Five Reasons You’re Not Using Google+ and Why They Are All Dead Wrong

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“Facebook vs. Google+” is the new “iOS vs Android.” What on earth does THAT mean? Well, I will tell you but keep it between us. In 2012, if you wanted to get a heated conversation going on the web, all you had to do was write something along the lines of the following sentence: “iPhone stinks, Android rules” or vice versa. All of a sudden you would see the iOS fans come out of the woods calling you all sorts of names and threatening your family (no, not really, silly!)

Try to write the same sentence on your Facebook today, only replace the word “iPhone” with “Facebook” and “Android” with “Google+” (both Google products, ironically enough) and people will go insane. Trust me, I have tried. A few times.

The general consensus on the web is that Facebook dominates social and it always will. If something drastic happens, like Zuckerberg totally ruining the experience, Twitter will take over, but Google+? Nah, that platform is a joke. Then the rationalizations begin as to why people are not on Google+. Of course, all those claims are, in my opinion, very shortsighted and downright wrong.

Here are five of the leading reasons your friends and you are not using Google+ and why they are completely misguided:

5 Only Google Employees and Robert Scoble Use It

I have been on Google+ for less than half the time I have been on Twitter. The amount of people who circled me and who respond to my posts there, already far surpassed that of my Twitter network. Taking this week for example, two days ago I shared a picture on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Facebook got less than 20 likes and 30 or so comments. Twitter: Around 40 retweets. Google+? 617 +1s, 134 comments, and 253 shares. Wow, a lot of Google employees must really like me… Like anything else in life and especially on the Web, give it a chance, invest time, and “If you build it (by providing value), they will come.

4 The Numbers Google Quotes Are Ridiculous!

“Every single Google user is a Google+ user? So if I use Android, that makes me a Google+ user? Well played, Google.” Um, remind me again how much you pay to use Google Maps and Gmail? What’s that? It’s free? And the company giving it to you is offering you a social layer on top to add more value? And they’re calling it part of the product? How dare they? Reality check. Google+ is a layer on top of all the Google services we all use and it provides serious added value so stop calling it a social network, it is not. Hard for you to accept? There is always Hotmail.

3 It Cannot Compete with Facebook, So Why Bother?

Oh, it can’t, huh? Well, was Facebook able to compete with MySpace when it launched? Was iPhone able to compete with Nokia or Palm when it was introduced? Was Google search able to compete with Yahoo back in the day? See where I’m going here? And to add to all that, Google has made some very strategic moves to encourage more Google+ usage and those moves cannot be ignored if you use pretty much any Google product, including Android, Gmail and yes, even Google Search. Google has the power to make this platform succeed, so you can keep fighting it or jump in.

2 Fine, People Are There, Just Not MY People

“But, but, my friends aren’t there, so why bother?” Well, I think it might be time to go back to the drawing board and think about what you hope to accomplish on social media. You want to use it to talk to your mom or next door neighbor exclusively? Might I introduce you to a telephone or better yet, your two feet? If you want to talk to friends and relatives or stalk their pictures, then yes, at this point, Google+ is not the place to do it. If, however, you want to connect with interesting and passionate people who share awesome content about any topic, Google+ is the best place to do so. Period.

1 Google+? You Mean the Ghost Town?

Here is the main claim you will hear about why people are not using Google+. “No one is there, my feed is empty.” To which I respond, “Oh really? How many people did you circle there and how active are they? 5? Got it.” You see, going to Google+ and expecting to see “Activity” without circling people is no different than unfriending everyone on Facebook and seeing no posts. In fact, it is no different than entering an empty room and wondering why there is no noise. Come on. You are smarter than that. Get in, circle people, engage and you will see more activity and engagement than anywhere else on the social web. Yes, really. I have the numbers to prove it.

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