moves.

Some classes even allow/encourage you to wear heels, so you can really dive into your inner stripper. Don’t worry — no one here is judging you. In fact, we’re probably all jealous. Do your thing, girl.

2.) Chair striptease 

Just when you wondered what could possibly be more scandalous than pole dancing… Yes, there are sexy workout classes that revolve around a choreographed psuedo-strip tease. They’re perfect for providing inspiration to spice up your relationship, practicing your most seductive facial expressions in the mirror and, obviously, pretending you’re in Flashdance.

If you’re hoping to try this at home (maybe for an audience, we won’t tell) Flirty Girl Fitness offers videos with routines you can follow. But if you’re feeling bold enough to take your chair dancing out into the world, you can usually find some classes at studios that also offer pole dancing. Hard to argue with getting two sexy workout options in one place.

1.) Naked yoga

Alright, we’d advise you don’t put this directly into Google without a few extra terms specifying what exactly you’re looking for — you didn’t think we’d actually post a video of nude yoga here, did you?  but naked yoga is actually a real trend, with studio classes you can take and body positivity benefits. Proponents say it increases the mind-body connection that yoga already nurtures and leads to greater self-acceptance. And yes, it’s very sexy.

Of course, you can practice naked yoga on your own if you don’t feel like sharing your body with others from every single angle. If you go outside, you can get a little extra fresh air and vitamin D.

But if you’re thinking of braving a studio to try yoga au naturale, you should make sure to buy and use your own yoga mat. The mats studios offer for all of their guests can be a health hazard, especially when there’s nothing between you and the material.

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