Security Tells Man To Show Last Five Photos On Phone, Gets Taught A Brutal Lesson


What Power Does

Everyone’s encountered someone who always holds onto their power for dear life and uses it to belittle others. These people can really make everyone else’s time awful.

But someone who was put in a nasty situation did what it took to get back at the person in power and hatched a great plan.



A Reddit user called stuufthingandstuff1, were subcontracted to work for a company that manufactures electronic components. They had a lot of security measures since the small components were worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and could be put in a pocket.

This meant that more than once a day they’d have to pass through checkpoints with high-end security.

Security Guard


One day a security guard felt that a worker named Steve looked a little suspicious. Steve was one of stuufthingandstuff1’s friends and always watched the guard closely when they were with Steve.

In the security officer’s eyes (let’s call him Chad) thought that Steve was hiding something.

Singled Out


Stuufthingandstuff1 could only watch in horror as Chad would make his friend dump everything in his bag out onto the checkpoint. It didn’t end there and Chad would also search through the contents and then demand to look at the last photos Steve had taken.

What was Chad’s excuse? “to prove he(Steve) wasn’t stealing secrets.”

Paul Blart


If Chad had done this to everyone it might have been reasonable but it seemed that he only had his eye on Steve. Steve felt that he was reaching his breaking point having this happen to him every day.

Steve made the mistake of quipping “thank you Paul Blart, for keeping America safe.”

Cracking Up


Everyone in the room boomed with laughter, Steve only meant it as a joke but it seemed that Chad didn’t laugh with the rest of them.

Chad wouldn’t take the joke lying down.



Steve noticed that it got to him. This sparked an idea that would form in his mind. Chad would get what was coming to him and he’d hopefully learn his lesson.

Steve went home that day a little happier than he normally was.



The following day, Wednesday, came and Steve endured the usual unnecessary scrutiny on the way in as he did every day. The crew works and when lunchtime arrives, the crew knows they have to go past security again.

Steve excuses himself and heads off to the bathroom.



Steve comes out of the bathroom with a huge grin on his face and happily approaches the security checkpoint. Chad, seeing Steve approaching, naturally prepares to indulge in his favorite pastime.

Steve, however, seems eager for this particular encounter.



Chad lets the crew through as usual before stopping Steve. He searches Steve’s bag as usual, however, Steve seems more than happy to oblige. Once he finished with the bag, he asked Steve to show him his phone.

Steve, still smiling, takes out his phone and hands it to Chad.



Chad smugly opened the phone and looked at the camera roll. That’s when his expression changed. He stares incredulously at the phone and then at Steve in confusion before slamming the phone down on the desk.

“What the F@%$?” Chad exclaims.

Bottoms Up


There on the camera roll were several oddly angled photos of nothing other than Steve’s butthole! Steve, barely able to contain his laughter looks at Chad and says: “Oh, sorry. I thought I had a hemorrhoid and wanted to see how bad it was. Is everything ok with my pictures? Is the facility safe?”

Needless to say, Chad never bothered Steve again. Well done Steve!