Five Reasons Mobile Advertising Will Take Off, Whether You Like It or Not

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Technology has changed so many factors of our day to day lives—things we thought trivial just a decade ago have now been transformed into highly technological aspects of our existence. Making a phone call for example. Or getting from point A to point B. Advertising is yet nothing example.

While advertising used to mean buying a billboard on the freeway and praying the right person would see it and buy your product, it now means reaching your target audience at the right time, in the right place.

Now to be honest, this is not exactly new and was already facilitated by the web and the booming internet advertising industry led by a certain company that starts with a G and ends with an OOGLE.

The thing is, web is so 2012 and the name of the game today is mobile. Same goes for advertising. Based on pretty much any analyst you will ask, mobile advertising in its many forms is expected to take off in the next few years at a pace that is almost unparalleled. The estimated size is between $20 billion and $50 billion (and some say even more) when assessing how big the mobile advertising space will be by 2015.

While the thought of being forced to see ads on your most personal device (your smartphone) might not sit well with you now, just wait, you will soon understand the value, along with billions of other people who will begin to engage with those ads and help the trend grow. Here are five reasons why:

5 Privacy? Please. Don’t Make me Laugh:

Zuckerberg announced his new mobile initiative this week, which pretty much put the final nail in the coffin of privacy. Your privacy, as you knew it, is dead. Which means your phone knows what type of content you like based on your apps and web browsing, it knows your gender, your address, your contacts, your taste in photography and in some cases, your preference in food. I mean, if these are not golden opportunities for advertisers to lure you in, then I don’t know what is.

4 Bigger Screens are a Thing:

As the mobile screen increases in resolution, it seems to be increasing in size as well. You know what that means? More room for larger ads. Larger ads = more clicks. More clicks = more revenue for developers and advertisers. You see where I’m going here? This space is going to explode and it has already begun.

3 Is that a Smartphone in your Pocket?

You know where most computers spend their time? On a desk or in a bag. A smartphone pretty much lives in your pocket or in your hand. Boom. Another tremendous opportunity to reach consumers 24/7. Take that, web advertising!

2 That Screen Isn’t Getting any Lower Res:

Screens on phones are now 1080p and anything less is already outdated. That presents a tremendous opportunity for advertisers to serve you high res, engaging, rich media ads that once again will translate into more clicks.

1 Location, Location, and Hyper Location:

Not sure how to tell you this, but you are being spied on by your phone. No, seriously, it is safe to say no other human being knows as much about you as your smartphone. It knows where you are at any given moment of any given day. Now that means many things, but it also means that the grocery store you are walking by right now knows you are there if it has embraced hyper local mobile advertising. That means, hypothetically speaking, you can get an exclusive promotion for just walking by. What that also means is that the relevancy of advertising is about to reach a whole new level that traditional and even internet advertising could only dream of.
If you are a brand or an advertiser and you have not figured out just how much potential there is in mobile advertising, now’s the time! It’s not too late, but we are getting there.

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