Five Calorie-Burning Household Activities

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If you dread going to the gym, you’ll be happy to hear that getting on top of your to-do list will help you keep a trim physique. While any type of activity will surely burn off a few calories, some of your chores are particularly helpful for keeping you in shape.

5 Painting

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If the hideous color in your bedroom is driving you nuts, you’ll be happy to know that getting that new paint job under your belt will burn a slew of calories, giving you an excuse to skip the gym this weekend. You’ll melt off 170 calories for every hour you paint, at a weight of 125 pounds. Weighing closer to 155 pounds means that you’ll burn more than 210 calories per hour of painting.

4 Cleaning the Car


When you start to forget the color of your car—surely it’s not dust bowl brown—you know it’s time for a wash. Hook up the hose, get a bucket and start scrubbing. You may even feel inclined to aim for a little extra shine and go ahead and give her a wax afterwards. Spending an hour washing, detailing and waxing your ride burns over 255 calories, if you’re at a weight of 125 pounds, or nearly 320 calories if you weigh 155 pounds.

3 Heavy-Duty Cleaning

Tackling that list of chores does more than make your home bright and shiny: it actually trims your waistline. Heavy-duty cleaning, like vacuuming the stairs, cleaning the windows and scrubbing the floor on your hands and knees, burns as much as 270 calories per hour, if you weigh around 125 pounds. If you’re closer to 155 pounds, you’ll use up to 335 calories in an hour.

2 Mowing the Lawn

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If your front lawn is starting to resemble a short forest during the warmer months, you know it’s time to step outside and mow. You’ll burn as much as 270 calories in one hour by pushing around the mower—if you weigh 125 pounds. At a weight of 155 pounds, you’ll burn around 355 calories for every hour of mowing.

1 Clearing the Yard

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Getting rid of leaves in the fall is a heavy-duty chore if you have a big tree out front. Fortunately, you’ll get a full-body workout and shave off some calories in the process. Weighing 125 pounds means that you’ll burn off 240 calories per hour of raking, although if you are 155 pounds, you’ll burn 300 calories. During winter months when your green lawn starts turning white, you may spend quite a bit of time outside shoveling. If you weigh 125 pounds, every hour you spend shoveling uses up 360 calories; if you weigh closer to 155 pounds, you’ll melt away nearly 450 calories.

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