Top 5 Fitness Certification Organizations

Get one step closer to becoming a fitness trainerby choosing from the five best fitness certification organizations out there.

Being a personal trainer has its perks, and many people are starting to catch on to this career choice. Working in the world of fitness means more independence (you get to work in your gym clothes), easier access to gym facilities, and better control of your personal fitness goals. The most rewarding part of being a fitness trainer is being an integral part of other people’s fitness and health journeys. The first step to becoming a great trainer is becoming certified. Luckily, there are plenty of fitness certification organizations out there to help you do that.

Before you start your fitness trainer certification journey there are a few things to know. There are some key requirements to start all of these programs. You must18 years or older, with a high school degree or a GED, and be certified in CPR and AED. Once you have these prerequisites checked off, you can begin your fitness training journey.

Here are the Top Fitness Certification Organizations to Get your Fitness Trainer Certification:

5.) NASM: National Academy of Sports Medicine

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The National Academy of Sports Medicine is one of the go-to fitness certification organizations in out there. The NASM is a National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) accredited and offers personal trainerprograms that will help you get the skills you need to excel in the field.

NASM offers four different types of courses depending on your learning style. You can opt into the self study, the premium self study, guided study, and an all-inclusive program that guarantees a once you complete the program. Theprograms range from $489 (self-study) to $1399( all-inclusive) and come with resources and study materials to prepare you for the certification exam. You can also expect live workshops and access to coaches and mentors with NASM.

4.) ISSA: International Sports Sciences Association

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ISSA offers both self-taught and instructor-led fitness certification programs, as well as several other fitness coaching certifications. ISSA allows you the flexibility to choose which field you want to specialize in when it comes to fitness training. The specialization programs include Bodybuilding, Youth or Senior training, Sports Nutrition Coach, and a five other related specializations.

Out of all of the programs in this list, ISSA is accredited by the DCE (Distance Education and Training Council) which along with the NCCA is one of the most accreditation recognition programs in the country. ISSAs programs start at $499 per month and that price includes the study and test materials.They also offer abundle price for both personal trainer and coaching certification which starts at $799.

 3.) ACSM: American College of Sports Medicine

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The ACSM is another one of the top fitness certification organizations to jumpstart your career. The American College fo Sports Medicine is a large organization that covers the world of sports medicine as whole, and covers 70 different professions within the field. Getting certified through the ACSM would also come with the perks of being apart of an organization that has connections with people from across the industry.

The ACSM offers three main health fitness programs: personal trainer, group exercise instructor and exercise physiologist. Each program comes with a three part resource package that will prepare you for your certification exam. The program comes with online exam outlines, textbooks, workshops and webinars. If you opt into all of their programs you’re looking at roughly $900, but you can also pick and choose which resources suit you best.

2.) NSCA: National Strength and Conditioning Association

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The NSCA is a non-profit organization that also offers certification programs with a wide range of study materials and support for the fitness certification exam. Becoming a member of the NSCA will get you a discount on the certification program costs, as well as connections to a network of over 45,000 professionals.

NSCA offers four types of highly specialized certification programs, which allows you to cater the program to your professional goals. If you want to specialize in one-on-one, team setting or work alongside sports medicine doctors, you can choose one of the four certifications to pursue. The programs range from $200 to $550, depending on if you’re a member or not. The exam is charged separately from the certification programs.

1.) ACE Fitness (The American Council on Exercise)

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ACE Fitness (The American Council on Exercise)

Out of all the fitness certification organizations, The American council on Exercise (ACE) takes the cake when it comes to getting certified as a personal trainer. With its top notch and easy to manage study programs ACE prepares its certified personal trainers for long-term success. With ACE, you have the option to choose between three types of study programs, depending upon your level of education and expertise. Regardless of which study program you choose, you will receive a package of highly researched and supported information coupled at a reasonable price.

You can be sure that ACE has its students’ best interests at heart, since it is a non-profit organization that is run by knowledgeable individuals that are passionate about the world of fitness and health. The organization’s mission is to advocate for universal access for fitness and health care for all people, and they do so by working closely with policymakers and experts and local community organizations. ACE is the best way to achieve your dreams of coming a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, health coach or medical exercise specialist because of their unwavering dedication to the heart of the industry: helping others.