15 Ultimate Dad-Gadgets to Buy For Father’s Day


Father’s Day is approaching and it’s time to start thinking about buying the perfect gift. Dads can be really hard to shop for — how many ties and pairs of socks does one man need? Don’t worry though, we’ve picked out some of the best gadgets that any dad will love.

Check out the best dad-gadgets to buy for Father’s Day.

15.) Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Father's Day bluetooth speaker


This waterproof bluetooth speaker is a great Father’s Day gift for dads who love their music. With great battery life, this speaker can go wherever he goes from the shower, to the beach, to the garage. The rubber body makes it durable, so it’s safe even if it gets dropped and it’s waterproof to protect it against rain or submersion in water.

Users say: “Awesome Sound and great range of Bass. Similar sized speakers run for over $100 at the big box stores.”

Price: $49.99

14.) Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

Father's Day bluetooth headphones


Whether your dad loves running, is a frequent flier, or simply likes to listen to podcasts on the go, these bluetooth headphones are the perfect pocket-sized gift.  As well as being great headphones, there is also a built-in microphone so they can even be used for calls.

Users say: “These are the best bluetooth headphones that I’ve tested so far. You can’t beat the sound quality, battery life and overall functionality for a device at this price.”

Price: $14.99

13.) Pro Blender

Father's day blender


Fitness fanatics know that it’s not just about how much you run or lift, it’s about the quality of the fuel you give your body. Whether your dad is professional body-builder or just trying to get a little leaner, this Pro Blender is exactly what he needs to create healthy smoothies, soups and protein shakes. If you want a full review of the best blenders for your dad this holiday, check out our review page!

Users say: “Great savings compared to the other high powered blenders and equal in performance.”

Price: $79.99

12.) Electric Guitar

Father's Day Electric Guitar


Does your dad dream of being rock and roll hero? Let him live his dreams this Father’s Day! This Maple Flame Electric Guitar is built to be both beautiful and give great sound. Even better, it comes bundled with a gig bag and 1 month of free guitar lessons so your dad can hone his skills.

Users say: “It’s an excellent guitar for the money. Seriously, I sent a pic to a friend with a Les Paul and he was convinced this was one…”

Price: $199.99

11.) Electro-acoustic Guitar

Father's Day acoustic guitar


If your dad is more classic blues than heavy rock, then this stunning electro-acoustic is the right choice for him. This carefully crafted instrument holds its own against the likes of Fender and Gibson,he’ll never guess that it was such a bargain!

Users say: “It is beautiful and the sound with or without the amplifier is superb.”

Price: $99.99

10.) MYEPADS Mini Drone

Father's Day mini drone


Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you stop being young at heart. This neat little drone will give any dad hours of fun. It has a built in camera so that he can create awesome videos and photos. Your next family photos will be something really special!

Great value for an entry-level drone and even includes free shipping.

Price: $39.99

9.) Pure Outdoor Emperor Cooler

Father's day outdoor cooler


Is your dad King of the Grill? Or maybe he’s a fan of summer fishing trips. Whatever his passion, help outdoor dad’s keep their chill all summer long with this outdoor cooler. The Pure Outdoor Emperor Cooler keeps food and drinks ice cold or hot for up to 150 hours (that’s more than six days!) Additionally, it is extremelydurable and has fittings for padlocks and for tying it down, so it’s absolutely perfect for road trips, sailing and camping.

Users say: “Grab this before they raise the price… Highly recommend getting this.”

Price: $99.99

8.) Pure Outdoor Vacuum Sealed Water Bottle

outdoor water bottle


If your favorite dad prefers to drink more water, then this growler is for him! The Pure Outdoor Water Bootle is a superb water bottle that makes it easy for him to get his daily water intake. He can also choose from his favorite color to make it fun to carry around!

Users say: “Excellent water bottle, keeps water cold for a really long time. Fit and finish are good.”

Price: $19.99 from Monoprice. $25.99 from competitors.

7.) Tactical Adventure Flashlight

Father's Day Flashlight


If it’s dangerous to go alone, take this. When we were young, Dad was always the one who went down into the cellar or looked under the bed to check for monsters in the dark. Now you can return the favor with this handy Adventure Flashlight. It’s heavy-duty but compact design makes it ideal for fishing, hunting or camping trips but it’s equally useful for finding lost tools in the dark corners of the garage or turning late-night dog walks into tactical military missions.

Users say: “Best flashlight I ever had. It can light up up the whole neighborhood. Great coverage and no dark spots.”

Price: $19.99

6.) Mini Delta 3D Printer

Father's Day 3D printer


Give the gift that keeps on giving! A 3D printer is a great Father’s Day gift for creative dads or those who are interested in electronics. In fact, whether he’s printing figurines, kid’s toys, new phone accessories or something revolutionary he’s bound to find hours of pleasure with this awesome tool.

Users say: “I’m impressed with how far the technology has come in such a short time… I had it out of the box and printing within 5 minutes. Great quality and speed.”

Price: $159.99

5.) Sous Vide Immersion Cooker

Father's day sous vide


Is there anything better than a home-cooked meal? Treat yourself by treating Dad to some serious gourmet gear this Father’s Day. Give him this great-value sous vide immersion cooker and you’ll be first in line to try out the succulent steaks and juicy pork chops he creates. Move over Gordon Ramsey!

Users say: “I saw this and decided at the price I could afford to take the chance. I am glad I did. The first thing I tried were some marinatedchicken breasts. They were the most tender juicy I have made. Super simple and fantastic results.”

Price: $69.99

4.)  All-in-One Pot 

Father's Day pressure cooker


If your dad prefers tomaster all aspects of the kitchen, then this all-in-one cooker is the perfect tool. With this handy gadget you can steam vegetables, cook perfect fluffy rice, create kick-ass chilli, sear steaks or even make mouthwatering pulled-pork. Busy dads who still want to cook and eat great meals will love it.

Users say: “Couldn’t be more pleased with this cooker. Does everything I expected it to do.”

Price: $69.99

3.) Rugged Power Bank

Father's day power bank


Between work, hobbies and trying to raise a family, it’s a wonder modern parents get any time to recharge. That’s why this power bank is perfect for Dad’s busy life. It’s tough enough to withstand a beating and is compatible with everything from iPads to digital cameras. More power to ya’, Dads.

Users say: “Super portable, powerful and durable. Don’t think twice!”

Price: $24.99 Now $19.99

2.) 27-piece Sensor Set

Father's day sensor set


Wow. Ok. It really doesn’t get much more Dad-Gadgety than this. With this 27-piece sensor set, dads can tinker to their hearts content making everything from robots to smart homes. Whether he’s a full-blown electronics whizz or just keen to get started, he’ll find plenty of projects in this handy set.

Users say: “I bought this as a gift for my father. I don’t know exactly what I bought but he was very excited about it and as impressed with all the different sensors included in this kit.” 

Price: $85.99

1.) Sony PlayStation VR Headset

Father's Day VR headset


Show gamer-dads some love this Father’s Day with a seriously cool piece of gear. This awesome bundle comes with both a Sony VR headset and the Sony camera and a copy of Gran Turismo Sport so your dad can live out his racing dreams from the comfort of his couch. He can even use the headset to watch 3D Blueray movies. Just don’t expect to see him again for the rest of the weekend!

Users say: “The immersion is amazing in Gran Turismo. The Playroom VR (Free download) is very cool as well and has some great family games in it… it is much cheaper than other VR units.”

Price: $399.99

What’s been your Dad’s favorite gift over the years? Comment below to let us know!


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