Five of the Most Important Apps on My iPhone

Five apps, that’s all I have for this list, so you can just skip the part where you attack my selection and tell me the app you developed is better. This is clearly a subjective topic, although every app mentioned below is used by tens of millions of people, if not more, so I know I’m not nuts.

Also, before we jump in, I have close to 100 apps installed on my iPhone at any given time so choosing five was not an easy task. Having said that, I use maybe 10 to 20 apps on a daily basis. It is for this reason that I believe the whole “My platform has more apps than yours” war is utterly ridiculous. An average consumer does not need more than 20 apps and everyone has to just get over the need for a bazillion apps in the App Store or Google Play. It is unnecessary. Here we go:

5 Takes

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Another app you probably never heard of. Truth is, I thought a lot about which app I would include in the last slot and many came to mind. Facebook, Google+, Instagram and some less known ones like Dataman or Onavo, but Takes took the spot (oh man, someone stop me!). Takes is a new iOS app that is the first to capture stills and video at the same time. That’s right. You are at a concert and want to freeze the moment, but do you choose a picture or a video? With Takes, you snap away and it records both. The app is pretty awesome and has been getting some amazing reviews since it launched a few months ago. Enjoy it!

4 Tweetbot

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Back to the somewhat obvious ones. Tweetbot is by far, no, I mean BY FAR, the best Twitter app on iOS. I am tempted to stop there. You know what? I will. Download it.

3 CloudMagic

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“Flipboard and Waze? Really? Why don’t you tell me something I don’t know?” Sure, here you go. CloudMagic is a mobile app available across all major platforms (Windows Phone too) that enables you to easily and quickly find any and all old messages you sent, posted, tweeted or received from the second you downloaded the app. CloudMagic has a simple UI because, well, the app does one thing and it does it perfectly. Add your Gmail, Google Apps, Hotmail, Twitter, Exchange, Facebook, Dropbox, Evernote, Yahoo Mail, Google Talk, etc. and easily find any old content you need. This is one of those apps that make me wonder what I did before I downloaded it.

2 Waze

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Another fantabulous mobile app available across platforms. Waze provides free turn by turn navigation in a beautiful user-friendly interface. Big deal, right? Well, how about we add crowd sourced traffic reports to the mix? Not sold? Real time speed trap notifications? No? Ok, I will take out the big guns. Waze also lets you know where to get the cheapest gas based on your current location. I think you get it—Waze will save you headaches in many different ways (see what I did there?).

1 Flipboard

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If I had to choose one app as my favorite on any platform, it would be Flipboard, no question whatsoever. If you are not familiar, well, get familiar because this will be love at first sight. Flipboard enables you to beautifully browse your favorite content whether it is a blog, Twitter, Twitter list, Facebook, Google+, or pretty much any other possible source on the Web. It does that in a magazine-like style and all the sharing, replying, liking, etc. is there, too. The latest update added the ability to curate magazines, which took this already fantastic app to a whole new level. Whether we are talking about design, UX, retention, monetization or any other aspect of a great app, Flipboard nailed it. And it is available on Android as well. For free.

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