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Baby Alert! Father Faints After Pregnancy Sonogram (And You Would Too!)

When Nia and Robert saw their thrid pregnancy sonogram, they knew their lives would change forever. Here is the unique story of the amazing Tolbert family!

Nia and Robert are a young couple whose life took a 180° turn at the sight of their third pregnancy sonogram.

What happened? They experienced an extremely rare life event that happens less than once every 1,000 births. The couple’s story is so unique that it made national news and got thousands of people following their adventures and asking for more updates about them and their kids.

Want to discover why? You will need to read their whole story from the very beginning to grasp how exceptional their situation is!

Nia and Robert: The Love Story

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The two beautiful souls first met in 2007 through mutual friends. Needless to say, both Nia and Robert fell for each other and started dating right away. Day after day, they strived to connect with each other and love one another. As in any relationship, the couple had ups and downs along the road (who doesn’t?), but they were so devoted to each other that they made it work.

Their feelings grew stronger as the years went by, and surprises were coming along as time went by.

The Amazing Addition

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The couple received some exciting news: they were pregnant with their first child!

They couldn’t have been happier to know that they were about to have a little baby running around the house. Raising a family together was one of their dreams, and it was about to come true.

Nia gave birth to the baby boy in 2011, and the new parents named him Shai. The loving couple from Waldorf, Maryland didn’t know that the beautiful Shai was destined to having many more siblings.

The Tolbert Family

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In 2014, Nia and Robert decided to tie the knot, even though the couple and their three-year-old son were already a family long before that. By the time they got married, another surprise was waiting for them.

Nia was pregnant again! Would it be a boy or a girl? Well, they would need to wait to find out. The only twist is that what they discovered wasn’t what they were expecting first.

The Second Pregnancy

pregnancy sonogram tolbert family third pregnancy


Months went by, and the Tolberts were starting to wonder what the gender of their baby would be. They should start planning baby names, after all!

When they went to the doctor’s office to check the pregnancy sonogram, they were in for a shock. They were going to have not only one, but two babies! The wonderful news was the beginning of some thrilling adventures for the family. They were both expected to be boys.

The Birth of the Tolbert Twins

pregnancy sonogram tolbert family twins


Meet Riley and Alexander, the two beautiful twins Nia gave birth to in 2015. With the help of their older brother, the healthy and energetic twins turned their parents’ household into a hectic paradise.

Nia and Roberts decided to keep everything under control by managing everything together and loving their three kids equally.

Enough (?)

pregnancy sonogram tolbert family three kids

Caters News Agency

If you’re not keeping count, the Tolberts are now a family of five. The couple felt that the family was big enough with three beautiful sons running around the house. Caring for two babies and a toddler was hard enough as it is. However, having there is a big difference between plans and reality.

While the parents were working their hardest to raise their kids and managing their professional and personal lives, destiny had something else in store for them.


pregnancy sonogram tolbert family pregnant third time


In 2017, another surprise hit the family, and this time, it was unique. Nia found out that she was unexpectedly pregnant for the third time! Even though it wasn’t planned, the parents believed it was God’s plan and decided to prepare themselves for what was coming.

After the shock of having another kid subsidized, the excitement of having one other child took place. The household was abuzz again and the parents wished to have a little girl to balance out the family dynamics. The little boys wanted another brother to play with, though, so only a pregnancy sonogram can tell who got their wish true.

Something Different

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Nia had already gone through two pregnancies, one of which was a set of twins. She didn’t need coaching in pregnancies or giving birth. So when she started feeling the symptoms of this third pregnancy, she knew that something was different.

The young mother noticed that she was having more emotional reactions and was feeling her pregnancy hormones like never before. She was also getting bigger much faster than with her previous pregnancies.

She felt it physically as well as emotionally, so she hoped that it would mean that she would be pregnant with a girl. However, the pregnancy sonogram would surprise her once again.

The First Sonogram

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The Independent

When the time came for Nia to have her first pregnancy sonogram, she was a little bit worried. She was doing everything like before: staying fit by doing yoga, eating nutritious food, and taking her neonatal vitamins. So why was she feeling this way?

Nia started having suspicions when the ultrasound technician asked if they had multiples running in her family.

This was the same question the parents were asked when Nia was pregnant with Riley and Alexander. So the couple doubted that it would be the case this time too; maybe they were about to have twins again.

Let’s Double-Check

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After the pregnancy sonogram, the technician confirmed that the couple was having twins this time too. Nia was excited at the news. She saw it as a blessing and gift from God.

When Nia came back from the bathroom, though, the technician asked her to run a second pregnancy sonogram to double-check. Nia agreed that it would be better to be safe than sorry.

The Second Surprise

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The second ultrasound was more thorough so that it doesn’t miss anything out of the ordinary. And the results of the test would prove that they had every right to be doubtful.

This time, Nia was carrying not two but three babies! According to the mom, once she received the news of triplets, “everything spiraled out of control.”

Caring for six kids, three of whom would be newborn babies, was a responsibility of another kind. She was afraid whether she and her husband would be able to handle this increasingly big family. Eventually, she came to terms with the idea.

The Rare Case of Nia and Robert

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Nia asked the same doctor that delivered her twins to deliver her upcoming triplets. The doctor admitted that is was “extremely rare” to get pregnant with one child, then two, then three.

“We’re talking less than one in 1,000 [births]. It’s very rare to have to twins then triplets [naturally] in the same lifetime,” said Dr. Rami Tabbarah.

How Is It Possible?

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How could this couple defy all odds with their pregnancies? The answer lies in their family history. They both have a history or multiple births, giving Nia an increased chance of having a multiple-birth pregnancy.

But now, Nia had to break the news to her husband and see how he would take it. The young mother decided to surprise him the same way she was herself surprised.

Robert Receives the News

pregnancy sonogram tolbert family learning the news

Nia was leaving Maryland for the weekend to Tampa, Florida, and decided to leave Robert with a unique goodbye gift.

She included a picture of her pregnancy sonogram — which clearly showed three babies, each marked babies A, B, and C. She added a small note saying “Please accept this gift from her and God.” Just how cute is this? Let’s see how he will take it, though.

Upon opening the bag, Robert was shocked. “I saw a very, very long sonogram, then I saw three onesies in the bag… and they were numbered 1, 2, and 3.” That’s when it dawned on him: he was having triplets. As soon as Robert realized it, he fainted!

Why Is He Taking So Much Time?

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Nia was wondering why her husband took so much time to contact her. What was his reaction? What would he say?

In response to this, Robert stated, “I was just shocked. I just went straight to bed.”

When Robert regained consciousness and took some time to process the news by himself, he called his wife to congratulate her, despite his fears and challenges that would come from adding more children to the Tobert family.

What’s Next?

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“Once I arrived in Tampa later that day for a girls trip, I was finally able to get in touch with him and he shared that he was happy, but he’d ‘fainted’!” Nia recalled.

Robert got a hold of himself quickly though, stating that they should be making room for three babies in their house. At the time of the news, they were preparing for having one kid only, so you can imagine all the work that has to be done to welcome three.

Gender Reveal

pregnancy sonogram tolbert family gender reveal


The couple hosted a gender reveal party where the balloons would indicate the genders of the triplets.

At the party, with the house full of family members, balloon popping time was full of excitement. The first balloon revealed pink confetti — a girl. Yes! Nia and Robert got a girl! The second balloon popped — a girl again. Wow! Would they make it to three and have three baby girls? The third balloon popped — you guessed it, it’s a girl again!

The parents were thrilled, and so were their families. The only ones who were a bit disappointed? The three brothers, who were wishing for more brothers to play with them.

They eventually came around to the idea of having little sisters to play with and were looking forward to meeting them.

Delivery Day

pregnancy sonogram tolbert family delivery

Daily Mail

When Nia felt her first contractions, she thought that she would take a quick trip to the hospital and that they would probably send her home afterward.

When she arrived, one of the doctors there announced, “We’re going to have the babies today.” As she was panicking a bit, she asked for her doctor. As soon as he entered the room, her water broke immediately. Talk about timing!

After a cesarean section on January 30th, 2018, the three babies were born. They were all healthy, including the mother.

Meet the Triplets

pregnancy sonogram tolbert family triplets


“They’re so cute. Oh my gosh,” Nia said when she held the three girls for the first time.

Two of them are identical while the third is fraternal. Now all the parents had to do was name the three angels. They settled on the beautiful names of Zuri, Bailey, and Mackenzie.

When asked how they would handle the kids and what their plan was, Nia responded, “There is no real plan. We have no idea how it’s going to go.” They will just take it day by day and do their best.


pregnancy sonogram tolbert family motherlovingyoga


Both Nia and her husband are extremely energetic individuals and are doing their best to raise their kids and have a personal life. After all her pregnancy experiences, and being a private yoga instructor and wellness coach, Nia launched her brand MOTHERLOVINGYOGA™ in May 2017.

Her brand promotes yoga practice on and off the mat for men and women of all ages. Yoga, for her, can empower and invigorate all people.

Totally Tolbert™

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With so many people being dumbfounded by their story and loving their positive energy and bright aura, the family decided to take their life to the next level by creating an Instagram page to keep posting their updates.

The Tolberts’ IG account caption can read “We are the Totally Tolbert™ Kru 3 Bros 3 Bows SINGLE (boy) ~TWIN (boys) ~TRIPLET (girls) Follow Our Adventures!!” You can check their super-cute baby pictures by looking for @TotallyTolbert

Thanks to IcePop for the pictures and information!

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