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Too much sugar can lead to all kinds of health problems, like diabetes, cancer and of course obesity. So what’s a girl to do when she craves a little fancy drink, worthy of a paper umbrella or fancy fruit garnish while she lounges poolside? Try a skinny cocktail, part of an image-conscious trend, which generally weigh in at under 200 calories a piece.

5 Bellini

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A traditional Bellini is made with champagne and peach juice or peach puree in a ratio of two parts sparkling wine to one part fruit. For a fresh and skinny variation, use a splash of pomegranate juice instead, or some muddled strawberries, raspberries or blueberries. To cut down the calories even more, make it half sparkling wine and half club soda.

4 Skinny Margarita Images

This also takes a step back from the thick and sugary blender drinks you might have guzzled on spring break in your youth. The skinny version of a Margarita contains just tequila, a touch of triple sec, and the juice of a fresh lime. Now you’ve got a more authentic Mexican drink! Again, feel free to throw it in a blender with some ice if you want something that feels more familiar; ice has no calories so there’s no need to hold back.

3 Skinny Colada

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Forget the thick, calorie-ridden pina colada of yore. The skinny version weighs in at only 170 calories by using coconut vodka or rum, a splash of pineapple juice and club soda. Serve it over ice, or mix it up in a blender if you want that tropical texture. Garnish with a slice of lemon, pineapple or banana.

2 Mojito

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This is a classic and refreshing summer cocktail containing the juice of half a lime, some mint leaves, rum and club soda over ice. Traditionally sugar is used to sweeten it, but use stevia or your favorite low-calorie sugar substitute instead. For variation, you can add fresh strawberries, raspberries or other fruit.

1 Disco Water

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It doesn’t get simpler, skinnier, faster or more cost effective than this: vodka and water. Looking for some more kick? Add a lemon slice, lime wedge, orange wheel or some sprigs of fresh mint. Craving something more exotic? Use flavored vodka instead of plain. Serve any variation on the rocks or straight up in a martini glass. The best part is, this drink is readily available—it can be easily made in any establishment and plenty of homes.

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