Five Reasons You Might Have Been Unfriended on Facebook

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We all know the feeling—ok, I know the feeling—you search for a friend on Facebook to see their latest update and somehow they are not appearing. They are gone from your friends list, but you are sure they were there yesterday. Yep, you never thought it would happen to you but you have been unfriended.

Then the process begins. It starts with denial “It must be a mistake, no one would unfriend me. My cat pictures are adorbs!” Then acceptance. “You know what? I don’t need that person anyway!” Then comes the justification part, “Maybe they are vegetarian and all my pictures of meat bothered them, but really, they still like me.” Once you complete the process, you just accept the reality that maybe your Facebook friendship was not meant to be. However, you are still left with the important question of why.

Here are five possibilities:

5 Now, Let’s Discuss the Term ‘Friend’

Is a friend someone who you write to once in a blue moon when you need them to promote you or your product/content to their friends? Is a friend someone who you spam with your requests to like your ridiculous Facebook page that will in no way enhance that person’s life? Is a friend someone who has built a large audience so that you can hijack their posts and self promote your product to their audience? No? Exactly, so why are you surprised that you are no longer on that person’s friends list?

4 Trolling is the new Spamming

People that send you spammy emails or other forms of communication are annoying, however, they are not nearly as annoying as people that troll you day and night. These people argue with every word that comes out of your mouth, even if all you said was that murder is evil. “Well, that all depends on how you define murder and how you define evil!” Oh my God, would you just stop arguing already? Now, there is nothing wrong with debating, don’t get me wrong, but the people that write to you or comment on your posts in order to just get a response out of you—those people do not belong among your friends.

3 Invitations: Make Them Stop!

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If you spend a lot of time on Facebook, you should be nodding your head right about now. App invites, event invitations and group additions, they have to stop. Of course, Facebook makes it all opt out instead of asking me if I am interesting in joining the group “Asparagus lovers of America,” but that is another topic…

2 Do You EVER Stop Complaining?

I am sure you know someone in real life that just complains all the time. I sure do. The problem with that thing called real life is that there is no “Unfollow/Unfriend” button. Luckily for us, on Facebook there is and if you use the Web to complain day and night, you are going to end up voicing your complaints to yourself. Nothing wrong with the occasional rant, but a good way to transform a complaint into an interesting post is to offer a solution to the problem you are describing.

1 No, Seriously, Your Content Needs Refreshing

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Let there be no misunderstanding, I fall under this category at times and I think we all do. No one wants to see the same picture of the same cat, or steak, or view (my Facebook are laughing at this point), EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. The best recipe for building an engaged audience on the Web in general is to offer variety. Take me for example. I like tech, steak, cars, basketball and the occasional inspirational video. Then there is the whole family side of me. A quick glance at my Instagram feed will paint a clear picture made up of all those components. Same goes for Facebook—variety, that’s the name of the game.

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