Man Raises 7 Children As His Own Until Judge Tells Him He’s Sterile


Instant Dad

Eric’s household had just become bigger. He had kids running all around his house, and they weren’t even his. But he loved all of them, nonetheless.

His girlfriend, Jan, was pregnant, and Eric couldn’t be happier. But Eric had a few questions since he and Jan had just gotten back together after a three-month separation.



Eric and Jan met at a mutual friend’s birthday party and hit it off immediately. Eric couldn’t believe such a beautiful blond woman had taken an interest in him.

He had been single for ages and had all but given up on finding love again. But little did he know that his new love was keeping a very big secret from him.

A Future Together?


They had been going out for over a month already, and Eric was still not aware of Jan’s secret. And it seemed like she had no intention of revealing it to him just yet.

But one night, at a candlelight dinner, Eric confessed his undying love to her, and he began talking about a future with her. That’s when Jan nearly choked on her wine.

A Big Surprise


She knew she had to tell him at some point, but she wanted to make sure that she really wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

If she did, he was in for a big surprise because she was keeping something from him that might make him run for the hills and never look back.

Special Dinner At Home


Eric had no idea what awaited him. Jan felt guilty for keeping something so big and important from Eric for so long that she decided that she would tell him over dinner.

She decided to cook him something and have the meal at his house to spare herself any embarrassment in public in case he walked out on her.

Is Something Wrong


While Eric appreciated the effort that Jan had gone to make a special dinner for him, he was concerned when Jan told him that she needed to tell him something.

Eric could see that there was something weighing very heavily on her shoulders. But he couldn’t imagine what it was. He assured her that everything was going to be fine. If only he knew.

I Love You


“Eric, you know I love you, right?” Eric purred when he heard the love of his life say those magic words to him. He fell in love all over again.

But would he be so in love once he found out what Jan was hiding from him? Or was he so blinded by love that he would accept it? Only time will tell.

Keeping Something Big


Jan took a deep breath and revealed her big secret. “ Eric, I’ve been keeping something big from you.” Eric’s eyes grew wide with suspicion. What had Jan been keeping from him all this time?

“I didn’t tell you that I’m a mother.” Eric got up from his chair and hugged Jan. “But that’s great! When do I meet him or her? I’m so excited!”

A Mother


But what Eric didn’t know was that Jan was not done talking. “You see, I don’t have just one kid. I am a mother of six.”

Eric nearly fell off his chair as his jaw all but hit the floor. “You have six children? Why did you keep this from me?” Eric was not pleased.

I’m Sorry


“I’m so sorry, Eric. I meant to tell, but I didn’t want you to leave because I had fallen in love with you.” Eric could see that Jan meant well, but now he was faced with a very difficult decision.

“I need time to think about this.” Jan understood. She just dropped a huge bombshell on his lap. But she expected a worse reaction than she received from him though.

He Loved Her


Eric’s mind was racing with everything he was facing. He had just met the love of his life, but she had six children. If they moved in together, he would automatically become a dad of six.

He had to think really hard about what he was going to do. Although Jan kept this secret from him for so long, he still loved her very much.

A Positive Role Model


So it was with ease that he finally made a decision. He was still going to be with Jan, and he was looking forward to meeting all six of her children.

The best thing he could do was be a positive role model to them. And he always wanted to be a dad. He just never thought it would be this instantaneous.



When he told Jan that he would be staying with her, she was over the moon, and they immediately arranged a date for him to meet her kids.

When Jan revealed their ages, Eric made sure to get some toys so that he could make a good first impression. He was more excited than ever.

First Meeting


The day arrived for Eric to meet Jan’s six children. His nerves were on edge, but he put on a brave face and greeted them with a warm smile.

As he walked into the room filled with laughter and chaos, Eric was overwhelmed by the energy and excitement of the children. They introduced themselves one by one, their names running together in his mind.

A Connection


Jan’s oldest, Emma, was a responsible and caring teenager. Mark, the second oldest, was a curious and adventurous pre-teen. Sarah was sweet and shy.

The twins, Ethan and Olivia, were mischievous and full of energy. And the youngest, little Jacob, had an infectious smile that melted Eric’s heart.

Despite his initial apprehension, Eric felt an immediate connection with each of the children. They seemed happy and well-adjusted, a testament to Jan’s love and care.

Becoming a Father Figure


In the months that followed, Eric settled into his role as a father figure to Jan’s children. He spent time with them, helped them with homework, and attended their school events.

The bond between Eric and the children grew stronger with each passing day. They looked up to him, seeking his guidance and approval.

Eric realized that he had found a new purpose in life. But it wasn’t long before he would receive some unexpected news.

Unanswered Questions


However, amidst the joy and fulfillment, doubts started to creep into Eric’s mind. He couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that something was amiss, that there was more to the story than Jan had revealed.

They had their ups and downs, and during the six months of being together, they had broken up for a period because Eric felt like Jan was still keeping something from him. And he was right.

Who’s Your Daddy?


He wondered about the children’s biological father and why he wasn’t in their lives. He also pondered the circumstances that led Jan to become a single mother of six.

How had she managed to take care of six children when there was clearly no one to help her? Furthermore, she cut all contact with him for the three months that they were separated, even though they agreed it wasn’t a split.

A Sense Of Responsibility


The unanswered questions gnawed at Eric’s heart. He felt a sense of responsibility to know the truth, not just for his own sake but for the children’s as well.

They deserved to know their complete family history, even if it meant confronting uncomfortable realities. He made it his mission to sit down and talk to Jan and ask her what happened.

The Truth Unveiled


Unable to bear the weight of uncertainty any longer, Eric decided it was time to have a candid conversation with Jan. He approached her gently, expressing his concerns and the need for transparency.

Jan hesitated at first, her eyes filled with a mixture of fear and vulnerability. But as she looked into Eric’s earnest gaze, she realized that the truth had to be unveiled.

More Secrets?


They had been together for so many months already, and Eric felt like he had the right to know everything about her. But before he could ask her anything else, Jan had another secret she had been keeping from him.

She took the proverbial deep breath and blurted out, “I’m pregnant.” Eric’s world came tumbling down.

Something Important


But before she could do or say anything further, Eric knew something that she didn’t know. He couldn’t believe that he had forgotten to tell Jan about it.

The one thing that Jan had not known about him. He had failed to be open with her about one thing, and it was so important. He had forgotten to mention it to her.

A Medical Diagnosis


What he failed to tell Jan was that a recent medical diagnosis revealed that he was sterile and unable to father children. But what if, by some miracle, he had been cured?

He didn’t even know if he could be cured, but it was not possible that he made Jan pregnant. Sure, the timeline would fit, but it just wasn’t possible, given his diagnosis.

Eric’s Own Secret


He battled with his guilt, and he battled with how he was going to reveal his own secret that he had been keeping from Jan.

He felt like their relationship was based on secrets and lies, and he wondered if their relationship could survive it. The only thing he could do now was open up to Jan.

A Shared Confession


With a heavy heart, Eric sat Jan down and confessed his own secret. He told her about his recent diagnosis and the doctor’s conclusion that he was unable to father children.

Jan’s eyes widened in shock as she absorbed the weight of Eric’s revelation. A mixture of emotions passed through her face—confusion, disbelief, and then a glimmer of understanding.

A Moment of Clarity


“You mean… the baby isn’t yours?” she whispered, her voice trembling with uncertainty.

Eric nodded, his eyes filled with remorse. “I’m so sorry, Jan. I should have told you earlier, but I was afraid. I didn’t want to lose you.”

As Jan processed the information, a moment of clarity washed over her. Then she realized something.

Heartbroken and Conflicted


Eric was heartbroken, caught between his deep love for Jan and his shattered dreams of biological fatherhood. He grappled with conflicting emotions.

He questioned his place in their lives and whether he had the right to continue as their father figure. For weeks, Eric distanced himself from Jan and the children, needing time and space to sort through his emotions.

Questioning Himself


He questioned his own ability to continue raising children that were not his own, plagued by doubts and insecurities. Why was this happening?

He loved Jan and the children, but he didn’t know how he felt now that Jan was pregnant. He was still trying to process everything when he came to the terrible realization.

An Awful Realization


Jan was pregnant, and the baby was not his, which meant she had been someone else. Eric sat with his head in his hands.

When and how did all of this happen? How had his life turned into one big soap opera? Eric didn’t have the answers, but he was going to get them one way or another.



He had to confront Jan and ask her when she had an affair. He felt so betrayed that he didn’t want anything to do with her.

But he was conflicted because he missed the children so much. But he needed to find out the truth about Jan and her pregnancy and who the father really was.

Disclaimer: In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.