First Five Surprises You Will Notice When Upgrading Your iPhone to iOS 7

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Every year, it’s the same thing. Apple releases a beta version of its newest mobile operating system, iOS, and I spend days contemplating whether I want to take the risk of making my iPhone unstable by installing it.

Then the voices in my head go to work (what? You don’t hear voices?!). “You need to try it; no way you can wait for months to get the stable version.” “Um, you depend on your phone for everything, do you really want it to get all weird and buggy on you?” “Psshh, you call yourself an early adopter and you are even considering not upgrading? Do it! All the cool kids are doing it!” And then, can you guess what comes next? That’s right, I fire up my iTunes and upgrade.

Well, that dialogue just came to an end, and I indeed upgraded to iOS 7 beta. The first thought that went through my head was “What just happened?” Yes, iOS 7 is that drastically different. My second thought? “My eyes!!” Then I took a deep breath and started playing. Within 2-3 minutes, I got it. Then I loved it.

Here are the first five things I noticed after using iOS 7 for a good few hours:

5 Everything Just Makes More Sense

The folders now have multiple screens, Safari has tabs, the notification center has tabs as well, and you can slide to unlock any part of the lock screen to unlock the phone. All these things among many others are sort of no-brainers that make you wonder what took Apple so long to release them.

4 The Elephant in the Room

Listen, iOS 7 is beautiful but original, it is not. Literally every single new design element or functionality is something we have seen before. The lock screen IS Windows Phone in terms of fonts and simplicity, the multitasking is also Windows Phone with a touch of Web OS and the quick settings bar is a seriously perfect replica of Android. The similarities are undeniable. Again, I am talking design here, not philosophy or even UX, which are somewhat unique.

3 And Then the Bugs Begin

I know, it’s Beta, but still, a part of me wanted to believe that this release would be 100% stable. Well, stable it is, for the most part but not 100%, more like 95%. One of the first bugs I experienced was actually very strange. I tap the Camera icon and it opens the Camera Roll, instead of the camera itself. There was literally no way to get to the camera. I reset the phone and now all is good, but more and more such bugs are showing their ugly face as time goes on, so upgrade at your own risk. Siri seems to be having a midlife crisis as well…

2 Just When You Thought iOS Transitions Couldn’t Get Any Smoother…

One of the most obvious aspects of iOS when compared to other platforms, Android especially, is how smoothly the phone moves. The processor is not what causes that feeling, in my opinion. The transitions in iOS give it that smooth feeling and the new transitions in iOS 7 are a whole new level of smooth.

1 Children Have Good Taste

As I said, my first reaction was shock because iOS 7 truly looks like a different operating system. It almost looks childish. The colors, they are so… vibrant. The whole OS looks more like a toy phone than a device that costs you over $700. I honestly cannot help but compare it to the metro experience of Windows Phone. There is just so much in common in terms of the design language. Like I said, I love it.

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