Five of Zuckerberg’s Mistakes That’ll Hurt Facebook in the Long Run

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In case you have not yet heard (Seriously? How have you not heard?), Facebook is set to release a new mobile phone today in collaboration with HTC.

There have been rumors about a Facebook phone for years now and there is little to no doubt that it is indeed coming. The phone is expected to have very tight integration with Facebook and will have absolutely nothing else exciting about it””720p resolution in a market with quite a few 1080p phones, a dual core processor in a market overflowing with quad core and more CPUs, and the list goes on””this phone is expected to be mediocre in every sense of the word.

So what’s up, Zuck? Why can’t you get this right? I’ll tell you why! Because you are, first and foremost a Web company that can’t even do THAT right, and now you expect to enter the most competitive market in the world and succeed? Not going to happen.

Before you try to compete with Apple and Google on the mobile front, how about you address these five mistakes you have been making on the Web for years, then we can talk about a Facebook phone, mmkay?

5 Stop Messing Around!

And this point might be the most annoying part of Facebook. Stop changing the interface every 30 seconds!! People hate change and it seems like someone over there has a serious case of A.D.D. Would you please keep the Facebook UI the same for a bit and let us get used to it? Thanks!

4 Speaking of Aggressive:

We like to blame people for asking for likes on their Facebook page but in reality, the only one to blame is Mr. Zuckerberg. The system you put in place, sir, is so fundamentally flawed that there is literally zero correlation between the engagement one sees on a Facebook page and the number of likes that page has. As a marketing platform, Facebook, with the exception of big brands and a select number of small companies, has failed. Please fix it.

3 Aggressive is Annoying:

Please, Mr. Zuckerberg, explain to me what went down at Facebook HQ the day you decided to allow anyone to add me to a group without my consent and automatically begin sending me notifications. How is that ok? Groups, events, apps””they are all executed poorly and aggressively and guess what? This kind of behavior won’t fly in the mobile ecosystem. Something tells me you don’t get that and your so-called Facebook phone return rate will be proof.

2 Speaking of Privacy, There is None:

Putting aside the headache associated with changing and configuring my Facebook privacy settings properly, does Zuckerberg even respect the need for a certain level of privacy? Doubtful. There are literally countless examples of “œfeatures”on Facebook that illustrate the fact that the man does not get it. Now, I agree, in today’s world of Foursquare check-ins and tweets about your daily wardrobe, privacy is not as important as it used to be, but you know who should be making that decision? The consumer, not Mr. Zuckerberg. It’s called opt in, and not opt out. Learn it, Zuck.

1 Simplicity, Simplicity, Simplicity:

Yes, Facebook is huge, no one denies that, but you know what? Relatively speaking, MySpace was huge once too. In today’s world, consumers want simplicity when it comes to user experience and if you have ever tried to change your privacy settings on Facebook, you know that simplicity is not among Facebook’s core values. It has to be, especially on mobile.

To sum it up, all these mistakes are going to prevent the Facebook phone from succeeding, unless of course, they are not repeated and Zuckerberg has learned from his mistakes. Yeah, ok, not holding my breath.

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