Five Products Apple Should Announce in WWDC 2013 to Keep Us Interested

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The mobile space is oversaturated—that is an undeniable fact. More people in the world have cellphones than toothbrushes and there are more mobile platforms out there than an industry would ever need. Some are dominating, like Android and iOS, while others are beginning to make a dent after years of hard work, like Windows Phone. Then there is the third category of platforms that are struggling to even get noticed among all the noise. That, some might say, includes BlackBerry 10 and the new Firefox OS.

Now here’s the thing. Contrary to popular belief, the current breakdown of the market will most definitely not remain the same for the next few years. I have said this many times, but I will keep saying it until people understand that this space is too young for anyone to be too late to the game.

It is not too difficult to remember when companies like HP, Microsoft, Nokia and Palm completely dominated the mobile space. “Apple? You mean that computer company that makes cute ads and charges a premium for their closed OS?” What does that have to do with my Palm Treo, which by the way, rocks the house?” (Is that how we talked back then?)

So things change and the first company to be affected by the fast-moving mobile space, in my opinion, is going to be Apple. It has already started. Mobile market share is down. “Apple doesn’t care about market share. They care about mind share and revenue.” I know, I know, but guess what? Samsung and Google are catching up on those fronts as well.

The only way Apple will not fall behind is if they move faster than the industry and that has not been the case for the past year. In the upcoming WWDC event, Apple has to make some bold moves. Here are five examples of products I think Apple should announce if it wants to maintain some sort of dominance:

5 Ok, Apple, Sit Down. We Need to Talk

Listen, Mr. Cook, I get it, a closed environment in which you control everything. Deep software hardware integration blah blah blah. How do I say this nicely? It is 2013. Open the heck up and realize who you are up against. Google gives it away for free. Make your software better and sell it for all I care but please, Facetime belongs on all platforms, as does iMessage, iCloud and all the other amazing things we love about your products. No, that will not make me go to Android; it will make me believe in your company again and restore my faith that you are confident enough in your game to let me decide what’s best for me.

4 Touch is the New Click

I know I am not the only one who has touched the screen of my Macbook Air expecting it to recognize my touch. I am not the only one, right? Well, Apple needs to take a good look at the PC (personal computer, not Windows specifically) market and see not where it is now, but where it’s going. If anyone understands the greatness of touch, I think Apple does. How about some new Macs with touch capabilities? What say you, Apple?

3 What is Apple’s Google Glass?

I am well aware that Google and Apple’s cultures could not be any more different when it comes to innovation. Having said that, Apple really needs to wow the crowd the way it did in 2007. It needs to walk just a bit out of its comfort zone and release something that will make the crowd say “Apple is back.”

2 You Still Own the Tablet Space, Maintain the Lead

Unlike the smartphone market in which Apple is already playing catch-up, the iPad is still way ahead of the competition in terms of market share, and rightfully so. Apple needs to release a new, much lighter version of the full iPad and a high-resolution version of the Mini. Period. No other way around it.

1 iOS 7 Better Crush it

The iPhone was released over six years ago and while I am a believer in “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” let’s not ignore the boredom element. iOS has not really changed since its inception. That is nuts if you compare it to the journey Android has taken. I am not talking about adding some new small features and a layer of paint. iOS 7 needs to deliver a product almost as exciting as the first version of the iPhone. Time to disrupt again—remember how to do that, Apple?

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