Woman Sees $5,000 Missing From Account, Catches Fiancé In The Act


Relationship on the Rocks

Their wedding was coming up, and she could not be happier. But when he started coming home late, she checked their savings account and realized that $5,000 was missing from the total amount.

She could not believe he had gone behind her back and spent the money. She confronted him. He would not ruin their marriage before it even began.

A Dreadful Childhood

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Poor communication cost Cindy Lockwood her childhood. Her parents separated after her dad failed to mention that he had been laid off from work and that they had spent the next two years blowing through their family savings.

This made Cindy swear always to speak her mind no matter the result. Little did she know that such a mindset would cost her her marriage in the future.

Seeking a Family

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Cindy dreamt of one thing in life. She craved a happy marriage that would see her live beside the love of her life until the end of her days.

She met Trent, her soulmate, and he proposed after a thrilling two years of courtship. Elated, Cindy knew her dream was finally coming true. She didn’t realize how wrong she was.

A Happy Life

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Cindy and Trent lived in a tiny apartment in Denver, Colorado. Alongside this loving couple was the third member of their family, Izanagi, a ten-year-old German Shepherd that was like a brother to Trent.

Cindy worked as a painter, compiling her portfolio to begin putting her work out there, and Trent was a successful architect who was quickly making a name for himself in Denver. They were a happy family. But this happiness wouldn’t last for long.

Coming Home Late

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One night, Cindy realized that Trent did not come home at his usual time. Alarmed, since Trent was never late, Cindy decided to call him.

Trent picked up almost immediately. He told her he was swamped at work, apologizing for not telling her earlier. Cindy told him it was fine. But what was supposed to be a one-night thing repeated itself throughout the week.

His New Lifestyle

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The second week passed, and Trent kept up his new behavior. He would call in at eight to apologize then show up past midnight. He even began taking the dog with him.

Cindy wondered if he was out drinking, but he didn’t seem drunk at all – only tired. Cindy’s mind raced. She could understand her fiancé going out for drinks with his work friends. This did not make sense to her.

She Finds Out

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Cindy fell into a whirlwind of overthinking. She had no idea what her fiance was up to, but she was determined to find out. One night, she decided to call his office to see if he was working late.

Trent’s secretary informed Cindy that Trent had left the office. He had been leaving the office in the evening for two weeks now. Cindy’s knees buckled, and she fell on the carpet. There was only one possible reason for Trent’s secrecy.

I Can’t Believe You’ve Done This

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Broken, Cindy cried on the carpet for a while. Their apartment was suddenly smaller than it usually was.

She took her phone and went to sit next to the fireplace. She wanted to call her mom, but a voice within her told her to check their bank account. If her fiance was having an affair, surely there would be evidence in there. She opened their bank account, and her jaw dropped.

Old Memories

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Cindy’s breath hitched. Five thousand dollars was missing from the account. Trent was not only acting suspiciously; he was financing his promiscuity with their wedding funds.

Fury welled within Cindy, overshadowing the pain she was feeling. She remembered how her dad had doomed their family by keeping secrets. She stood up, ready to call Trent. But the front door opened, and he stepped into the living room.

The Truth

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“Where were you?” Cindy asked, dried tears marking her face like war paint. Izanagi limped in after Trent. He looked at the dog, his eyes settling back on Cindy.

“It’s Izanagi,” he said. “He was diagnosed with cancer about three weeks ago. I have been combing the city for a doctor.” Trent slumped on the couch. “Didn’t want to worry you with any of this.” His head fell on his hands. He looked up, and his eyes were wet with tears.

Her Tongue is Like a Blade

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Cindy looked at Izanagi, seeing brown bandages that ran around the dog’s body. But her fury did not subside. Trent hid this from her, making financial decisions without including her.

“Five thousand dollars meant for our wedding? Trent, it’s just a dog!” Cindy screamed. Trent’s eyes widened. “Just a dog?” His lips shook. He clenched his fists.

Who is Wrong?

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Trent stood and took a step back. He scrubbed a hand down his face and walked away. Cindy remained in the living room with Izanagi. “Izanagi,” she whispered, but the dog whined at her and limped after Trent.

Cindy looked in the direction they went, wishing she could take back her words. This was about trust, not money. She should have followed him to talk it out, but she did not. This sprouted another colossal problem.

A New Divide

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The night passed as quietly as it had started. In the morning, Trent did not dress up for work. He made breakfast as usual and sat across the table from Cindy.

“You are selfish,” he said calmly. His words cut deep through Cindy, but she would not let Trent see this. “That dog, as you call it, Cindy, is my brother. He is my dog.” He got up, egging Izanagi to join him. “We are leaving.”


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Cindy sat alone in the apartment after Trent and Izanagi left. Even though they didn’t pack any bags, Cindy was unsure if they were coming back.

A crippling ache fired through her, from her legs into her heart. Her stomach pained, her mind ran numb. Cindy tried calling Trent, but her call went straight to voicemail. But as she sat down, defeated, her phone buzzed on the carpet. It was Trent.

Let’s Talk

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“I am sorry,” he said before she could speak. “I should have told you about this. Please forgive me. We are a team. I hope we stay like that.”

Cindy could not speak, she wanted to tell him how much she cared for Izanagi, but words failed her. “Come home, please,” she whispered, smiling amid tears. Poor communication wouldn’t cost her her marriage as it did with her parents.